Welcome to Day Six of the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. I hope you’re not in total goal overwhelm from the work we did this week. My “goal” in doing this is not to put so much on your plate that you can’t deal with all of it. Rather it’s to bring to the forefront what matters most to you for the year ahead. Today we are going to prioritize and consolidate your goals into a cleaner, easier format for you to accomplish them.

But first, I want you to know this, if you never look at your goals again, you’ve already done something VERY powerful.  Digging deep into the why behind your goals and stating them “as if” has a powerful effect on your sub-conscious. I’ve set goals five years ago that I never looked at again, stumbled across them again and have been completely blown away by the fact that I accomplished them without any thought whatsoever. Know that just doing the work you’ve done so far this week WILL have an impact on your life in a very positive and powerful way.

Regardless of all of that, goal accomplishment usually does require a little work so let’s get this week’s goals consolidated on your Master Goals list.  This list will give you a quick “at a glance” reminder of your most important goals for the year ahead. Some of your day one goals may be the same as the goals you defined in each area. That’s ok, list them in both places.

Going forward on day six of the following three weeks, you will get an “implementation day” that you can use to work on the goal or goals of your choice.  You can also use it as a day off from the program, that is if you want to take a break.  It’s intensive, so I totally understand.


It’s Your Turn: Print off the Master Goals PDF and fill in your most important goals for each area. Be sure to include your Day One goals in the first section. If you feel comfortable, please be sure to share your insights in our Facebook group.


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