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A Week’s Worth of Casual Spring Outfits

Happy Monday!  Another weekend flew by way too fast.  Craig has been traveling for work a lot lately and I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty stressful.  All of the household duties combined with the evening taxi service for the kids makes for some long, tiring days.  I go, go, go then collapse on the couch at 9:30 every night.

The worst part isn’t doing everything on my own though – I miss him, a lot.  When Craig travels, he sometimes works up to 80 hours in a week in a clean room, usually resolving some urgent issue for a customer.  So we don’t get to talk much.   The other day I was feeling sorry for myself because I wanted to call and talk about some detail of my day with him and couldn’t.  Then I thought about military spouses and how they go through months and sometimes years like that.  It really put things in perspective.  Trust me, I’m not complaining, his job is an incredible blessing and it allows me to work from home and serve my family.  Life’s just a whole lot better when he’s home!

Casual Spring Outfits Monday

The kids had school off.  Yay!  Nothing better than a four day school week.  We went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and did a little shopping.  The weather was nice enough to wear a light military jacket.

022114-military-jacket-stripes-neon [Military Jacket:  Similar/Striped Shirt:  Similar/Jeans:  Forever 21/Neon Flats:  Tieks]

Military Jacket

My military jacket is over a year old but here’s a very similar one.

[Caslon Military Jacket]

Here’s a great budget-friendly option!

[Old Navy Military Jacket]


Another day of stripes, yes they were the theme for the week!  This outfit was really comfortable.  I got to finally wear my snake print flats that I bought last fall right before it got too cold to wear them.

022114-boyfriend-jeans-coral-cardigan-stripes [Boyfriend Cardigan:  Mossimo/Boyfriend Jeans:  Gap (On Sale!)/Striped Top:  Similar/Flats:  Similar]

Snake Print Flats

Just like leopard, snake print is a neutral.  It goes with so many things.

[Snake Print Flats]

[Jessica Simpson Snake Print Flats]


My neighbor and I had a girls’ day out.  We went to see Philomena – great movie, it made me cry.  Judi Dench was awesome, as always.

022114-striped-boatneck-leopard-coral [Striped Top:  Similar/Scarf:  Similar/Jeans:  Wit & Wisdom/Flats:  Merona/Crossbody Bag:  c/o Wink and Winn]

Boatneck Tee

Striped boatneck tees are perfect for spring.  I can’t wait to pair one up with white jeans and a pop of color.

[Boatneck Tee]


My parents came over for dinner.  I threw this on to run a few errands beforehand.  It’s one of those outfits that just kind of came together and it ended up being one of my favorites of the week.


022114-skinny-jeans-leopard-belt-gingham-shirt-oxfords [Shirt:  Similar/Jeans:  Paige/Belt:  Similar/Watch:  Michael Kors/Oxfords: Similar]


I got so many questions/comments on these oxfords.  Mine are from last season so I couldn’t link to the original but here are some great alternatives.

[Bass Suede Oxfords]

Mine have a pink sole, which I love.  This pair does too.

[Honeymoon Oxfords]


I wore something comfy for a day of “blog research” – a.k.a. shopping for the perfect pair of white jeans.  I’m doing a post on Friday with my findings.

022114-stripes-floral-coral [Cardigan:  c/o Wallis (Sold Out – Similar)/Floral Blouse:  c/o Wallis (Sold Out)/Jeans:  Similar/Flats:  Merona]

Coral Flats

These shoes were perfect for shopping.  They slipped on and off easily in the fitting room and my feet didn’t hurt all day long.  They’re still on sale online only for just $15.99!  They are regular price in the store.

[Coral Ballet Flats]

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  1. Those neon flats are so cute. I love all outfits. These are all totally my style. I hate when my husband travels. Even if I do most of the housework and taking care of the kids, it’s just nice to have someone there to talk to and to entertain the kids when mom needs a little break.

  2. GREAT outfits!! 🙂 I just love your style! I can’t tell you how much I love your outfit posts! Hope that your hubby is home this week. 🙂 Also thinking about your son’s college search, as my daughter is a senior, too. Bittersweet year….. 🙂

  3. I loved all your outfit choices. The bass shoes brought memories of high school days!!! My husband travels 90% of the time. We moved for his job so we don’t have family nearby. It makes for long weeks. I have little ones so I am not the bus driver yet. I do most of the house work and taking care of the kids even when he is home. But it is. Ice to have him here for support, back up. And I do miss him so much because we don’t talk much when he is gone. He is packing as I type this.

  4. My husband doesn’t travel but he works extremely long hours since we own our own business. It’s hard even with him at home in the evenings doing work on the computer, he’s there but not there.

    I LOVE your outfit with the gingham shirt and oxford shoes. SO CUTE!

  5. Well I am now on day 36 of my husband being overseas. He should be home by day 40. He travels non-stop for his job. He is always on the other side of the globe. And like you I have a love/hate relationship with this part of our lives. This time was the worst, as his trip was to last 3 weeks and then was extended to double that. He promised me that this would be the last long trip and from now on he would try to make them only 2 weeks long, sadly although he can try to plan it that way it doesn’t always work out. In the end if he has to stay longer to meet with ministers of the government, then he does.

