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Ask Me Anything! Summer Style, Beauty, Fitness and More

Hi Pretties! Last week was a wild card week on Coffee Chat! I try to rotate topics regularly to include style, beauty and personal development. Every once and awhile I'll throw in a wildcard week where you can ask me anything. Last week I posted in our Get Your Pretty...

5 Summer Outfit Formulas

On one hand it feels like it's been summer for a while with everyone being home and trying to develop a 'new' schedule, yet in reality summer is just beginning. For the most part the kids are done with their online instruction and the possibility of safe travel is...

Shorts that Aren’t Too Short? Yes, Please!

One of the biggest questions I get asked this time of year is "Alison where can I find shorts that aren't too short?". First off, let me say that I have a very clear opinion on shorts lengths and that is that longer isn't ALWAYS necessarily better. Truth is the selfie...

Summer 2020 Trends

Today we are talking about summer trends! I know what you may be thinking, "Who cares what you're wearing this summer when we're not actually going anywhere," right? But seriously, to say it's been a weird summer is an understatement, however, that didn't stop me from...

Style Your Budget Outfit Formulas™ Summer 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

For this month's Style Your Budget I wanted to pick something extra bright and cheery. I know for some life is slowly progressing towards something considered kind of normal while for others, they're still not there yet. That's why I love all the pops of color this...

Summer Work Wear Outfit Formula: White Pants + Black Sweater + Block Heels

This post sponsored by Ann Taylor. Raise your hand if you're heading back into the office this summer. Whether you're going to be returning to your regular desk or continuing with business as usual onscreen at your next video call. I've got a sure fire winning work...

Three Steps to Find YOUR Personal Style

Today, we are talking about personal style! If this is something that has tripped you up, you're not alone. I think I've struggled with defining my personal style ever since I was a teenager. It would morph along with, number one, the trends and number two, what my...

Summer Outfit Formula: Red Dress + White Denim Jacket + Floppy Hat

This post is sponsored by Walmart. Summer dress weather is almost here and I've got an EASY summer dress outfit formula for you. Oh and hey, guess what? This red dress has POCKETS! But first let's talk for a minute about the softest white denim jacket I've ever...




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