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SAHMonday: Patagonia and Plaid

Do your kids play sports?  All three of our kids have been heavily involved in sports since they could walk! Our son played football until he graduated from high school and now both of our girls are in pretty time consuming activities. Our oldest daughter is a competitive cheerleader and our youngest is an equestrian.

Needless to say, a lot of my wardrobe revolves around shuttling them around and going to their sporting events and practices.

Cheer activities are pretty easy to dress for, they’re indoors in climate controlled areas.  But the equestrian stuff?  Not so much.  I end up getting dirty 90% of the time because there’s mud and/or dust everywhere.  Plus it’s almost entirely outdoors so layering up is important. Today’s SAHMonday outfit is a typical one that I wear for my twice daily trips to the barn and horse shows.

If you’re new around here, SAHMonday is weekly outfit inspiration just for the stay at home and work from home moms of the world (like me!) who aren’t heading out of the house on Monday morning.  You can check out the other outfits in this series here.

These outfits are perfect for when you want to feel comfortable, yet put together, so that you can face the day and any errands you may need to run.  Plus, most of these outfit formulas can be pulled straight from your closet.  If you don’t have my exact pieces, that’s ok.  Just use one of the substitutions that I recommend.

Today’s SAHMonday outfit formula is my horse show uniform.  It would also work great for soccer games or any outdoor activity your kiddos get into.  All you need is a lightweight jacket, plaid shirt, your favorite jeans and a pair of riding boots (rain boots work great with this too!)

Patagonia Jacket + Plaid Shirt + Jeans + Riding Boots



[Jacket:  Same/Shirt:  Same/Jeans:  Similar/Riding Boots:  Same]

Substitutions and Shopping Options: 

Patagonia Jacket:  Any casual fleece or lightweight jacket.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Jeans:  None.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Plaid Shirt:  Any long sleeved button down or tee.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Riding Boots:  Rubber boots.  Shopping Options:  1/2/3

Show me YOUR SAHMonday outfit!  Tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #SAHMonday.

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  1. Perfect! Layers are so right this time of year. Put them off and take them off as needed. 🙂

  2. Hi Alison….I recently found your blog and Instagram and LOVE both! I blogged for 9 years at Gracious Southern Living but am taking an extended break…just got burned out. I do have an IG account (gracioussouthernliving) and am loving that forum. Anyway, I went out today and bought the Garnier Brightening & Smoothing Daily Moisturizer and the Monistat Chafing Gel to use as a primer. I can’t wait to try both!

    I plan on telling my daughter about your blog and IG…you and she are about the same age and a lot alike.


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