Founded by Alison Lumbatis, our mission at Get Your Pretty On® is to change the way women feel about themselves- forever. We believe every woman, no matter their size, age, ethnicity or budget, deserves to feel pretty. Women who feel good in their own skin are always the prettiest – and that touches every area of their lives. By being the go-to resource for inclusive fashion inspiration and lifestyle advice, our goal is to connect with real women across the world, empower them to be confident, and to have fun along the way.


Outfit Formulas® is the go-to personal styling program that works for every body and budget.  Over 30,000 women have built capsule wardrobes and found confidence through easy style with Outfit Formulas®.

What We Do

By offering a useful (might we add popular) blog, a styling program to get your closet organized and a community of amazing (seriously, the best!) women, you’ll get all the fashion and lifestyle inspiration you need to get your mojo back.

Our Promise

It’s about so much more than clothes, our promise is to provide you with the tools, resources and community support to feel confident in your daily style choices.

Our Community

Our vibrant, active community is at the core of all that we do. Safely explore style in a supportive environment of women on the same journey. 





Alison is a wife, mom of three, entrepreneur, INFJ, coffee worshiper and goat lover. Yes, goats. At the heart of it all she’s truly a jeans and tee kind of girl who loves spending time with her family and exploring the best tex mex restaurants in Dallas, TX. She’s an accidental minimalist when it comes to fashion and style, mixing tried and true closet staples with a few seasonal trends. Her goal is to provide the inspiration, tools and support to make it as easy as possible for our readers to feel pretty every day.



Lauren helps keep the wheels of the GYPO train on track. She may be in her mid 30s but this plus size pretty is embracing her granny status in more ways than just her grey hair. You’ll find Lauren gardening, crocheting, and bird watching. No, seriously. She’s a #dogmom to Copper, obsessed with Instagram Stories and is currently surviving on iced coffee. 



Kathryn hides behind the scenes at GYPO, making sure our systems run smoothly and nobody is caught pulling out their hair. As a busy mom with children always in tow, you’ll find her somehow creating events and maintaining her social life, along with volunteering for her community. She’s quite the workaholic, but if she isn’t glued to her computer, you’ll see her pretending to be a guest on ‘Nailed It!’ baking away in her kitchen. Don’t be fooled, the delicious dessert smell is just a candle. A girl can dream right?! Tag her in the Facebook group, say hi and share your favorite baking recipes! 



Jessica keeps the GYPO blog fresh and pretty whether she’s writing it herself or bringing you the wisdom of others. After having three kids, she still finds herself in the occasional mom rut but rediscovering the playful side of hair and makeup has helped. She loves trying new products and applications tips, as well as applying the current trends to real life use. With a little research and a lot of practice, she is eager to pass on what she’s learned. When Jessica’s not researching for GYPO she enjoys cooking, catching up with friends and spontaneous road trips with her husband and kids.



Coty helps plan and execute new fun ways to market the GYPO brand and recently designed our website makeover. This girl is a multi-tasker, keeping herself busy with her marketing business, volunteering in the local community and spending quality time with her family. Coty, an Upstate New York native, lives in Jacksonville, FL with her husband, 6-year-old daughter and two dogs. When Coty is not busy soaking up the Florida sunshine, she spends her time baking goodies with her daughter in their dream kitchen and binging on Netflix on the weekends. 



Tiffany is a Customer Support Concierge at GYPO, where she strives to provide excellent customer service to the GYPO community and assist to keep GYPO functioning smoothly. Before GYPO, Tiffany has worked for several Fortune 500 companies providing customer service as well as accounting support.  She thrives working behind the scenes in many capacities. Tiffany is an Arizona native and a big sports fan.  She lives in Arizona with her husband and 3 children.

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