Q&A Wednesday | November

It’s time for another Q&A Wednesday!  Every month, I open up my Facebook page to your questions about style, beauty, blogging and life and choose a few to answer here.  It’s a fun way for us to get to know each other better and for you to get answers to anything you want to know.

November Q&A with Alison

Q.  Please help my eyebrows! They are way too thin and I don’t like the shape.  What tips do you have for eyebrow rehab? – Laine P.

A.  Well, Laine, I can definitely relate.  For years, I abused my brows by overwaxing and plucking them.  Until one day, they wouldn’t grow back!  I had a big bald spot in my brow above my left eye. A makeup artist at a photo shoot totally transformed my brows by drawing in the hairs individually with an eyebrow pencil and then she told me something life changing.  Well, maybe not life changing, but definitely brow changing!  Take Biotin daily to grow back overwaxed eyebrows.  I tried it and sure enough, they finally started to grow back after about a month.

My other secret weapon is IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil.  I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it.  It works for all hair colors, you just use pressure to make it darker or lighter.  I use mine to draw in individual hairs and it’s amazing!  Try this in combination with the Biotin and you’ll soon be loving your brows again.  After they grow back in, go get them shaped up professionally.

[IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil]

Q.  Due to a recent medical issue, I’ve gained some weight around my mid-section.  How can I disguise it with clothes? – Lesley

A.  My winter go-to is a tunic and leggings, especially from Thanksgiving through Christmas. You can wear a loose fitting tunic on top and close-fitting leggings on bottom to accentuate your lower half.  Always remember to keep your proportions right by wearing loose or tight on top or bottom, but not on both.  This outfit combo should see you through your medical issue and keep you comfortably in style this winter.

For some inspiration, here’s a post I did with A Week’s Worth of Leggings Outfits.

Q.  What’s your biggest pet peeve? – Kelly

A. Negativity and complaining.  We all have a choice of where to focus our thoughts and attention.  If you’re always complaining about something, you can’t make room for anything positive in your life.

There is so much in this very moment to be thankful for.  Every one of us is blessed in many ways and we all have a CHOICE about where to park our minds.  We can focus on negativity and complaining or we can view life through the lens of what’s good and right. One of my favorite quotes is this:

It takes as much work to be miserable as it does to be happy.  Which one will you choose today?

Here’s another gem that I saw on Facebook this week.  It’s all about perspective.

Why is this so near and dear to me?  Because I haven’t always had this perspective.  I know that it takes HARD work to get out of negative thought patterns but I can also tell you it’s worth every bit of it.

Q.  What are your thoughts on cosmetic procedures?  I’m thinking of having a little work done but live in a small town and am afraid of what people might think. – Anonymous via E-mail

A.  Dear Anonymous – If something makes you feel pretty, then go for it.  Who is anyone else to judge?  Of course, I live in an area where it is more mainstream, but that doesn’t really skew my perspective.  I’ve seen it overdone, I’ve seen it done well.  I, for one, don’t see anything wrong with a little Botox now and then.  If your situation calls for something more, then by all means, you know what’s best.  🙂

Q.  How do you mix your patterns? Today I wore polka dots (subtle), stripes and a floral scarf. What is too much? – Ida

A.  Hi Ida!  Sounds like you’re already a pattern mixing expert!  My rule is up to three at a time.  Some of my favorite combos are:

  • Plaid, Leopard and Stripes
  • Stripes, Floral and Polka Dots
  • Leopard, Stripes and Polka Dots

Here’s a great graphic from History in High Heels with more combos.

Everything you need to know to successfully mix prints and patterns!

Q.  What are some current styles for casual dresses for Fall and Winter? – Kathy

A.  Dresses are such a simple way to look instantly put together, Kathy!  For fall and winter, I’m a big fan of simple knit shifts and sweater dresses that you can pair up with patterned tights, scarves and ankle boots.  Here are a few that fit the bill perfectly.

Women's Two-Tone Dresses

[Two Tone Dress]

Women's Cowl-Neck Sweater Dresses

[Cowl Neck Sweater Dress]

[Leather Trim Knit Dress]

That’s it for this month, thanks so much for your awesome questions!  I’ll be back again in December to answer some more.


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