GYPO Closet Staples

One of the questions I’m often asked is “What clothes have you bought recently?”. If you’ve been around here for a while you know that for the most part I’m not buying, I’m shopping my closet. By investing in quality basics I’m able to restyle these timeless pieces in new ways by simply adding a single trend item or stylish accessory. I’m all about less stuff, more style!

Trends may come and go but the pieces you’ll find here are closet essentials that will last a lifetime and give you a solid foundation to build your outfits on. If you are in the process of rebuilding your closet or want to know where you should invest in higher quality items this page is for you. These pieces are tried and true classics that will take you from season to season year after year. Happy shopping!

Looking for some extra guidance on how to style your closet staples? Check out the Closet Staples Casual Capsule Wardrobe Builder.