December 30, 2016 - Decor, Easy Outfits, Style

Christmas Home Tour + NYE Outfits for All

Hi, my name is Alison and I’m a recovering Christmas over-decorator.  It’s true, every square inch of my house used to look like Christmas threw up on it.

This year, I vowed that things would be different.  And they finally are!

Every year, my husband Craig makes his pilgrimage to the attic to pull out bin after bin of decorations – enough to decorate six trees (you read that right, SIX) and every square inch of our two story house.  Decorations that we’ve collected since our very first Christmas together almost 20 years ago.

Much to the chagrin of our daughters, I only put out about 50% of our usual decor this year.  I’d like to cut it down by another 25% next year but hey, baby steps, right?

My goal was to make our decorations work with our existing decor, to scale things down a bit and have an overall simpler, more elegant look to them.  In other words, no more Christmas vomit.  🙂

Here are some pics of our decorations this year.  You be the judge.

(This first pic is cheating, we didn’t really get snow yet this year.  It’s from a few years back, but our outside decorations are still the same!)











Yes, there are still three trees in these pictures (well, really there’s 4, I left one out) but we’re down from six so that’s progress!

I’m planning to leave our decorations up through the New Year.  The house always looks so sad and empty when they come down.

Speaking of, what’s your perfect New Year’s Eve look like?  Mine is spent at home with my family, eating finger foods, playing board games and propping my eyes open to stay awake to watch the ball drop!  Fortunately we’re in the central time zone, so I only have to stay up until 11 for that.  🙂

Whatever your NYE groove looks like, I’ve got some easy outfits for you today to spend it in style and everything here is $50 or less!  Remember to shop your closet first, I’m willing to bet you have some pieces to put these outfits together in there.

Cozy at Home

Pair up a poncho with ankle zip leggings and a little bit of arm candy to make it feel special.  Wear your favorite flats, boots or slippers (I won’t judge!)


House Party

Using the all black foolproof outfit formula, pair up a peplum top with ankle pants, comfy block heels and gold accessories for a perfectly polished party with friends and family.


Out on the Town

If you need to get extra fancy for a big night out, grab these basics from your closet – a black cami, pencil skirt and sparkly accessories – to be party perfect in no time! out_on_the_town

It’s Your Turn:  How do you spend your NYE?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Alison, six tress! Wow! Your home is beautiful and you obviously take great joy and pride in it. In my past life, pre-children, I loved going out but the past few years we’ve celebrated with friends and kids in mucbthe same way you described. Happy New Year!

  2. Wow. Gorgeous!! It just take a lot of work to put them up and take them down. It’s always sad taking them down. This NYE we are staying in but being extravagant with fancy bubbles, caviar and local crab! You’ve motivated me to wear something nicer than pajamas. 😉

  3. Six trees? That is stressful. I committed to keeping my Christmas decorations to only 3 bins, I wanted it to be something we looked forward to getting out, not dreaded….which is where it was headed. Your home looks lovely. About 15 years ago I started a New Years Eve tradition of serving a 5 course dinner to close family and friends. It’s my end of year gift to those I treasure. It’s become such a big deal that my kids, now 27 and 25, have always skipped out on friends parties to enjoy the meal, games, laughter and love. Now I also love New Years Eve!

    1. Sure! I got it at Wayfair (along with a lot of other pieces of furniture pictured). It’s awesome! Take the chill off. 🙂

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