October 30, 2015 - Better You, Style

Ask Alison: How to Do a Seasonal Closet Cleaning

Does walking into your closet give you anxiety?  If so, then today’s video is just for you.

One of the ways that I keep my closet pared down to only what I wear and love is by doing a quarterly closet cleanse.  I’ve detailed it before in this post but in today’s Ask Alison, I’ve also made a video to document my exact process.

If the idea of doing this overwhelms you, then check out these easy to implement steps.

Alison – I want to do a wardrobe audit/full closet cleaning.  Can you please tell me the steps you take when cleaning out your closet each season?  How do you decide what stays and what goes?

Want to see what my closet looks like?  Check it out in this post, How I Overcame Closet Shame.

It’s Your Turn:  What are your best closet cleaning tips and tricks?  Share them in the comments.

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  • Holly

    Hi there, great tips! I did the KonMari method last year and I’m glad to say that I never have to clean out my closet again. That’s one chore that I won’t miss!

    • Thanks Holly! I love the feeling of a clean closet!

  • Saxon

    Great post. I REALLY need to do this. Right now, I move out of season clothes to the right side of my closet, so it still looks really full and cluttered. I know what my weekend project will be. 🙂

    • How was your seasonal closet cleaning Saxon?

  • Saxon

    Question: You said in your closet makeover post that you were replacing your plastic hangers with velvet ones. Which ones did you get?

    • Hi Saxon! I bought a few sets of them at Homegoods. They are really nice, clothes don’t slip off of them.

  • Kelly Rogers

    I love this! I have always cleaned and organized my closet as well. One thing that I do is organize by outfit. I teach school, and I get an entire 6 weeks ready by hanging my clothes according to how I will wear them together. I hang one pair of slacks with three tops and the accessories that go with them…….jacket, sweater, scarf, etc.. That is a quick three outfits with one pair of pants. It takes an afternoon to organize, but the time it saves me in the mornings is worth it!

    • Kelly, this is downright BRILLIANT!!! What a great idea for organizing by outfit…and a time saver too! Thanks for sharing your awesome tip.

  • Andrea

    Great tips, as always! I’m in love with your necklace in this video! Is it something you’ve bought recently enough to still find in store? Thanks for another great video!

    • Thanks Andrea! I got it at Target last winter. There is a similar one online now though!

      • Andrea


  • Kim

    Thanks for sharing! I have a couple of questions…
    1. What about the “who knows what size I will be next season” dilemma? I gave away all my too big slacks a couple of years ago, determined I would not need them again. Sadly, most things I now have are too tight and I can’t decide if I need to toss them and buy a bigger size or be uncomfortable for awhile and hope to lose a few pounds. I’m 49 and my body cannot decide what size it wants to be! And replacing a whole wardrobe is expensive! Any tips?
    2. Do you really love everything in your closet? Wow! What a great feeling! I think I would have 5 items in mine rather than the 100 I have now! This seems like a cop out, but would transferring the unloved items to a guest room closet (kinda purgatory for them!) might be a good idea just in case you have nothing to wear and need to pull something back out?
    3. Do you have a fall closet AND a winter one? I would assume your weather is similar to mine (I’m in central Alabama) and fall and summer flop back and forth from day to day it seems, as well as fall and winter when that time comes!
    Thanks for your help Allison! Have a blessed day!

    • Hi Kim! Great questions, here are my answers.

      1. I put those items in a special box and store them in the attic.
      2. I do love everything in my closet. If I don’t, it doesn’t get to stay. It’s taken a few years to get to that point. Transferring them to an unused closet is a great idea. If you miss any of those pieces, you can go back and rescue them. If they don’t get touched in a year or so, you can confidently get rid of them.
      3. I have a “transition” closet right now. There are lighter weight fall items mixed in with some heavier winter ones. As it gets colder, I can store the lighter weight stuff.

      Hope that helps!