    For me the first 2 weeks are fine. It is almost like a holiday for me. I can do what I want. By week 3 I’m starting to get grumpy. Week 4 you don’t want to be around me.

    So, as you can see, I feel your pain : )

    On a happier note…I love that green plaid shirt and the oxfords.


  6. Such cute outfits. My favorite is the striped shirt with the scarf and leopard purse. . I also love your snake skin shoes. I tried to buy a pair on clearance at The Gap yesterday, but they didn’t have my size.
    I’m so jealous of your warm weather. We are still below zero here in Northern Wisconsin.

  7. It is not as bad as it used to be with M. traveling as he is now in a job where he is not gone as much. And I admit that it is fun when they are testing and it is on the national news and I can say, Hey! My husband is actually working on that! But, he is traveling in March and we have started baseball, so the thought of taking the boy to practices three nights a week and dragging the little girl with us – I am dreading that, not gonna lie. PS- Love the pink coral cardi and the green gingham. 😀

  8. Love all the outfits, but that gingham shirt is my favorite! Can’t wait to see your post on white jeans 🙂
    And Yeh! for cheerleading tryouts! Good Luck to your daughter 🙂

  9. My husband has been away at work for more than a year now and it has been HARD! We were so used to working as a team that when he left it was a struggle for me to handle everything. Luckily I will be joining him soon.
    I see you’ve been having nicer weather since you are wearing all those beautiful ballet flats. Have a nice week.

  10. First off love your week of outfits. I can’t wait to go check out those mossimo boyfriend cardigans this week! I feel your pain about your hubby being gone, and thanks for the shout out to military spouses. When my husband deploys, gets underway or even just has duty it is hard as it would be for anyone. The kids and I miss him terribly but we adapt to the situation and know it isn’t forever. Some tricks I have learned is plan out your day so there aren’t any surprises, get together with friends as often as possible. Also when he can’t talk still talk to him. When my husband can’t answer emails or make phone calls (the longest we have gone is 3 weeks without hearing from him) I make a point to email him pictures and funny stories about the kids so that way if he can at least check his email briefly he knows we are thinking of him. Oh and enjoy all the crappy TV you want! One perk of him being gone is I can watch sappy movies in bed or bad reality TV without him saying “what are you watching???”. Not a big perk but at least it is one. 🙂

  11. When Chris travels I miss him too! But then he always sends me pictures of cool things he gets to be doing and his huge luxurious hotel room, and I am quickly hit with jealousy!

    And I am loving the stripes, stripes, and more stripes!

  12. I love your striped tees! They fit you so well-not too tight and not too loose! And I know what you mean about the woes of your husband traveling. It’s such a bummer, especially with time differences and crazy work schedules. Hope his work schedule calms down soon!

  13. Sorry you are missing your hubby! My husband and I work together, so we have the opposite problem (a little too much togetherness sometimes :)). Loved all of your outfits, and especially the oxfords. Jealous of your nice, sunny weekend – Seattle was a bit wet and dreary!

  14. For 4 months in 2009 Chad was gone during the week and only home on the weekends. I can totally relate to how you feel!! It really makes you appreciate the time you have together. Communication is SO important when you are apart. Make sure you get some one-on-one time when he is home. It is easy to want to spend all the time together as a family, but just the two of you without the kids is very important when you are apart so often. ((Hugs)) to you!

    I am loving stripes these days too! These post always give me such inspirations for new things to do with my wardrobe.

  15. I can relate…Dave has been putting in a ton of hours and traveling lately too. My head is spinning every second with everything that needs to be done in a short 24 hour day…blogging took a back seat last week. I know exactly how you feel. Love all of the outfit inspiration:)

  16. I can relate… My husband travels a lot for work and I work full time as a teacher. It is always stressful and kind of lonely. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I am always stressed before he leaves. My only tip is to make sure you have a full tank of gas so you don’t have to stop while dropping kids off in the mornings. Have lunches and clothes prepped the night before. I always have the kids in bed on time so it is less stressful getting them up in the morning. And, make sure you are stocked on groceries, and have the kids pitch in.

  17. I can so relate to the traveling! My hubby travels for work too. The worst was when our oldest was born (she’s now 3 1/2) because he was traveling a ton and I was stuck at home (by myself with no friends or family close by) with really bad postpartum depression and a baby who had bad acid reflux who seriously never slept. Thankfully, his traveling has slowed way down, even though he does still go pretty often. Now we also have an eight month old so it’s very exhausting when he’s gone…but nothing compares to that first awful (yes, it really was awful haha) year of being a mom! On another note, love your outfits…yet again!! 🙂

  18. Yep, my hubby travels a ton. This is the first week in 8 WEEKS that he’s home (although he’s always home on the weekends.) He’s traveled (on average) 3 weeks out of the month for the past 6 years. It’s exhausting for everyone and I truly feel like we have 2 modes–Daddy gone, and Daddy home. Both have their pros and cons, in different ways. I am blessed to stay home with my kids (4 and 7) but I am kind of “over it” and wanting to find a VERY part time job next year when my littlest is in school 5 days a week. My identity as “me” has gotten lost in the shuffle a bit and I’m anxious to find it again. Your style is so cozy and cute and I enjoy reading your blog. Hang in there with the travel. It’s hard…but so sweet when the family is all together under one roof.

