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Spring Outfit Formula: Chambray Shirt + Floral Skirt

If you saw my post a few days ago where I shared Four Ways to Wear Floral without Looking Like Your Grandma, you already know that I’m a fan of floral skirts.

A floral skirt just so happens to also be one of the pieces on the shopping list for the Spring 2015 GYPO Style Challenge.  This past week, the challengers paired it up with a chambray shirt and some bright flats for an easy outfit formula that’s perfect for spring.

The beauty of this formula is that it works with any floral skirt – long, short, full, slim, it doesn’t matter.  You could even substitute floral printed pants or shorts.  It’s a look that can easily be dressed up for church or the office or down for the weekend.  Just swap out the shoes and accessories.

Easy Spring Outfit Formula

Chambray + Floral Skirt + Bright Flats


Here are some real life style examples from the Spring 2015 GYPO Style Challenge girls.  I love all of the variations on styling the chambray shirt – tied up, tucked in and belted.  Don’t they look amazing?

Collage 1

Collage 2

Collage 3

Kindness Challenge Leads to a “Chance” Meeting

This week in our Facebook group for the GYPO Style Challenge, I challenged the group to notice something nice about another woman and compliment her on it.  Their assignment for the weekend was to approach a woman and give her a genuine compliment, then report back to us in the group.

One particularly touching story involved our GYPO Community Manager, Bebe and one of our spring style challengers, Michelle.  Bebe is a godsend and just an all around amazing person who beautifully moderates our Facebook group for the challenges.  She happened to be visiting Michelle’s church for the first time on Sunday.  Michelle saw her from behind and decided to approach her to pay her a compliment.  Mind you, they had never met before.  When they realized that they were both challengers, it was a quite a moment.  Here they are in their matching style challenge outfits.


[Style Challenger Michelle with our very own awesome GYPO Community Manager Bebe]

It’s Your Turn:  Have you tried styling your chambray with a floral skirt?

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  1. I have never tried this style but I am doing it next week!! I love it! I love it tucked and belted and also tied at the waist. I really enjoy seeing all of these beautiful women and their own personal takes on your style picks! Susan

  2. I didn’t know knotting your shirt was back in style. I guess I missed the newsletter. Lol A chambray shirt looks great with a floral skirt.

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