Celebrating Women Whose True Beauty is Their Strength

Hi, I’m Alison Lumbatis, the creator of Get Your Pretty On and the GYPO Style Challenge.  My main motivation for doing what I do is to make great style accessible to every woman, especially those who need it most.  Through the Pretty Strong program, I hope to do just that by providing effortless style for women undergoing cancer treatment.

If you’re a woman currently undergoing cancer treatment or have finished chemotherapy or reconstruction within the past year, I’d love to invite you to join the Pretty Strong team at Get Your Pretty On.  Pretty Strong team members get a complimentary GYPO Style Challenge as well as other special team member benefits, giveaways and more.

To apply to be a member of the Pretty Strong team, please fill out the contact form below.  The only qualification is that you’re a woman currently undergoing or who has completed cancer treatment or reconstructive surgery within the past year.

Upon review of your application, we will be in touch with additional information.


  • Kathy

    Very interested in suggestions for women going through and finishing cancer treatments.

  • Sally Barbieri

    Hi Alison and Kathy, I have joined the last three challenges as well as referred a few women undergoing chemo to Pretty Strong. I also belong to a few groups for women with genetic breast and/or ovarian cancer. The general response when I mention Pretty Strong to them is the same “maybe after my chemo is done, or my reconstruction is done.” The thing about breast cancer is that surgery, chemo, radiation and reconstruction (if chosen) can be quite a long, stressful, drawn out process. Not to mention the fact that you really don’t know if you will be cured or will have to deal with on-going treatments. I was wondering if you accept women still going through the process of reconstruction even if it is some time removed from their chemo? Thanks.

  • Hi Sally! Yes we accept applicants up to a year past their completion of chemo or reconstruction. Thanks for the suggestion!