  19. Love all if the looks! I have a thing for stripes & florals too, this weekend I got some Gap striped t’s, one in every color. The dog & child in bed scene looks familiar, my youngest daughters’s name is Ava too:). Hope your hubby can come home soon!! I don’t realize how much mine helps out until he’s away! We had 6 basketball games this weekend between 2 of our kids, so we had to divide & conquer- God bless single parents!

  20. We’re on month 7 of our deployment. 19 years as a military wife and it’s coming to a close, PTL! I survive on lots of coffee, long runs, and unfortunately read too many fashion blogs which costs us money:) But he’s the best about understanding my need for retail therapy. He was giving me a hard time about something a few days ago and I said “The bills are paid on time, the kids are fed and alive, I haven’t had an affair and I haven’t gone into the loony bin. I’d say that’s enough for now.” He laughed and gave me a high five from 8,000 miles away. God Bless him, it’s so much harder on him than me.

  21. Two words for surviving when your hubby travels, take out. 🙂 My hubby was gone all last week too. So I know what you mean! It is exhausting but also hard not to have your buddy to catch up. But, you looked adorable every single day! Love the theme of stripes and excited for your white jeans post.

  22. Love the fourth outfit to bits! Neither my husband nor I get to travel much for our work, but when we do, its ironically a good and bad thing.Good because I feel motivated to do things for him the day he is back, I miss him to bits, bad because I enjoy the moments of solitude I get. I love to just sit and think about random nothings, or write or read. I do not feel guilty however. Usually he has been away for short periods of time, so its been ok. I dread what would happen if it was like months together! Yikes!

  23. Those jeans are SO flattering! I love them on you with that check shirt. Very cute.
    And also, i wish I were your neighbour + we could have mid-afternoon movie/take pictures for each others blogs dates. 😉 Sigh. xo

  24. You look adorable every day!

    My husband has always traveled about 40% of the time. I’m pretty used to it. When we were first married I would cry though because I wanted him to come home. Every broken bone and emergency happened when he was out of town..you learn to be very self sufficient. 🙂

  25. I love all the stripes in these outfits! That guacamole looks scrumptious! My husband sometimes works long/irregular hours but doesn’t actually have to travel for his job which is nice. Good luck to your daughter on her tumbling lessons! I can’t even do a cartwheel! 😛

  26. My husband is a pilot and yes he travels. Out of a month we see him about 10 – 12 days and most of that spend recovering from jet-lag of travelling across many time zone. Now he’s flying the A 380 which is worst as he goes long range and on top of that my domestic helper is away on a 2 months vacation. So I am in the same boat with you, Alison 🙂 running around, scrubbing, cooking, cleaning and try to blog at the same time. I am used to life apart from my husband as he has been in this career since day 1 we met, so it is the norm to me. But absence makes the heart goes fonder, that’s what they say 😉 Hope you feel better soon sweetie

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai, UAE

  27. I LOVED all the looks!! Super cute!! My hubby travels every weekend during football season (because it’s a college football ref) and I plan stuff. My kiddos are just starting to get into sports so I’m sure I’ll be exhausted like you at the end of the day when he’s gone. For now, my kiddos need something from 5-7. Those hours that Dad normally would walk in the door…we need an activity or an outing. We meet up with friends, go to dinner, go to a movie…just whatever we can do to stay busy.

  28. I really like your Fashion Diary posts. They are so real. Many nice casual but put together outfits. I adore the Oxford Shoes, too.

  29. My husband travels a lot for work as well. It does get really tiring! I know it’s tiring for him as well… though I can’t make myself feel too sorry for him when he travels to FL or CA and I’m stuck in the MN tundra. 🙂

    I don’t know that I have any great tips for getting through. I do try to schedule a night with girlfriends when he’s gone – I invite them over to my place after the kiddos have gone to bed. It does help. 🙂

  30. Great everyday outfits. Love. I really like the first two and love the snakeskin print. I was really resistant to ballet flats forever because I had it in my head that they were children’s shoes. I don’t know why I get stuck in these style rules!

  31. Love the neon Tieks and all the stripes! My husband doesn’t travel now but recently finished time in the Marines, and he was gone A LOT. It is so hard, but I find now even a day away is so hard, even though I went months without him before! My mom told me I should see Philomena but we haven’t been to a movie since baby A was born!

  32. Love all the outfits here..I LOVE stripes and the boatneck strip outfit is very pretty! I know it’s hard when your hubby is not around but hang in there it will get better!


  33. Ah bless you all! It must be so hard! We’ve had quite a few weeks/months apart in our time too & its not easy especially when you can’t even talk when you want to! Mondays & Wednesdays outfits are my favs! You look fab in that gingham shirt! <3 Ax

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