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Get Pretty, Kick Butt | How To Do it All

Welcome back for the second excerpt from my book “Get Pretty, Kick Butt!”  If you missed last Friday’s post, I shared my personal story of how I got into and out of my mom rut.  Today I’m sharing one of my biggest secrets for getting more done.

Being a mom of three, blogging and managing a busy home can be a little overwhelming sometimes.  So how do I do it all?  I honestly couldn’t if I didn’t have some kind of meticulous plan for carrying it out.  Meticulous, but do-able.  That plan is what I call my Kick Butt Routine and it has truly revolutionized my life.  Read on for today’s excerpt.

Book Cover The Kick Butt Routine

“Making and sticking to a daily schedule establishes the framework for getting more done.”

That first week that I stuck to my new routine was life changing.  I got SO much accomplished.  When my husband came home to find me preparing a healthy meal WHILE looking pretty, he was pleasantly surprised.  The house had been cleaned up and the kids were done with their homework.  Yes, my new Kick Butt Routine was already changing my life – and my family’s too.

“Keeping Hours”

The key to organizing my life was realizing that I had to treat my week days like work days.  One of the things I missed about being in the corporate confines was the need to “keep hours”.  I didn’t even give it any thought back then.  Work started at 8:00 a.m. and was over at 5:00 p.m.  In between I had regularly scheduled calls, daily responsibilities and a lunch break.  When work was done, I drove home, fixed dinner and did homework with the kids.  Life, in some ways, was simpler when I worked in an office!  I had to translate that same structured routine over into my home environment.

Now my weekdays are governed by the Kick Butt Routine.  On weekends, I allow my schedule to naturally flow as I would have when I worked in an office.  The other five days of the week though are carefully planned out to help me “keep hours”.


To learn about the components of and create your own Kick Butt Routine, download the book on Kindle now.  As my gift to you, “Get Pretty, Kick Butt!” is ON SALE through December 31st.


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Be sure to come back on Friday for the next installment in the series where I’ll be sharing some inspiration for finding and pursuing your passion!
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  • This looks like a great read. How can we get the book if we don’t have a Kindle?

    • Thanks Elizabeth! That’s actually a great question. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle reader app for iPhone, iPad or Android devices and read it on your tablet or phone.

  • I completely agree that you get more done when you have a schedule! Great advice!

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  • I really had to learn how to keep a schedule when I was in grad school and not governed by the regimented hours of the office. Otherwise, I would have gotten nothing done for class and not worked on my thesis until the last moment! I’ve carried that on ever since, organizing both work time and leisure time, and I get a lot more done because of it! The to-do list and my day planner are my life-savers.

  • I’m normally pretty good Alison but I’m seriously out of sync after the holidays & need to get with it again! Theres always room for improvement & tomorrow I’m off the buy a Mama planner calender to help with it all! Ax