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Hair How-To | Top Knots + Messy Buns

Three Top Knots

Texas spring humidity and my hair are NOT friends, ya’ll.

Most days all I want to do with the humidity-amplified poufiness of my naturally curly mop is tame it by tying it up.  That’s why I’ve been rocking the top knot so much lately.  It’s been a refreshing alternative to my typical mom ponytail rut.

Creating this top knot takes about three minutes total.  Here’s how:

Step 1:  Apply a smoothing cream to dry hair.

Step 2:  Rake fingers through hair and gather into a high ponytail.  The ponytail should be a few inches back from the top of your head.

Step 3:  Separate ponytail into three sections.  Twist ends of each and using bobby pins, secure into loose bun.

Want more ponytail alternatives?  Here’s another hair tutorial to create a sexy, loose bun.  Be sure to watch it through to the end and enter to win $100, $250 or more!

Prizes & Promotions page on Blogher.com/Sweeps Rules

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to break out of a ponytail rut?

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  1. I love top knots and messy buns! During the summer, my hair does anything but behave…so, I will be throwing it up daily. For some reason, a top knot or messy bun just seems so much more pulled together than a ponytail. Love your tutorial!

  2. The messy bun was definitely my go-to before I chopped my hair off. I’m a little worried about what summer and Hawaii humidity is going to do to my new short cut {my hair’s not quite curly, but it does foof up}, so if you have any tame-your-hair product recommendations you want to share, I’m listening! 😀

  3. You do have the top knot/bun perfected. My hair is so thin that it’s hard to get a cute looking bun. I have been pinning a lot of non-ponytail looks to try once summer comes. Once the humidity comes my hair is a big poof ball 🙂 Heather

  4. Even without humidity my hair is typically flat and Dubai water (too harsh actually) does not help, hair loss is a common problem here. I go with ponytail or a twist bun which I am not super good at. I want to try out this method and see if I can pull it off 😉


  5. Mine isn’t an official messy bun but it gets thrown up it that messy bunnish form. Basically, there’s a hairball on the back of my head.

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