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How to Wear a Fur Vest + Why I Don’t Read Fashion Blogs

I’ve got a fun fur vest collaboration for you today.  But first, I want to share a BIG secret with you.  When anyone asks what my favorite fashion blogs are, they are usually surprised to hear this answer.

I don’t follow fashion blogs.

Nope, not one.

It’s not that I don’t support my fellow bloggers.  Honestly, they are some of the nicest people I know and I used to follow scuds of their blogs.

But about a year ago, I stopped reading fashion blogs cold turkey – and the main reasons why might surprise you.

I was falling victim to comparison-itis and The O.P.C. Effect.

Never heard of them?  Read on.

1.  Comparison-itis – Especially in my early blogging days, I would kill myself with comparisons.  My inner dialogue went something like this “her writing is so much better than mine, she has more followers than me, her outfits look so much more interesting, WHY am I doing this?, I should just quit!”  Comparison-itis is a crippling disease.  At some point, I realized that the best thing for me to do was unsubscribe and focus only on what I was doing.  Lesson?  Comparison kills creativity.  Avoid it at all costs.

2.  The O.P.C. Effect  – You down with O.P.C.?  Yeah, you know me.  That’s right, I’m easily influenced by Other People’s Content.  Here’s how The O.P.C. Effect works – no matter how much I try to forget what I read, it still subconsciously influences and enters my writing and content.  Solution?  It’s better for me not to follow anyone in my genre so I can trust my instincts and march to my own beat. 

My decision to not read other blogs has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me.  It’s about protecting my creativity and staying in my own lane.  And while other bloggers may not struggle with these issues, I do.  I have to do what works best for me.

Having said that, there are two bloggers in particular that I LOVE.  These women are the real deal and I highly respect both of them because they are who they say they are.

Those bloggers are Cyndi Spivey and Jo-Lynne Shane.

I’ve known Cyndi and Jo-Lynne since my early days of blogging.  They both have a collaborative and generous nature.  I love them as people and I adore their “over 40” style.  I can’t think of two women I’d rather collaborate with.


Today we’re showing you our different takes on styling a fur vest.  If the thought of wearing one conjures up images of a yeti, then check out the ways we styled it and think again.  It’s a chic staple that you’re going to want to add to your winter wardrobe.  I like to keep it simple with a denim shirt and black jeans with riding boots.  Be sure to pop by to see how Cyndi and Jo-Lynne styled their fur vests too.







[Fur Vest:  Similar/Shirt: Same/Jeans:  Same/Boots:  Same/Bracelet: Similar/Watch:  Same]

Fur Vest Shopping Options

Under $100 Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.26.43 AM

Under $50



Under $30


black-fur-vest It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to pair up a fur vest?  Share it in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for the links Alison! I have been searching for a fur vest for a while now! I found one at Hollister for my daughter but I am loving your options for myself! I love that you stay true to yourself! Susan

  2. So funny! I was just going to post in the fall challenge Facebook page about whether my THREE fur vests are in or out! Thanks for clearing this up and showing me some fresh ways to reimagine them!

  3. I can absolutely understand where you are coming from. It is true for me as well. I have to limit my time spent reading other fashion blogs (and blogs in general really) and it has nothing at all to do with the blogs or the people behind them, but everything with my own output.

    That said, I’m obviously still doing it. Just not as much as I used to anymore.

    And those fur vests are adorable. Maybe I’ll get one too 😉

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  4. You are so right!! It’s so easy to compare yourself to other bloggers and not feel like you are enough and want to give up all together.. I did that towards the first of this year honestly.. until I remembered I’m blogging for me so that I remember important events in our family. You are adorable and I’m going to try to pull the fur vest and denim shirt look together 😉 thanks for being genuine!

  5. I love your total look and will definitely wear fur and denim together! Yours, Cyndi’s and Jo-Lynn’s are the only fashion blogs I follow b/c you gals are real, practical and very stylish! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  6. Thanks for your insight on The O.P.C. Effect. I’m about to launch a blog/website for artists and I was debating if I should follow similar blogs, but my instincts were telling me not to. Besides being influenced by them, I’m thinking it would take my attention away from my own site. I should just trust that I’m the best person to share the kind of art I do.

  7. I’m not a fan of vests in general on me. I am top heavy anyway, and vests don’t flatter me. But, they look cute on you and the other women here. I remember seeing a woman wearing a brown mink vest years ago, and it was really elegant and casual at the same time. She wore it with a soft red cotton, collared shirt and jeans, gold earrings and black boots. It was Christmas time and we were visiting a Christmas Open House in the historic district of the city. She just seemed to belong there. Never saw another mink vest anywhere, but that was a fashion first.

  8. Nope! I looked at all the fur vest styling, and while you all did a good job – I just can’t get past The Flintstones. I look at these vests and I can think of anything else!

  9. Oh, ARIAT boots, how I love them. I have like 4 pairs, but only because I work at a tack shop and get a discount and sometimes I get them for free. They are so darn expensive, but they hold up so well and are super comfortable! Nice pick. I never see them really outside of the horse world.

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