Welcome to Day Three of the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. On day one, we worked to define some overall goals to work on throughout the challenge and beyond. I told you we would be getting more specific and adding more goals to this list and today we’ll be focusing on goals around your self-care and appearance.

The point of this isn’t to put you into goal overwhelm, but to set your intentions in some key areas and create laser focus to create change. Throughout the rest of this week, we’ll be defining goals in those key areas. Then in weeks two through four of the challenge, we’ll be taking an even deeper dive into each of these areas. Our first key area is self-care/appearance.

Why self-care/appearance?

I’m going to assume that most of you are women doing this challenge (although men are more than welcome). One area that a lot of us tend to lose focus on is caring for ourselves. As women, we are wired to put others first, which leaves us depleted and in need of recharging our own batteries. It’s just like the oxygen mask announcement on the plane – secure your own mask first, then help others. If we don’t have our own mask secured with life-giving oxygen, then we are useless to others. Unfortunately many of us are walking around with empty tanks, in need of refilling.

Today’s goal setting exercise will be geared toward recharging ourselves.

Not only is self-care a crucial component of this but we all know that the way we look absolutely is a direct correlation to the way we feel. If there’s anything I’ve learned both in my personal experience and through hosting my style challenges, it’s that a woman’s confidence climbs when she feels good about how she looks. Myself included.

So, let’s talk about some self-care/appearance goals. When I mention this, what pops up for you immediately? What do you intuitively feel like you need most of all? Trust your intuition, your gut KNOWS what your mind and body need most of all.

If you’re drawing a blank don’t worry I’ve included a list of some self-care/appearance goals in today’s printable to get you started.


It’s Your Turn:  Print off the self-care/appearance goals worksheet. Define three-five goals that matter most to you. Using the goals formula that I provided on day one of this challenge, write out your goal, your why, your how and your “as if” for each of your self-care goals. If you feel comfortable, share at least one of your goals with our Facebook group. Put this sheet aside for now, we will be compiling all of your goals later this week into a master goals list.

Optional Journal Exercise:  What feelings come up for your around self-care?  How did it feel to set goals in this area?  Write about it in your journal.


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