Natalia Feels Pretty | Pretty Mom Profile

Natalia Ma Nouvelle Mode

Welcome to April's Pretty Mom Profile! Each month I interview a mom I admire who embodies the values of my book "Get Pretty, Kick Butt!" She makes her family her first priority but also understands that being a mom shouldn't mean losing yourself. She makes a daily effort to stay out of the mom rut but has her own struggles … [Read more...]

The Perfect “On the Go” Shoe | Reebok Skyscape

reebok skyscapes outfit

Sometimes you just need a great comfy shoe for daily activities. But we shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort, right? I love the way my flats look but they don't provide much support and some of them are just plain uncomfortable. It's hard to find a shoe with all day comfort for my active lifestyle that actually … [Read more...]

Feel Good Friday!

Spring Challenge Collage 3

Since it's Good Friday, how about a little feel good post? I'm not much of a crier so when I do, you know something has touched me very deeply (or hurt me very badly).  Fortunately my latest cry was for the first reason! As I sat at my kitchen table Wednesday evening reading through the responses to an e-mail I sent … [Read more...]

I Feel Pretty | Challenged


So I had this whole post put together for today that took days to work on, then at the last minute I had to cancel it because of a technical issue.  Time for plan B! Oh well, that's just fine because now I get a chance to share some of the awesome outfits happening over in the Spring Style Me Challenge. On Monday, the … [Read more...]

Daily Style Diary | Entry Twelve + Outfit Selfie Tips


Happy Monday!  The first Spring Style Me Challenge outfit was released today.  I couldn't wait to wake up this morning and check the Facebook group to see how all of the challengers have styled it.  There's SO much inspiration and fun going on in that group. On a daily basis, women are stepping out of their comfort … [Read more...]

My Self Care Epic Fail + Style Challenge Inspiration

Alison Aubrey Ava Crop

Happy Friday!  I have something a little different planned for today's post.  You guys know how big of a proponent I am for self-care and feeling good about how we look.  It's the basis of what this blog was started on.  It's not only what I preach but it's what I try to live every day.  When I got stuck in my mom rut, … [Read more...]

I Feel Pretty | April Pretties

April Pretties

You guys see enough of my outfits, right?  So this week I thought it would be fun to let you be the star of the show.  There were so many pretty spring looks linked up last week that I wanted to highlight a few of them.  Here are some of the trends you're wearing that I'm loving. Floral Pants at Peaches in a Pod Floral … [Read more...]

Daily Style Diary | Entry Eleven


Let me just start off this Monday saying that I am completely astounded and blown away by the response to the Spring Style Me Challenge.  Over 400 women are participating and the Facebook group community is incredible!  Everyone is so supportive of each other, the shopping tips they're sharing are amazing.  If you missed … [Read more...]