December 17, 2012 - Easy Outfits, Style

Meggings, Leggings and Jeggings

I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t Googled this, but I did.  Hey, I’m a curious person.

It all started last week when I saw the word “meggings” trending on Yahoo.  Hmm, meggings?  That sounds interesting.  What could that be?

Then the thought crossed my mind that this *could* mean leggings for men.  But I pushed that image out of my head as soon as it popped up.  I mean, men in leggings, really?

One click later, that thought became a reality as I read the following headline, accompanied by this image:

MEGGINGS, the New Metro-Sexual Must Have 

meggings men in leggings There are SO many more things that I could say right now.  But I don’t really need to.  I’m just going to let you marinate on that.

Moving on…

 My Week in Leggings and Jeggings

So, I successfully spent five whole days in leggings and jeggings last week.  It was the perfect week to do it, after all.  First off, winter temps FINALLY came to Texas.  Yee haw!   Time to bust out the big comfy sweaters.  Secondly, my hubby was away on a business trip all week.  Leggings seemed totally appropriate to wear while donning the super mom cape.  Superman does it, right?

Day One

You don’t know how happy I was to wake up to a tiny skift of snow on Monday morning.  The temps were in the teens overnight and I didn’t leave the house all day.  Pretty much the perfect day for a fur scarf and chunky knit.  These leggings are made of cozy fleece and feel incredible.

[Sweater:  Target (similar)/Fur Collar:  Target/Tank:  Forever 21/Fleece Leggings:  Ross (similar)/Wool Boot Socks:  Marshall’s (similar)/Boots:  UGG (similar)]

Day Two

This pic was in Friday’s post too, showing off my new favorite scarf.  And anytime I can feature Bailey again, I will!  Love her.

[ Sweater:  Old Navy (Similar)/Shirt:  Target (Similar)/Scarf:  Rue 21 (Similar)/Leggings:  Marshall’s (Similar)/Boot socks:  Target/Boots:  Lucky Brand (Similar)]

Day Three

It started to get warmer out so I ditched the heavier sweaters for my chambray shirt and an open cardi.  My girls and I did all of our Christmas baking that evening.  Fun and yum!

[Chambray Shirt:  H&M (similar)/Open Cardi:  Forever 21 (similar)/Fleece Leggings:  Ross (similar)/Scarf:  Old Navy (similar)/Tank:  Forever 21 /Boot Socks:  Target/Boots:  Loft (similar)]

Day Four

Warmer still, ugh.  This wrap was the perfect weight for a day in the low 60’s.  I wore this to the annual Night of Giving at my daughter’s school.

[Shirt:  Forever 21/Tank:  Forever 21/Wrap:  Gift from Taiwan (similar)/Jeggings:  No nonsense/Boot socks:  Target/Boots:  Lucky Brand (Similar)/Earrings:  Target/Bangle:  Forever 21]

Day Five

Hubby came home, yeah!  Perfect comfy outfit for a day of Christmas shopping and lunch with him.

[Cashmere sweater:  Gift (similar)/Plaid Button Down:  Forever 21 (similar)/Necklace:  Rue 21 (similar)/Jeggings:  Forever 21/Boot socks:  Target/Boots:  Loft (similar)]


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  1. Hi Alison. I love love leggings & jeggings and I am sure, especially as a mom I will live in them. I have several pairs from Expres, White House Black Market & other random stores. And I will probably add some more to my closet – looking for some patterned ones. Love all your outfits above and I bet those fleece leggings are cozy & warm. All your scarves are beautiful, too. My favorite outfits are from days 1 & 4. =)

    As far as meggings go, I say NO. Even if they were black, brown, navy or gray. I cannot believe that model is wearing Baby Blue ones. Metrosexual or homosexual, leggings should only be a fashion for women.

    P.S. Check this out my dear. I got you featured on my blog. =)

    Have a Great Week, Ada. =)

  2. Seriously???? Meggings??? No no no! There isn’t one good thing I can say about that. I am certainly not going to offer any to my man for Christmas! Ha ha. Can you imagine his face when opening the box? Tight long johns? Thermal Underwear? Nope…meggings and you wear them with a long blazer or sweater. Somehow I cannot see him rocking these at the office or night out with the guys at a sports bar.

