Welcome to Day Twenty-Two of the Rediscover Me 28 Day Challenge. It’s our final week and this might just be the most challenging yet.  This is the week we address the big guys, the tough stuff that many of us avoid or ignore. It’s time to start working on our own personal growth and relationships. I want you to pull out your Master Goals List and Personal Growth/Relationships goals from week one.  This is the week to really dig deeper into these goals and take action.

Starting with our relationship with ourselves. Today we’re going to do an exercise called my top 3 “be”. In this, we’ll be defining three words that we want to become more of in the year ahead. Your top three “be” words.

They can be any three as long as they have some meaning to you. My top three are loving, grateful and joyful. You don’t have to think about the how right now, just what you want to be more of.

You’ll find that this week’s exercises rely more on journaling and introspection than the previous weeks, for obvious reasons.  Watch today’s video to learn more.


It’s Your Turn: Print off the top three be words statement and fill in what you want to be more of in the year ahead. If you feel comfortable, share your Top 3 in the Facebook group.













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