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Ten Day Summer Vacation Packing List + Outfits

It’s summer vacation week for the Lumbatis family! This inevitably brings back memories of a few years back when I was a terrible over packer. At least 75% of what I brought on vacation never even came out of the suitcase.

I’m now a recovered over packer and can even go as far as calling myself a minimalist packer (pats self on back).  The secret? I started to apply the same capsule wardrobe logic that I use to plan the GYPO Style Challenge but on a much smaller scale.

I now follow these capsule wardrobe rules while packing for every vacation:

  1. Only include pieces that can be paired up in at least 2-3 different ways.
  2. Pack only one pair of each type of shoe.  One flat shoe, one with heels, a sneaker, etc.
  3. Bring as many accessories as you’d like, they don’t take up space and they go a long way toward changing up the look of your basics.
  4. Take pics on your phone of all of your outfit pairings before you go.  It makes getting dressed every day that much easier!

At the top of my blog you’ll find a little suitcase icon that says Packing Lists under it.  As I’ve taken trips and created capsules through the years, I’ve collected them here.  Click on the suitcase icon to find all kinds of packing lists and mini-capsule wardrobes that are perfect for just about any kind of trip you have coming up.

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Today I’m sharing my Summer 2017 Ten Day Vacation Packing List + Outfits. This year’s summer vacation packing list is great for a beach vacation but also works for just about any warm weather trip you have on the agenda.  It’s a mixture of versatile casual pieces and trends that can be easily dressed up a bit.

The best part?  This summer vacation packing list has just 14 pieces, including accessories, that will last you a full ten days. You’ll be able to pack light, maximize your wardrobe and look great every day.

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Ten Day Summer 2017 Vacation Packing List and Outfits

The Pieces

These links go to recommended items but may not necessarily be the same items pictured above due to sold out links.


Blue/White Striped Top, Gray Top, Printed Tank, Solid Dress


White Shorts, Olive Shorts, Denim Shorts


Metallic Sandals, Neutral Wedges


SwimsuitFloppy HatBeaded Necklace, Tassel Earrings, Tassel Tote, White Stone Earrings


Feel free to add in a denim jacket or cardigan if needed.  You’re also welcome to add more shoes and as many accessories as you’d like (they don’t take up much room in your suitcase!)

The Outfits

Day One:  Striped Top + White Shorts + Neutral Wedges

Day Two:  Gray Top + Olive Shorts + Gold Sandals

Day Three:  Printed TankDenim Shorts + Gold Sandals

Day Four:  Solid Dress + Neutral Wedges

Day Five:  Striped Top + Olive Shorts + Gold Sandals

Day Six:  Gray Top + Denim Shorts + Neutral Wedges

Day Seven:  Printed Tank + White Shorts + Neutral Wedges

Day Eight:  Solid Dress + Swimsuit + Gold Sandals

Day Nine:  Gray Top + White Shorts + Neutral Wedges

Day Ten:  Solid Dress + Gold Sandals

If you’d like some additional tips and tricks for packing light, check out this Facebook Live I did recently.

Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge

All of the pieces in this ten day summer vacation packing list are also on the Summer 2017 GYPO Style Challenge shopping list. If you already have these pieces then you have a huge jump start on the outfits that we’re creating during our 23 days of looks. There’s still time to sign up and get all 23 days (plus six bonus outfit ideas) immediately. You get all the tools you need to build a summer capsule wardrobe plus the amazing support of our private Facebook group!

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  1. I have really learned to pack less over the years, but I still have trouble rewearing something when we vacation and sightsee in hot humid climates. I sweat a lot and don’t find the pieces to be rewearable a second time. Any tips for that?

    1. You will need to do laundry with the capsule packing list. If laundry services are not available at your vacation location, you will need to pack more pieces.
      Some other ladies also listed some other tips in the comments. 🙂

  2. Great outfits.
    Sadly, this would not last me ten days. I have a small kid so those white shorts would not be white for long. Also as Savvy Southern Chic said, I can’t wear same t-shirt two days in a row without washing it. And I refuse to do washing on my vacation, so my packing list for 10 days would have at least 10 tops (plus a couple more if my kid messes up the one I am wearing for lunch, so I have to change it). And ten bottoms (shorts/skirts etc) for the same reason.

  3. I sweat like crazy so I need a clean shirt everyday. I am an over packer for sure! The idea of bringing so few pieces is so nice!

  4. Alison, this is by far my favorite packing list of all that you’ve offered. Very tight. Everything works together perfectly! Plus, I love the idea of using the long dress as a beach coverup. Great inspiration!

  5. Thank you so much for this. I’m going to a teachers’ union convention next week. This will be ideal to help me pack. And your FB video for this was good as well. I also tend to bring clothes that I can wash out and hang to dry in the bathroom overnight. Anything synthetic or rayon works well. And as always – you are adorable.

  6. Dang, I needed this list last month- I packed so many redundant pieces that didn’t get worn…wasted suitcase space that could otherwise been used for gifts! Sigh.

  7. These are such great outfits for a vacation or just while you are at home! And they are so easy to pack!

  8. Perfect list! For those who are skeptical that a packing list like this could work, Febreeze Sport and tide to go pens are key when packing a light capsule wardrobe like this. Also hang up the shirts and dresses to air out between wearings will help eliminate the odors, don’t fold and put in a drawer or leave bunched up on the floor.

  9. I am going on a 9-day vacation in August and I don’t want to take more than 15 items with me so this was a great guide and you created ten very cute outfits Alison. Well done and thank you. Welcome by tomorrow for the linkup. =)

  10. Allison, I love these clothes for a trip! I am going on vacation in a few weeks and don’t like to pack alot. I love the 2 prs of shoes you chose and the denim shorts. I always just try to mix and match and pack wrinkle free clothes if I can. Such cute tops too!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  11. First, let me say that I love all the outfits you put together. I have a question for all the pretties out there. I am happy to say that I am 53 years old and I like to be stylish and up with most of the latest trends. I am wondering if I really should be wearing the tops that are off the shoulder or bare shoulder? They seem to me that they are for the younger gals. Any thoughts?

  12. I love these packing lists! Would you be able to provide a link to a printable version of this one like the one from last summer vacation has? I love to print these out and put them in my closet!

  13. This is great! I always end up packing way too much when we go to the beach, so I am pinning this to help me!

  14. These are great! And I love how the purse goes with all the outfits! And how the shoes are neutral but different enough to add fun! Thank you for linking up with the Thursday Moda. 😉

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