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Casual Chic Outfit Basics | Cute Comfy Kicks

For those of you who signed up for the Spring Style Me Challenge, today is a VERY exciting day.  The Spring Shopping List was released this morning!  You have ten days to get your pieces in place before the first outfit is released.  Remember to post your questions, shopping tips and finds in our private Facebook group.  I can’t wait to see what you all find!

If you signed up for the challenge but did NOT receive the shopping list in your e-mail this morning, please let me know ASAP at info@getyourprettyon.com.

If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time!  Late registration is open through next Friday.  Even though you won’t get as many days to shop before the outfits start, you will still be able to participate.  Sign up HERE to get the shopping list today!

The winner of the $500 J. Jill gift card is spring style challenger Debbie Burrow.  Congratulations, Debbie!

casual chic outfit basics button This week’s Casual Chic Outfit Basic is something I never dreamed would make the list – sneakers!  No I’m not talking about athletic shoes that you wear to the gym.  The sneakers I’m talking about are the cute casual ones you can wear for everyday.

When my teen daughter Aubrey asked me to take her shopping for Keds last spring, I had flashbacks to the ones I wore in junior high.  It’s always a little weird to see a trend come back around.  I never dreamed I could get back on board with it.  But last week, I spied these cute sneakers at Target for just $12 and thought what the heck, why not dip a toe in the trend? (Pun intended).  Of course, I asked Aubrey first if it was okay for moms to wear these shoes.  Not only did she say yes, but she also asked for a pair for herself. Devon, our teen son, on the other hand, asked why I was buying teenager shoes.  I decided not to care too much about his opinion.  🙂  So I bought them.

Then I fell in love.

[Mossimo ‘Layla’ Sneakers]

P.S.  They are still on sale for $12 and all shoes are buy one, get one 50% off at Target.com!

They’ve been on my feet almost every day since and are actually A LOT easier to pair up then I thought they would be.  They work in place of flats in just about every outfit.

Here are some easy outfit formulas that work great with sneakers.

STRIPED TOP + SKINNY DENIM + SNEAKERS 032814-striped-shirt-jeans

Sneaker Ouftit Stripes [1/2]

SLOUCHY JEANS + SNEAKERS  sneakers boyfriend jeans

Sneaker Outfits Spring [1/2]

There are so many different colors and styles to choose from.  Here are some of my favorites.

The Classics

[Vans Authentic Lo Pro]

[Keds Champion Canvas]

[Superga Cotu]

The Colors

[Vans Authentic Lo Pro]

[Keds Champion]

[Mossimo ‘Layla’]

The Patterns

[Mossimo Lunea]

[Keds Champion Floral]

[Sam Edelman ‘Becker’]


[Mossimo ‘Lucretia’]

[Keds Bow Stripe]

It’s Your Turn:  Are sneakers a junior high throwback for you too?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. First I have to say I am so excited to be shopping for items on the spring challenge list! The gray sneakers are super cute and I really feel like I could wear them to teach school too. I personally feel like gray is more practical for me as the white would not stand much chance with my kids. Thanks for the go ahead on sneakers:)

  2. I live in sneakers but mostly the clunky athletic kind. I haven’t had a pair like these since I was in 5th grade (white keds). But I’m definitely going to add a pair of these cuties to my closet. I’m loving all the prints and bright colors.

  3. I had to laugh at your son’s comment. I have learned not to ask my 12 year old son his opinion because he usually doesn’t like what I wear and has random reasons for not liking something. Now my 7 year old daughter – I trust her opinions because that girl is so honest and is usually right on. One time I asked her about some pants I had just got in the mail. She says, “have you looked in the mirror yet?”
    I have been thinking about getting some dark gray Converse, but these Target shoes may be a better option. I just won’t ask my son what he thinks 🙂

  4. Cute! Running to my Target to check the Layla out. I recently started a job where I can dress very casually but I’m on my feet. How do you think these would do? Maybe with a cushy insert?

  5. Sneakers rock. Not only do they have comfort and variety in their favor, they have history. We all grew up in sneakers. Wearing them as an adult reminds us of that youthful joy.

    I’m a 50-year old man and have two pairs of Vans I wear all the time.

  6. I don’t think this style of shoe ever went out of style, it’s just really ‘in’ right now, and I don’t think there are any age rules when it comes to wearing them. I see senior citizens wearing Keds, Remember Mr. Rodgers? They are comfortable and practical for us ‘older folk’. I love all the colors and patterns they come in now. They are really fun.

  7. I wish I could wear this type of shoe. They are so cute. I find it very difficult to wear anything that has a flat sole.


  8. I ALWAYS struggle with looking cute and comfy (as opposed to my usual comfy and looking like I just rolled out of bed) and shoes are the hardest part!
    Also, just signed up for for you Style Me Challenge!! Hoping that I can find the pieces here in Canada!!

  9. OMG, Keds totally bring me back to Junior High, every single day I had a pair on…oh how I loved my KEDS! Back then Payless used to sell them too 🙂

  10. My Target was out of the gray in my size (made me sad!) so I picked up the white, cuz, white!!;) The floral were cute too. I really want the gray, I’ll be checking back in the next week or two to see if they’ve restocked.

  11. I just ordered two pair of Keds, navy with white polka dots and a red pair! They look so cute with shorts, capris, skinny jeans, maxi dresses, and jean short skirts! They actually go geart with about everything!!!!!

  12. Oooo I like this selection of sneakers, I think I need the leopard ones! Oh and yes Keds bring back lots of memories. Loved the shopping list, getting ready to evaluate what I already have and what I need!

  13. The 9-year-old and I both wore our Converse last weekend – his were black and mine are mint green. 🙂

    While I am a longtime Keds wearer, I have never owned a pair of Vans – I am thinking that I need to change this.

  14. I HEAR you..before moving to suburbia…I would ONLY wear sneakers to workout BUT since becoming a busy mom on the go..I wear my supergas a few times a week! LOVE them. And especially with boyfriend jeans!!

  15. I actually purchased the Yellow version (with White Flowers) last year at Target, on clearance for 5 bucks. I also own some Classic Navy Keds. I don’t think this style of Sneaker was ever not on style, on the contrary. I just created some Polyvore sets the other day and I eyed a pair of sneakers almost identical to yours, from Kohl’s. =) I pinned all your inspiration photos, too.

    P.S. I wish I could participate in your challenge this time around but hopefully I will if you do it in Fall. I am doing my own 30 for 30 challenge right now. Check up on me to see how I do.

    Looking forward to seeing your list of outfits and how your participants do. =)

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