Protected: Rediscover Me – Day Three

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  • Stephanie

    I feel like I am gaining a tremendous benefit from the goal setting. I was sick on Sunday, so yesterday when I was stuck at home in the snow I wrote out five goals as well as my tolerations. I decided to put to work for my personal self, what works well for my professional self, and transferred my goals to an electronic format where I further refined them. This really made me refocus on the why (years of goal setting at work made the “how” easy to define).

    To your point, today’s exercise is really allowing for additional focus. Three of my 5 goals are focused around self-care/appearance. In taking those three today, I am adding even more focus and potentially taking one goal and making it into two. Working the goals out is helping me feel more invested in them as a real thing to achieve (just like at work), rather than just an exercise to complete and put in file somewhere. So glad I heard about your website and checked it out as you were offering this program.

    • Hi Stephanie! I’m glad that the self-care deep dive helped you to further refine your goals. And super happy you decided to join us!

  • Ok, I am just going to say it right here, publicly. I just love you. I love this challenge. I love that my goals have evolved and become deeper and richer from the first time I participated in February to this go-round, which is a refresher for me. I am in such a better place in my head and heart now than I was before “meeting” you with your first challenge in the spring of 2014. Thank you, love.

    • What a lovely testimonial Leslie! Thanks for sharing it. I love you right back!

  • Lynnette Parmer

    Wow! I didn’t realize how many self-care goals I had in the back of my mind. There are so many lovely ways to take care of myself and so many simple things I could add to my routine to squeeze more pleasure out of life. I can’t believe I had no trouble at all coming up with way too many self-care goals. Now, I wonder if I will be able to actually implement them.