Welcome to Day Nine of the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. Do you struggle with saying no sometimes? I know I do.  There are endless demands for my time and attention and for some reason I think it’s my responsibility to say yes to all of them.  Sound familiar? But do you know what saying yes to everything does?  It burns me out, it causes resentment and it takes precious time away from the things that matter most. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing the power of the small no as explained in Lysa Terkeurst’s best seller The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands. What does this have to do with self-care?  Well, everything. We can’t say yes to everyone and everything around us and still have time for what matters most. Learning how to say no is a survival skill.  We must learn it so we can set boundaries around our time and focus on the important stuff. If any of the following resonates with you, you’re probably not using your “Best Yes”:
  • I dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no.
  • I hope there’s more to life than my endless to-do list.
  • I’m a little overwhelmed and a lot worn out.
  • I’m drowning in the regrets of too many commitments.
Watch the video below to learn more about the secret of the small no and how to use it to escape the shame and guilt of disappointing others so that you can focus on your “Best Yes”.  I HIGHLY recommend picking up your own copy of “The Best Yes” for a more in-depth explanation. It’s Your Turn: Start thinking about some places where you can practice small no’s.  Then come up with some “no” answers that are graciously honest.  One that you could use is “While my heart wants to say yes, the reality of my time makes this a ‘no’.”  Keep an eye out for “no” opportunities in the week ahead. Optional Journal Exercise:  How does saying no make you feel?  Are you a master at it or does it make you feel a little squeamish?  Do you think it’s something that gets easier with time?


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