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Pretty Living | Master Bedroom Refresh

Master Bedroom Before and After One of my 2014 goals is to refresh a few of the rooms in our home.  So naturally, I’ll also be incorporating more decor posts on the blog to showcase projects and ideas.  We’ve lived in our home for six years and some of the rooms are starting to feel tired and dated, the original decor just no longer suits my personality.  But, I don’t have the budget to do full makeovers.  So, I’ve been focusing on just swapping out easy things like bedding, accessories and lighting rather to refresh the look rather than doing an entire room re-do.

My first project for the year is our master bedroom.  When we moved in, I ordered a custom comforter set, complete with throw pillows.  It has served us well for quite a few years and held up exceptionally well.  But, I grew tired of this traditional (and slightly dated) pattern a while back.

The major elements of our room – paint color and furniture – do not need to be changed, which is a major money saver.  I wisely chose a warm neutral beige paint color that has stood the test of time.  Our bedroom furniture is close to twelve years old but it has good bones, no need to replace it yet.  The best way to refresh this room was to swap out the bedding for something a bit more updated.

Here’s the way our bed looked before.

Master Bedroom Before And here’s the after.

Master Bedroom After I replaced our bedding with a simple white down-filled comforter and decided to play off a cool and warm neutral color theme by combining steel gray and black with beige.

Master Bedroom After Side

Master Bedroom Accessories Our new sheet set has a pretty embroidered black and tan edge that adds a nice graphic element.

Master Bedroom Sheet Set The combination of different textures and patterns with the pillows – ruffles, sequins and graphic prints, mixed with solids and some cute Mr. and Mrs. pillows – makes for a fun and visually interesting combo.

Master Bedroom Sequin Pillow

Master Bedroom Mrs. Pillow


GrayandBeigePaint [Image Via]

If the cool and warm neutral color scheme is for you, pair white bedding with any combo of these accessories to refresh your room.

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  • Great project by the end of the year I would love to refresh my bedroom as well, but we’ll see 🙂

  • I am so glad you posted this! I am getting ready to refresh our bedding too and I have been collecting photos for the new look. This is it exactly!! So funny! I think I will be adding the 1 pillow (: Thanks! Very pretty! Susan

  • Oooooooh! I LOVE it! You’ve giving me the makeover bug big time!!!!

  • I am in love with all those fun pillows! Especially the Mr. and Mrs. ones. A refresh is such a great idea and it really makes a difference and brightens up the room!

  • I love the ‘before’ bedroom too, but the makeover looks great too! I love all the interest and whimsy you brought into the room with the unique pillows.

  • Just little changes like switching out pillows and bedding can make all the difference! I love the Mr. and Mrs. pillows. So cute 🙂

  • Of course you live pretty too! I LOVE those pillows and love how you coordinated the new bedding, it looks really, really good.

  • My mom says that it is good to update your design style about once every five years – I average more along the lines of every four years but I am impatient. 🙂 I love how you mixed and matched, and the leopard natch.

  • Love the simple changes you made! And what a difference it made 🙂 It looks great!

    I am hoping to update our master bedding as well, but I am waiting until we buy a king size bed later this year.

  • Looks really pretty!

  • Gorgeous! I love the different pillows- not uniform, but they all compliment each other. 🙂


  • Looks great!! Can’t wait to see how the other rooms turnout!

  • How lovely. The before was beautiful but the after is even more so. Great eye for design!


  • Love all those neutral tones and pretty patterns!

  • Love this….so pretty! I’m getting ready to give our bed a spruce up again too. I just need to stop being so indecisive about it.

  • This looks gorgeous! I have a similar bed. I never thought of a simple white goose down comforter! Gorgeous!

  • Mona S

    Beautiful! I can’t decide if I like the Mr. and Mrs. pillows or the white ruffles pillows better!

  • Gorgeous……I honestly thought it’s a page from a lifestyle magazine!!!!


  • Just gorgeous! I think it’s amazing what a few new pieces can do…sheets, throw pillows, lamps…they really make all the difference! You did a great job.

  • Going for simple white with the comforter really lets you have fun with all the other elements. I love the geometric throw pillows!

  • Love the color combos – and I love the different textures on the pillows!! Looking to have some fun making over ours one of these days.

  • Love the Mr and Mrs Pillows

  • I’ll just take the bed for now, thanks. I’ve been pining for a king sized bed FOR-EVER!

  • Just wow! I can’t take my eyes off those pillows. SOOO love it!

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