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Payday Pretty is my regular Friday feature where I challenge women to squeeze a little out of the weekly budget and do something pretty for themselves. I also provide affordable inspiration for you to get your shop on.

Alright pretties, let’s get down and dirty today and talk about something we don’t very often…our bras and panties!

You might call them undergarments, intimates, foundations or skivvies, I call mine unmentionables.  Not because I’m uncomfortable with the other terms.  But because if you went through my undergarment drawer right now, you’d never want to mention it again.

Sorry, TMI.  :)

One of my resolutions is to change that and have a drawer full of prettier underthings.  And I’d like to ask you to join me today in a worldwide movement to clean out our undie drawers.

Let’s band together and make today Get Your Pretty Undies On day!

All of our significant others will love us for this.  Trust me.

I’ll admit to keeping the same tired old underclothes for years and not replacing them until they were almost unwearable.  Hey they were comfy!  But it’s time to clean out and replace.  Which means I also get to shop.  Yay!

Here are my totals of what I’m getting rid of.

Bras:  4 + 2 strapless  (Bras are the most needed item in women’s shelters.  Many domestic violence victims arrive with just the clothes on their backs.  If they’re in decent shape, donate them to a local shelter.)

Panties:  10  (trash these, thank you!)

Spanx/Shapewear:  1 (torn, I done busted through my shape wear)

Slips:  2 (who wears these?)

Camis:  2 (worn out)

Alright, now that I know where I’m at, I can start getting my shop on and replacing.


I’m really picky about bras and can’t stand under wires of any kind, which seriously limits my options.  I usually buy t-shirt bras that are smooth under clothing and don’t give me pointy boobs.  Yes, I said boobs.  Sorry if that’s offensive.  I saw this a few days ago and it made me giggle.

My Actual Style

[Wacoal – Basic Beauty Wire Free Bra]

What My Hubby Wishes My Style Were

[Hanky Panky – Nude Illusion Peek-a-Boo Bra]

(Sorry I’m all kinds of tacky today.  It must be the subject matter.)


I keep a wide variety of cuts and styles of undies for various reasons, which I won’t get into (you’re welcome).  One pair that I don’t have (and probably won’t) are the denim panties which my friend Sheaffer speaks of in this post right HERE.   But here are a basic pair and a non-denim fun pair for inspiration.

[Leonisa – No Show Seamless Hip Hugger]

[Wacoal – Leopard Sweet Seduction Panty]


Spanx have saved my life on a few occasions.  Yes, they have that ability.  Like the time that I couldn’t fit into my only pair of black dress pants before a business dinner.  Or the time that I had to suck into a dress that was two sizes too small for an acting gig.  They are a necessary evil in every woman’s arsenal.  Except you naturally skinny ones, of course, not you.

[Spanx – Mid-thigh Bodysuit Shaper]


You know how much I love camis and tanks, they are my every day staples.  I had to get rid of a few that were starting to show some wear.  I’d like to pick these shaping camis up to replace them.

[Assets – Fantastic Firmers Shaping Camisole]

[Skinny Tees – Shaping Long Cami]

It’s Your Turn:  OK, I could do the obvious thing here and ask about the state of your undie drawer.  But if that’s too personal, then tell me about a topic you’d like to see covered in a Payday Pretty series in the comments.


There’s less than a week left to vote! I’m still trending in the top 25, so every vote counts BIG TIME.  If you think I belong on this list, please take a moment and vote for me by clicking the badge below. You can come back and vote every day.

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  1. says

    “I done busted through my Spanx.” I lauged SO HARD! I need to do a clean out too. But there are a couple of pairs of granny panties that I will NEVER get rid of! :)

  2. says

    I love shopping for bras because I can always find cute ones that also fit me right and are comfy. Love the photos of those lingerie sets and yes this is a topic that should get addressed. LOL

  3. says

    Lol! I actually just went through mine the other day! I have 3 under 5 so nursing bras have become my staple. My baby is 2 mo so my bra over haul might have to wait a bit longer :).

