Welcome to Day Five of the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. It’s already day five of week one. How are you feeling so far? If you feel like you’ve thought a lot but not accomplished much, then perfect. That’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, awesome! That’s also how you’re supposed to feel. Don’t worry, it’s all going to come together and we will start working on these goals very soon. For now, know that what you’re feeling is perfectly normal. This first week is all about introspection and defining what matters, not taking action…yet.   🙂

Today let’s talk about something a bit more personal – your relationships and personal growth. This can be a touchy subject and might make you uncomfortable but ALL growth and change comes with a little discomfort.

Let’s face it, our quality of life is directly correlated to the amount of satisfaction we have in our relationships with others and with ourselves.

You may be saying, “my relationships are fine, this doesn’t apply to me”. The truth is, we can all do better and have more fulfillment in our relationships with others – whether it’s your spouse, kids, friends, siblings, parents or co-workers.

What about your relationship with yourself? What can you do this year to honor yourself more? What have you done lately for your own personal growth?

Let’s get really real today and dig into our relationships, personal growth and be totally honest with what we need as well as what we want.


It’s Your Turn: Print off the relationships/personal growth goals worksheet and using the goals formula provided, define three-five goals that matter to you most of all. If you feel comfortable, share at least one of your goals with our Facebook group. Put this sheet aside for now, we will be compiling all of your goals later this week into a master list.

Optional Journal Exercise:  What does your gut tell you about the health of your relationship with others? With yourself? Is there any discomfort or resistance that came up during this exercise? If so, write it out!


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