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Daily Style Diary | Entry Eleven

Let me just start off this Monday saying that I am completely astounded and blown away by the response to the Spring Style Me Challenge.  Over 400 women are participating and the Facebook group community is incredible!  Everyone is so supportive of each other, the shopping tips they’re sharing are amazing.  If you missed it on Friday, I’ve decided to open up late registration through this Friday.  That means there’s still time to sign up HERE and get the shopping list delivered immediately!

Sarah, one of our challengers, has her pieces all stacked up and ready for her outfits to get released next week.

040414-spring-challenge-outfits One of the participants made this and posted it in our group.  LOVE it!



Even though last week was hands-down one of the busiest of my life with launching the challenge, I still managed to get dressed.  Well, at least four out of five of the days.  🙂

Here are last week’s outfits that were posted on Instagram.


Threw on this comfy look for my dentist appointment.  The hygienist loved my sneakers!

040414-boyfriend-outfit [Sweater:  Mossimo/Jeans:  Gap/Sneakers:  Mossimo/T-shirt:  Mossimo]


Sadly I can’t remember what I did on this day.  MOM BRAIN!  But it was nice wearing my white jeans for the first time this spring.

040414-stripes-white-jeans [Denim Jacket:  Kohl’s/Jeans:  Similar/Shoes:  Merona/T-shirt:  Similar]


House cleaning day.  I didn’t make it out of my yoga pants this day.  Just a reminder that it’s perfectly fine sometimes.  🙂

040414-yoga-outfit [Yoga Tank and Pants:  Marika/Shoes:  Nike]


Life imitated art this day.  I wore the same outfit that I was wearing on the blog but I swapped out the wedges for flat sandals.

040414-boden-outfit [Sweater:  Mossimo/Wedges:  Similar]


Did some shopping to finish up my own spring challenge shopping list.  It was chilly out but this blazer was perfect.

040414-stripes-polka-dots-jeans [Blazer:  c/o Wallis/Jeans:  Forever 21/Flats:  Similar/Shirt:  Merona/Scarf:  c/o Leslia NYC]


040414-new-lop-bunny-black-white Snippets from our day to day.

  • Ava has been begging us for a lop for months.  We finally caved on Friday night and brought home little four-week old Lola.  She is super sweet and a lot smarter than I thought she would be.  🙂  I actually kind of love her.
  • After a chilly and rainy weekend, it’s going to be spring-like here this week, woo hoo!  I’m so ready to start planting flowers.

It’s Your Turn:  How are you dressing this week – still stuck in winter or finally feeling like spring?

Getting my pretty on with Fashion Friday.

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  1. 400 people? OH MY GOODNESS! I’m totally floored! That is amazing!!!!! And I love your first look with the green tee, cardi, and sneakers! So cute!

  2. The Spring Challenge Facebook page is amazing!!! Love your green cardi and coral blazer! I’m jumping on those! And thank you, Alison for being real, I mean we all have to clean don’t we???? Can’t wait for future posts! XOXO

  3. I love the look of the Marika workout capri leggings but am not familiar with the brand. Have you been happy with them and do you by any chance remember which capris they are? The website had a huge collection. Thanks!

  4. I am in love with that Boden look. The colors are so pretty and springy and those shorts fit you perfectly. I also love the green sweater look. Four hundred? That’s incredible!

  5. I love that you put a picture in of your yoga outfit! Thank you for being so real and for all the work you have put into the challenge. I went to target this weekend to pick up a few pieces. I made the mistake of going with my girls and we got a TON of stuff between the three of us!:) Next week is Spring break for us so I am so glad we will have access to the outfits for awhile. Thanks again for all your work. I hope you have a less crazy week!

  6. Having a lot of fun “meeting” others in the spring challenge. Can’t wait to start seeing how you style the things on our list!

  7. Um, if I looked like that in yoga pants and a tank, I would have no problem wearing them every. single. day! Love that look with the red blazer. And your new little friend is just precious!

  8. I am super excited about the challenge too!! I only had to buy one item – and I picked up a floral scarf at Target Saturday!! Yippee! My daughter had a lop for several years. She trained her to hop up stairs and use a litter box. She was a good pet. They do chew on cords so be careful of that(: Susan

  9. Okay, I went back and forth on signing up for the challenge and I pulled the trigger today! Looking forward to participating. Side note: Do you wear any socks/footies with your Target sneakers? If so, what kind? And do they stay on your feet? I have tried a couple different kinds and they won’t stay on my heels. lol Thanks!

  10. 400 people? How exciting for you! Congratulations! Loved all your outfits, especially the red blazer and leopard flats, and you look nice and fashionable in the yoga pants, too! Have a great week!

  11. Love your outfits and your down to Earth personality and style!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. So awesome that you got so many sign ups Alison. The Facebook page has been so great thus far. I love all the women asking questions and posting the things they’ve gotten thus far. It’s great.
    I heart your red blazer; fabulous. And that little bunny is adorable oh my goodness!

  13. You absolutely are rocking that shorts outfit! i couldnt take my eyes off!! Love lil lola..too cute..I follow bunnymamma on instagram and she owns bunnies and talks a lot about how to care for them..but her feed is ridiculously adorable.. 🙂

  14. I love each of your outfits, even on your cleaning day you look super cute in your workout clothes. I’m totally crazy about navy and stripes recently, and you look so cute in them! I LOVE your white jean/capris too.

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