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Casual Chic Outfit Basics | Spring Trench Coat Guide

my-trench-coats This is hands-down one of my favorite weeks so far in this series.  I’ve had a long standing love affair with trench coats dating back to the first one I owned in college.  And I’ve fallen even more in love with them every year, so much so that I just added three more to my collection for spring.

You might recall that last week, I narrowed down my three favorites and then asked all of you to help me pick one on Facebook.  Even though there was a clear winner (which I will reveal later), somehow I ended up buying all of them and haven’t regretted it for a second.

If you don’t yet share my affinity for trench coats, maybe this will change your mind.

Three Reasons Why You NEED a Trench Coat

  1. They will never, ever go out of style.  A good trench coat lasts forever.
  2. They’re incredibly versatile and can be worn with skinny jeans and flats, dresses and heels or anything in between.
  3. They pull together any look and add a touch of chic like nothing else can.

Convinced?  Good, because I have a lot of shopping options and inspiration for you today.  Even though trench coats are absolutely worth the splurge, this is a budget friendly blog so I tried to keep all of them under $150.  Fortunately, there are some great sales going on right now and bargains to be had!


Classic Khaki Trench Coats

khaki-trench-coat-outfits [1/2/3]

The quintessential favorite – khaki trench coats are the gold standard.  This is the place to start if you’re a trench coat virgin.  A classic khaki trench goes with everything in your closet and works for most seasons.

This one wins my all around favorite in this category.  The length, style and color are timeless and the details are beautiful (click on the image to see them).  The best part?  It’s on sale for 33% off which makes it a great deal for this quality!

[Ralph Lauren Double Breasted Trench Coat]

Here are some other great options in the classic khaki category.

[Calvin Klein Double Breasted Trench Coat]

[Gap Classic Trench]


I’m sort of loving this trend, it combines the best of both trench coat worlds – khaki and black.  Here’s the first of the three new trench coats I bought for spring.

Colorblock-Trench-Coat Of the three coats I picked, this is the one I thought I would be sending back.  Instead I was BLOWN AWAY by the quality.  The first day I wore it, I got three compliments from total strangers.  It’s lined in light fleece so it’s the perfect trench for cooler days and will be great for fall as well as spring.  The bad news?  It’s out of stock as of yesterday, but I’m hoping it comes back!

[‘Dorian’ Colorblock Trench Coat]

Here are some other options that are in stock.

[Vince Camuto Colorblock Belted Trench]

[Guess Double Breasted Color Block Trench Coat]

[Loft Colorblock Trench Coat]

[Sam Edelman ‘Gigi II’ Zip Back Trench]

Bright and Patterned Trench Coats

bright-patterned-trench-coats [1/2/3]

The Brights

Brights and patterns have been all the rage in trench coat trends for the past few years.  I bought my coral trench coat five years ago and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.  It is definitely a staple of my spring style year after year.  You’d be amazed at how versatile this color is, it goes with practically anything!

Coral-Trench-Coat My coat is no longer available but here are some similar options.

This one is a great deal at 40% off!

[Michael Kors Asymmetric Trench]

Another great deal!  I love the contrasting trim and relaxed look of this coat.

[Sam Edelman ‘Lydia’ Contrast Trim Trench]

This utility trench combines the best of two trends – it’s 40% off too.

[Ellen Tracy Utility Trench]

Here are some other fun brights for spring.

[Metropolitan Miss Trench in Cobalt]

This sunny yellow trench is 40% off.

[DKNY ‘Abby’ Hooded Trench]

Try out the color of the year with this radiant orchid trench with a detachable liner.  It also comes in petite sizes and is a steal at 40% off.

[London Fog Heritage Trench]

The Patterns

The second new trench coat I added to my spring collection is this fun yellow and white printed topper from Target.  I threw it on over my gray, yellow and black outfit yesterday and it was just perfect!


[Merona Printed Yellow Trench]

In my Facebook poll, this striped coat came out on top.  You loved the stripes (and price) and so do I!


[Merona Navy Striped Trench]

Here are some other cute patterned trench coats.

[Loft Candy Dot Trench]

[Gap Blue Striped Trench]

[Dot Print Asymmetric Trench]

So, what do you think?  Will you be adding a new trench coat to your spring wardrobe?  Tell me in the comments!

If you’ve missed out on any part of the Casual Chic Outfit Basics series, you can see all of the pieces featured so far HERE.

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  1. I own six coats that could be considered trench coats and I’m happy with that. Three of them are leather and I find I wear them the most.

    It’s a shame you didn’t have a leather one in this post.

    I do love that yellow one on you. Great for your hair colour and skin tone and it is just lovely to see a sunny colour in a classic piece.


  2. You are so right about trenches. I only have one, similar to the merona printed yellow trench you featured, but it’s one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It’s actually from Target as well, and has a polka dot lining. I love when spring rolls around and can bust it out again. Thanks for the round up of all of these cool trenches. It might be time for me to buy another!

  3. Thank you so much for all the research you’ve done! I need a new trench and you’ve got my work started for me! :-). I do love the color block classic the best but I also love the Target yellow and white! You are beautiful as always! Tammy

  4. I love so many of these! I have one basic black one but I think I need a classic Khaki and maybe a color one!
    Thanks for the tips as always

  5. I tried on a calvin klein trench coat at Costco last week it even has a cute little hood at the back, and for $50!!… I SOO wished I had grabbed it, I am kicking myself for not, and I KNOW they will be out when I go back to the City 🙁

  6. I have two plaid trench coats I love, but I’d like to add a classic khaki. The loft one is perfect! I really like your striped one, too!

  7. Confession: I own a classic Burberry trench. It is glorious. I told my husband that I want to be buried in it, which is a little macabre when I type that out. But it is fantastic, as are your pics above. My faves: stripes and the color block!

  8. I don’t have a trench coat but now I totally need one! They all look so great on you. I am surprised at how much I like the Nordstrom one because when you posted the link on Facebook I didn’t like it all. But it’s SO cute on you! Love!

  9. I love all these fun trenches! I just have one trench coat, and it’s black. I love it, but it’s been fitting a little snugly up top since I had my daughter. I think a fun spring trench is exactly what I need!

  10. I bought a rather bright( the shade of orange that your blog footer is) and fitted trench last year. I wore it a few times when I could, and Loved it. Trenches are so versatile and must haves. now I am saving up for my ultimate splurge of a Burberry one, some day soon.

  11. I SO share the love on these! I have a trench coat {Hilary Radley, black with black polka dot print, striped inside} that I have had for seriously, 10+ years AND I still love it to pieces. I also own a classic beige trench and hope {pray} to add a Burberry in classic black one day. Love your choices!

  12. We had such a mild winter and I wore my woolen camel coat a lot. But now I have replaced it with my trench coats. I have a beige, a red and a rosé one and love them all!

    Annette | Lady of Style

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