Protected: Rediscover Me – Day One

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  • Excited to set the goals! Here we go!

    • Excited to have you!

    • Heidi

      Yay Barbara!!!

  • Dee Dee Colgan

    Thanks so much for this 28 DAY CHALLEGE!!
    My number one goal is to develop a more intimate relationship with God. This matters to me because I know God has a great plan and purpose for my life. I want to live out the life God planned for me. I’m going to get up earlier and put God first. I’m going to do this by praying and reading the Bible each day. Ultimately none of the other goals will be successful unless I make this my number one priority.

    As If ” My life has meaning and everything in my life has improved. I’m a better wife, and mother. God has done an amazing work in me. I have even had success with my other goals.” Dee Dee

    • This makes me so happy Dee Dee! Thank you for joining the 28 Day Challenge!

    • Kourtney Bailey

      I love this!!! It’s inspirational. 🙂

  • Laurie

    Good morning……one of my goals is about making decisions. My first response to every inquiry is no, I want to change some of that, to not say no out of fear. To say no because I really don’t want to do something. Just signing up was a struggle but I’m here….so yes, very excited to be here.

    • Laurie, we are blessed to have you join us here in the Rediscover Me Challenge. Let’s make some changes! 😉

    • Heidi

      It’s so wonderful that you are working on your first goal just by signing up. So inspiring!

    • Tracy Lee Waring Case

      wish there was a Like button on here! I love that you are are stepping outside of your comfort zone!

  • This is my second time doing this and I’m super excited!! Thanks!

    • Heidi

      Love that you are doing this again! Can’t wait to go through this for the first time 😉

      • How did you like it, Heidi?

  • Jules

    Just beginning. Had a hiccup when my 7yo grandson was diagnosed with ALL. I’ve been traveling back & forth to help my son & his wife. This has really impacted my normal routine, to the point that I’m not always sure of the exact date! Hopefully, my new normal will become routine & I can begin to set goals, etc., as well as keep up with the correct date.

    • Goal setting is great!

  • Tracy Lee Waring Case

    so glad to be starting this over. I pulled out what I put on my goals list in december and looked it over while listening to your video again. I realized I need to dig deeper into my Why and I found it interesting that my as if really had nothing to do with my I am guessing either my goal was not a true goal or my as if was not well thought out! For example: I put Goal 1- Improve health. Why – Keep cancer from coming back. How: change the way I eat, plan meals track calories.. so here is the where it doesn’t line up – As if: Ive lost 10 lbs and it feels great and I love what I see in the mirror and feel more confident…hmmmmm thinking my goal needs to change or my as if needs to change!!! so glad to be re-looking at this…time to dig in!

  • Ann Truesdell Terfehr

    Learned from the first challenge to take care of things that irritate me. Did that last week by getting a new chair to read in that was comfortable. It did that with a new picture for the wall. Cleaned living room and now I love it. The grandkids love the chair because it glides back and forth. Very soothing. Eager to continue on.
    Learn something each time.

  • Melissa Weaver

    After I wrote my initial goals, I found there was very personal link between them all–they all circle around to how I feel about an how I view myself. There’s a lot to work on! I think the next 28 days will be very enlightening!

  • Melissa Clark Henricks

    I didn’t even realize my annual membership included this but so glad it did and I watched the video!!! I love this!!! Still working on my five but so far they are to organize my office, help my daughter organize her room, be more present with my kids and husband, take better care of my teeth and write more regularly. Thanks Alison!!

  • Tina

    Ok this is great!!! I was overwhelmed at first, but listening to your videos helps me feel more confident in tat I have a plan! Yay!

  • Kelli Katherine Tuter

    This is my second time to attempt this challenge. My biggest struggle is just setting the goals. I don’t even know what goals to set and then to figure out why and how seems pretty much impossible. I am not criticizing the challenge at all…I love the concept! Does anyone have any tips? Am I the only one that struggles with this? I think last time I did this I never made it past setting the goals. 🙁

    • Lisa Snider

      This is hard for me too!

    • Kourtney Bailey

      I’m currently working on my goals so am still in the process but I started out thinking about goals and it was difficult so then went at it from a different angle – what are the things that make me stressed out, unhappy, overwhelmed, and a lesser parent/mom. I know this seems negative but my goal is to cut out some of these negativity/stress in my life. So I was able to drill down on a couple big ones right off the bat. They will be my greatest challenges I’m sure but I know that by obtaining them they will also be my biggest gains.

  • Lynnette Parmer

    My goals are:
    1. Practice hospitality by inviting someone over for dinner once per month.
    2. Lose 10 pounds this year.
    3. Get enough sleep.
    4. Read 24 books this year.
    5. Take the kids to the library once/week.

  • Kerry P.

    I’m so excited that the annual membership includes this piece. What a beautiful way to start the new year. I’ve done a lot of working with goal setting in my work place but never have though about the “as if” piece. I can’t wait to think through my 3-5 goals this year in this manner.

    Thanks, Alison, for your inspiration and leadership.

  • Carla Van Polen Magnuson

    I saw this on FB today and thought how perfect as I start the Goals for the year.

  • Kourtney Bailey

    Ok, I’m ready to rock! My goals have been set and I’m ready to tackle the world (or at least 2018 and beyond). I realized in setting my goals that they all center around organization. I have known for some time that the less organized I am the more chaotic & stressed I feel. So I’m really going to focus on the goals I set for myself with smaller goals that I set to obtain the larger goal as a couple are really huge. I know though that once I meet them, I will feel SO much better at home and work and can focus more on my family and give more of myself.