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Daily Style Diary | Entry Twelve + Outfit Selfie Tips

Happy Monday!  The first Spring Style Me Challenge outfit was released today.  I couldn’t wait to wake up this morning and check the Facebook group to see how all of the challengers have styled it.  There’s SO much inspiration and fun going on in that group. On a daily basis, women are stepping out of their comfort zones and feeling more confident.  If you’d like to join in on the fun, you can still sign up HERE.  It’s not too late to get your shopping list and start styling your outfits.  You might even already have what you need in your closet.  Plus you’ll have lifetime access to the outfits in the program, so there’s no rush!

One of the big comfort zone issues that many overcame last week was taking their first dreaded outfit selfie.  I must say, everyone passed with flying colors.  Many of them put my selfie skills to shame!  A lot of great outfit selfie tips were shared among the challengers and I’ve compiled some of my favorites to share with you today.


1.  Make sure you have enough light and you’re not backlit.  For best results, your light source should be in front of you.  Stand in front of a window or in a room with adequate natural light.  Overhead lighting is ok, but try to stay away from lighting behind you as your photo will be too dark.

2.  Check out what’s behind you.  Remove any clutter in your background.  A solid wall works best if you can use it.

3.  Use a full-length mirror.  It’s best to get a head-to-toe photo for an outfit selfie.  The only way to do this is with a full-length mirror.

4.  Hold your camera in the right position.  This might require some experimentation to get it right.  When you’re taking an outfit selfie, hold your camera at chest height in order to get everything in the shot.  Try a few different angles to see what works best.

5.  Be confident and SMILE.  Yes, taking your own picture is close to one of the most unnatural feelings in the world.  I still struggle with it even after all of my daily outfit selfies!  But stand confidently and flash a big smile at yourself.  I promise you’ll like the result much better!


Speaking of outfit selfies, here’s a recap of mine posted this past week on Instagram.  It was another week of mostly formulaic dressing.  This week’s outfit formula was a t-shirt + jeans + scarf + flats.  If you saw Friday’s Self Care Epic Fail post, you understand why!   When life gets out of control, it’s so nice to have some really easy, put-together looks to pull out and throw on.


Hopefully the last sweatshirt of the season.  🙂
041114-jeans-sweatshirt [Sweatshirt:  Loft/Jeans: Forever 21/Flats:  Merona/Watch:  Michael Kors]


041114-peach-jeans-denim-jacket [Denim Jacket:  Kohl’s/Jeans:  Similar/Shoes:  Mossimo/Shirt:  Merona/Scarf:  Boden]


041114-yellow-tee-jeans-scarf [T-shirt:  Mossimo/Scarf:  Nordstrom/Jeans:  Similar/Shoes:  Merona]


041114-white-tee-jeans-scarf [T-shirt:  Old Navy/Jeans:  Paige/Scarf:  Forever 21/Flats:  Merona]


041114-mint-jeans-gray [Denim Jacket:  Kohl’s/Jeans:  Kut from the Kloth (similar)/Shoes:  Mossimo/T-shirt:  Mossimo/Scarf:  Banana Republic]


041114-life-lately Snippets from our day to day.

  • Ava is getting ready for her first horse show.  I stayed at the barn Wednesday night to take video and watch her jump.  She’s made so much progress in the past year.
  • I actually fixed my hair AND wore lipstick to go out to dinner with my girlfriends last week.  A selfie was in order to document this momentous occasion.  🙂
  • Craig came home from his business trip Friday night, we met up with my sister and brother-in-law and my parents for a nice dinner.
  • Easter is this weekend and I’ve done nothing to get ready!  Better get on the stick with that this week.

It’s Your Turn:  Are you comfortable taking selfies?  Do you have any tips to share?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Alison you look simply lovely. I really like the mint jeans and coral jeans – great tips for outfits this week. I am enjoying all of the new pins too! I look forward to experimenting with some new pattern mixing this week! Thanks! Susan

  2. Hi Alison. you look great!! Thanks for shariing the link for the peach jeans. I’ve been searching for a pair! Just another side ore, I really enjoy the mom/daughter posts you do using the same piece styled 2 different ways. It helps me to shop for my daughter and also, you give great tips on styling young trendy pieces for our age group! Excited for this week’s outfits! I’m hoping to improve my selfie skills with your tips!

  3. I am loving the style challenge for all of the reasons you mentioned and more. It really forced me to do a closet inventory and I have to say the Facebook group is so much fun to interact with, it might be my favorite part. The selfie tips are great, they will help out a lot.

  4. That sweatshirt is so pretty I wouldn’t even mind wearing it because of the colder temps! And I just love how you styled those mint jeans!

  5. It really is the weirdest feeling. I’m finding it hard to act natural when Cate takes my pic. I usually have multiple out takes. I’m a goofball by nature. So fun to see short sleeves in your OOTDs. :-). – tammy

  6. I am so excited that the challenge began today! I was trying really hard to wait to wear any of the clothes until today! lol! Can’t wait to see what other combos you have in store for us!
    Thanks for the selfie tips! I needed them!
    And I love all the outfits you wore 🙂 So stylish and pulled together, yet fun and comfy 🙂

  7. I love how you styled your hair!! I don’t do selfies very well. 🙂 Every now and then I’ll take one to send to my girls to get approval on an outfit but that is about it. I really like your mint jeans! I have been on the hunt for a pair of mint or coral…but have yet to find a pair that looks good AND is in my low budget! 🙂 (I check my TJ Maxx weekly!) Hope you have a great week and that it isn’t as crazy as last week!

  8. Oh I hate taking selfies! I tried to take one the other day but my nose looked bigger than my head so I deleted it. Ha ha. I love all of your outfits! You look so pretty in that last head shot too. Yay for a girl’s night!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  9. Great looks Alison! I’m not good at taking selfies so I refrain and leave it up to the experts! Ha I’m with you I haven’t done anything to get ready for Easter. I should probably color some eggs with my little munchkin.

  10. Loving the challenge! It’s so great to see so many women come out of their shells! I haven’t taken my selfie today, but will try to later using these great tips! And that last photo of you is gorgeous!

    Ava’s first horse show! So exciting! I remember my first show. Such fun times. She’ll do great!

  11. I have only recently become more confident with selfies. I do tend to smile in my selfies, I cannot do the pout/forelorn looks..I just smile..but thank you for the tips..I can use a few them from time to time 🙂

  12. You look GORGEOUS in the picture where you went out with your girlfriends! Good tips on the selfies – I didn’t even realize I was covering my face with my phone until my hubby pointed it out this weekend. Oops lol

  13. Great tips on the selfie! Im not good a full outfit selfie at all, lol! Love all of your scarves and colorful jeans, so cute for spring!

  14. Always good to get tips on “selfie” photography. ( My hair stylist completely cracked up at this little old lady talking about selfies. What a laugh riot. Hmm.) Looking lovely, you, as always. So glad to see Ava riding. If you’re lucky, horses will replace boys for just little while longer!
    Very cool project, and a very smart idea. I wish you tons of success wit it. You’re just the woman to do it!

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