March 16, 2016 - Easy Outfits, Style

What I’m Really Wearing – Spring Break in Italy

I should’ve been Italian.

Our family just got back from a magical spring break trip to Italy.  It was our first time there and we fell hard. We can’t wait to go back and explore more of this captivating country.

Everything about Italy was right up my alley, but let’s start with the food.  I ate more pizza, pasta, gelato and tiramisu and drank more cappuccinos and wine than should be humanly possible.  We also walked over 85,000 steps and 40 miles last week.  So there you have it, that’s how Italians eat all of this sinfully delicious food yet still somehow maintain their figures and health.

But my absolute favorite things were the history and art because I sort of geek out on both.  Rome is a city built up of many layers from ancient times through the Renaissance to present day.  It’s slightly gritty but breathtakingly beautiful and the people are warm and helpful.

We stayed in Rome but also visited the Amalfi coast and Pompeii which were equally as beautiful and fascinating.  I planned to do a packing list post but in all honesty, it ended up being a lot colder and rainier than I had hoped or packed for.  Long story short, I only wore a few of the outfits that I packed and layered up as much as possible.

One of my favorite outfits from the week was this neutral number. Wearing a hat was a great way to disguise my humidified hair due to days of intermittent rain showers.  The people of Rome dress almost exclusively in black so while I stuck out like a sore (American) thumb, it felt great to wear light colors on dreary gray days.








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  • You look super adorable & chic in this outfit, perfect for travelling & being comfy!! I couldn’t agree more Italy is magical, I’ve been twice and can’t wait to go back! Rome is jaw-dropping, the history is so rich & I would love to go to the Amalfi Coast when I go next!

    • Thank you Marta. I love the history in Italy, there’s much more to experience and so breathtaking! Did you enjoy the food?

  • nancy

    We went to Rome and south of there for 3 weeks in October. It was hotter than I thought it would be. I brought 3 outfits and ended up buying a flare dress at a H&M next to our hotel and wore that with leggings almost every day. It’s unbelievable how much you can cool off by pulling your leggings up to capri length. Rome is so beautiful, it’s the Center of the World. (I know it’s not-but it felt like that) .
    It’s also unbelievable how few clothes you really need on a trip like that.

  • Margaret Lyall

    Sorry if this is a repeat post, I tried earlier and there seemed to be some difficult with posting 🙂

    I really like your look, it’s lovely, very chic! Like you, I also think I should have been Italian! I love everything about Italy, food, clothes, the people 🙂 We spent 7 weeks there 10 years ago – 1 week was for a cooking school in a hill town in Tuscany which was just amazing, and the next 6 weeks we spent driving to wherever we felt like going – including Rome and Pompeii. This was part of a 6 month trip around Europe, and while we enjoyed everything, Italy was my favourite – just beautiful.

    • That sounds heavenly Margaret! I can see why Italy was your favorite. We would love to go back for a month or so to do some exploring.

  • Elizabeth Arnold

    You look beautiful! Do you have a link to the hat?

  • I *am* Italian and had a wonderful time two summers ago taking my husband and children around to some of my favorite places and discovering new ones (since I hadn’t been back in a few years.) It’s true that you can get by with just a few mix and match pieces and it’s also a good idea to leave room in your bag for a few new pieces/souvenirs you will for sure want to get! Glad you had a wonderful time! (I miss the Neapolitan pizza!)
    Making the Most of Every Day

    • Oh you lucky girl! The Neopolitan pizza was soooo good. Our guide told us it was different, along with the coffee, due to the water they use there. We are planning to go back this summer with some more time to really explore!