Welcome to Day Four of the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. For the remainder of the week, we’ll be working on some laser focus goal setting in specific areas of your life in preparation for some deep dives into these areas through the remaining weeks of this challenge. Yesterday we focused on self-care and your appearance and today, we’ll be working on healthy living and wellness.

Important Note:  Some of these laser focus goals may be the same as or overlap with the main goals you set on Day One of the challenge. This is perfectly normal. We’ll be addressing this in a few days but for now, just keep up the great work with setting your goals!

No matter what your current fitness level, weight, etc. this will be relevant for you. Your body is your “million dollar race horse”, it’s what allows you to accomplish every single goal and having it in prime condition is absolutely crucial for every other goal in this challenge.

Wellness goes beyond diet and exercise, it touches every aspect of your being. That’s why it’s so important and deserves so much of our attention.

In week three of the challenge, we’ll be taking a deep dive into wellness and healthy living by introducing some baby steps that will build upon each other each day. Whether you are starting from zero or are an avid exerciser and healthy eater, you will be sure to benefit from each of these steps to healthier living.


It’s Your Turn: What does YOUR body need for wellness and health? Print off the healthy living/wellness goals worksheet and using the goals formula provided, define three-five healthy living goals that you need most of all. If you feel comfortable, share at least one of your goals with our Facebook group. Put this sheet aside for now, we will be compiling all of your goals later this week into a master list.

Optional Journal Exercise:  What does healthy living mean to you? How can others benefit from you making better choices?  Write about it in your journal.


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