    On the other hand your outfits all looked cute a cozy.


    1. LOL! I laugh at my hubby when he runs around the house in his tight long johns (don’t ask why). 🙂 Can’t even imagine meggings.

  3. Ahhhh! Meggings! NO!

    I do love your leggings though! All of your outfits are great, but I’m partial to #2 because of the dog in the photo. 🙂

  4. I’m kind of thinking meg goings should be left only for Olympic speed skaters, just saying 🙂 As for your legging looks, perfect!

  5. Ok, this whole meggings thing has me beside myself. It’s bad enough seeing some guys in the skinny jeans, but leggings for men? Tell me it isn’t so! haha

    Secondly, I need to find a pair fyour fleece lined leggings you speak of, they sound heavenly. 🙂 Visiting from the Covered In Grace linkup, hope you have a great day!


    1. I’m 5’9″ tall with short toned legs – 29 inch length to be exact. When I wear wide jeans or pants in the leg, I look shorter. I have light denim color skinny jeans that make me look taller as well as accentuating my legs. There’s nothing feminine about it. I also don’t like long shorts on my short legs. I wear shorts 3 1/2-4 inches above the knee. Long baggy shorts are an absolute no in my wardrobe. I don’t think skinny jeans would look as good on any tall person regardless if it’s a male or female.

  6. Oh my I can just see hipster boys everywhere embracing the meggings. I’m glad Ill be leaving the country again soon and won’t have to live through this epidemic. 🙂

    LOVE your leggings outfits, all of it. But my favorite is the last one. I love the plaid. 😉 So so cute!

    *I didn’t get any clothing for myself this week, but I got a GREAT tote bag from Land’s end!

  7. All of these outfits are SO adorable! I’m sending you the pic of my boots when I get home today.
    Bailey is adorable the way she’s looking into the mirror!

    Meggings? Umm, just no. It’s just wrogn on so many levels. I don’t like seeing some guys junk all tightly, uhh, packaged and men should just not be in leggings. Skinny jeans, ok. Some guys can actually pull it off, but skin tight leggings? UGH!!

  8. all of your looks are fantastic!!
    i am sorry, but i can’t wrap my head around the meggings, seriously?
    are they gonna start pairing them with pirate shirts and high heels next???

  9. Meggings?? There are no words….I could *so* see my husband’s reaction to those. White elephant gift…I think so!
    By the way, love love love your week of leggings/jeggings. Cute, comfy, and so put together!

  10. Great cozy looks all! Are those F21 tanks made to be longer? I love how you layered them under the sweaters and they come down long. Did you get them in store? I need to check those out.

  11. Love all your cozy, cute leggings looks! I seriously want to get some of the fleece lined leggings! I have two pairs of the tights that are amazing and will happily buy any other colors I come across! They are soooo soft! 😉
    And I just have nothing to say that even begins to express my feelings about meggings. Speechless. Even hubby was speechless (and he’s a pastor – he’s never without words!). 😉

  12. Oh no! The meggings are terrible! Some trends just take me awhile to get on board with, but I can’t see myself EVER coming around to accept the meggings. Yeesh!
    But your week of leggings/ jeggings, LOVE! So cute! Makes me wish it were cooler where I live so I could enjoy the jeggings and boots look more.

  13. Meggings are wrong on so many differently levels. I love you in jeggings/leggings. Your looks are perfect because leggings are not pants! Visiting from WIWW.

  14. Ewww – Meggings!!! I hope I never have to see that in person! Gross!

    Love all your outfits, tights are definitely the way to go – I’m obsessed 🙂

  15. I am not strangely fascinated by meggings… I am understandably disturbed. I can’t un-see that picture of the guy in the aqua leggings. Yikes. Part of me hopes it’s some sort of spoof, lol.

    All of your legging-based outfits, however, are happy on the eyes. 🙂

  16. sTitch is decidely pro leggings, allow me to tell you a story;

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