  4. Michelle says

    Awesome post today!! This is something I need to do as well! I’ve lost 98 lbs and still have my “big girl” panties that actually sag when I wear them. IDK why I still have them! LOL Will be doing an overhaul too!! Still need to overhaul the closet as well! Why do I still wear my 2x sometimes? No idea other than maybe I’m still not comfortable in my new skin yet… Will be buying spanx as well, maybe that will help! :)

  5. Kristie says

    This makes me laugh. A lot. It was my birthday last week, and my sister and a friend brought me a bag from Victoria’s Secret with some bras in it for me for my birthday. They also said that part of the gift was from the sister and the other part was from the friend. (So my mental picture was they each gave me a cup.) (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) It was so nice to receive this gift. I don’t think I had bought myself a new bra in forever. We decided that you need to replace bras every year.
    Thanks for tackling this. Because sometimes, even if I don’t wear a new shirt but I am wearing a new bra, this is all it takes to give you that boost of confidence.

  6. says

    Girl! You totally cracked me up today. :) the boob definition is awesome. Can’t wait to show it to the hubby. :(
    And my undue drawer is so sad right now, but refreshing it will have to wait until hubby gets a job. :) And I wear slips (just fiy) :) Of course I also wear dresses and tights all. The. Time. So. Slips are an awesome extra layer in my world. (Cause you know, I am always cold.) Now shapewear, as awesome as it may be, doesn’t fly much in my world. I hate being squished. :)

  7. says

    What a riot! During one of our assignments overseas, we “had” to travel a lot. My husband and I would both pack our yucky stuff, wear and wash through the trip and then toss it before packing for the trip home = more room for souvenirs! :)

  8. Saxon says

    I started reading your, and others, fashion blogs about 3 months ago. I am a stress eater and had gained a lot of weight in the past couple of years. I decided to start buying some clothes that fit me and trying to look cute. Lo and behold, that gave me the confidence to start and stick to a diet! I am now half way to my goal weight. :) I decided when I started that my “reward” for meeting my goal would be a draw full of new unmentionables. Your post has been a great reminder and encouragement to keep up the good fight! I can’t wait!

  9. says

    You always make me laugh AND inspire me! today I laughed at “how your hubby wants your unmentionables” to look like. Mine too! I am inspired to clean out my panty drawer… it has also become my sock drawer. So irritating! I must admit for full disclosure that I go commando sometimes. Way, way TMI now. Guess I’m the tacky one today. Thanks girl… awesome job, as usual!

  10. says

    I voted :) I’m crazy about camis and wear them daily. I’m also horrible about getting rid of them since they don’t get seen. I probably should take a hard look and what needs to go.

  11. says

    Hahaha I love your honesty and guys to write this post! My unmentionables drawer was in shambles when I got back to the States btu I have since remedied that!!! I got rid of 5 pairs of underwear and two bras! So important to keep this drawer pretty and fresh!

  12. Ash says

    I laughed out loud so hard at “I done busted through my shapewear” that I had to read it to the hubby…he didn’t get it :)

  13. says

    Fun post, Alison! I have almost always waited until Christmas for new “underthings” because my husband would stock me up on some from Victoria’s Secret (he is nice and would get the style I liked and not just the ones he liked – although he and your husband would be in agreement on what they would prefer). But, I recently picked up some of the Suddenly Skinny underthings at Target and I am thinking that I need to branch out to other brands. I’m glad you linked some so I can try a few others too! Thanks for the laughs too – I’m sure your shapewear was just well-worn and not busted through – you are too funny!

  14. says

    Hey Ali,

    First of all thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I really really appreciate it. :)
    I actually splurged on some Victoria Secret’s “unmentionables” the other day. Gotta blame the sales for that! :p
    Happy Shopping and hope to hear from you soon again!

    Thank you,

  15. says

    I use the word unmentionables too… Only because it’s fun to say. =]
    I try to replace mine quarterly. If I find nice comfy ones on sale, I’ll pick them up. I am in serious need of new bras but paying for them hurts.

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