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I Feel Pretty – Two Thanksgiving Outfits

What’s Thanksgiving like for you?  Do you get dressed up and host a proper dinner with perfect table settings?  Or is it a football watching, buffet style free for all?

Ours is definitely more the second. I host almost every year at our house for our extended family and it’s a day we all look forward to months in advance.  Prep starts a few days before, I make my pumpkin pies first from my Aunt Bonnie’s recipe (always, always double the spice).

The night before the women in our family have a tradition that I grew up doing with my Grandma Bussard, mom and sisters – we tear up the loaves of Italian bread for our traditional stuffing (no cornbread dressing for us). Aubrey and Ava usually help out with this, as does my mom and my niece Lauren.

While the bread is being torn, I melt about 8 sticks of butter (yes, 8) and cook onions and celery in it until the whole house smells of this wonderful, once-a-year concoction.  We pour it over the roaster pans full of bread chunks (usually 3 roasters full, we LOVE stuffing), toss to coat them and then cover them in foil for the night to let all of the flavors really soak in. Craig always loosens the foil and steals chunks of buttery bread out of them.

The next morning, I get up early and get my turkey prepped and in the oven.  I stuff the cavity with apples, onion and celery, melt some honey butter to baste him and add in plenty of thyme.  My sisters bring the side dishes so my work here is done, at least until it’s time to make gravy.

This gives me enough time for a quick work out and shower before the meal is put on the kitchen island.  We serve buffet style around here, no fancy table settings for the Lumbatis’!  Every one fills up a plate and the guys head upstairs to watch the game in Craig’s man cave, while the women have our “hen party” in the kitchen.

I try to wear something that will be forgiving (um, stretchy jeans!) and comfortable but still feels a little special. Recently I got two tops from Social Threads that are just perfect for the occasion. (p.s. if you sign up for their e-mail list you get 10% off!)

Thanksgiving Outfit #1

Black Ruffled Top + Corduroy Pants + Agate Pendant Necklace + Leopard Flats

This black ruffled top feels a lot like a sweatshirt, which I love but the ruffled details are what make it really special. Pairing it up with my favorite corduroy pants (which I have in almost every color!) seemed like a natural choice.  The corduroy adds a nice texture element to the outfit and this color begs to be paired with leopard.

I’m wearing a size small in this ruffled top. It runs a little small so if you’re between sizes, go up.  These corduroy pants run true to size but have some stretch to them, size down if you’re between sizes. They no longer have them in teal but that pretty green color is similar.

My bow leopard flats are sold out but I can attest to the fact that this pair of leopard flats is really comfy.  I have the same pair in gold and they’re one of my favorites.  When my leopard flats need to be replaced they’re what I’ll go with.



Thanksgiving Outfit #2

Off the Shoulder Sweater + Olive Pants + Pendant Necklace + Taupe Peep Toe Booties

For outfit 2, I paired up this super soft slouchy off the shoulder sweater with olive pants. I have three pairs of olive jeans but this sateen pair is my hands-down favorite.  They’re buttery soft perfection. I can’t wait to get them in this plum color.  This sweater will also be perfect for lounging around in leggings and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. 🙂

The unifying element in both outfits are the agate pendant necklaces.  I’m not much of an accessorizer and like to keep my outfits pretty minimalist.  These necklaces are perfect for me because they make a big impact and pull the outfit together with just a single piece. (P.S. You can get 20% off your total order at Accessory Concierge with promo code REDBOOK20)

I’m wearing a size small in this sweater, it runs true to size (size up for extra slouch!).  These pants have a lot of stretch to them, if in doubt size down.



Yep I know what you thought when you saw “off the shoulder”…the dreaded strapless bra. Off the shoulder is both sexy and sophisticated but I’ve avoided it because of the strapless until I discovered the life changing bandeau bra!  This bandeau bra is soft and comfy and doesn’t dig in like a regular strapless.

If you can’t bring yourself to do any type of strapless, this lace bralette is a pretty alternative.  The straps can show on this and it adds a little delicate detail to the look.

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  • Kellyann

    Love both of these looks, you look absolutely radiant!

  • Both of these look great! I think the second looks more laid back and cozy, but I LOVE black and leopard! The necklace is great at completing both looks!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    I absolutely love the gray sweater! You look beautiful!

  • Savvy Southern Chic

    Amazing necklace. I love the green one with the gray.

  • Alison, I love both outfits! That black ruffle top is just darling! And thank you for the little peak into what your Thanksgiving festivities look like. I got all the warm fuzzies just picturing it. Such wonderful traditions and ways to create lasting memories with your family!


    • Thanks Shelbee. Can’t believe Thanksgiving is here, but looking forward to it. Such a wonderful time of year!

  • Both outfits are so pretty! Those necklaces are what really catch my eye though! Beautiful!

  • Christy Broyles

    I love the black but one thought (from experience) is that those ruffle sleeves are no fun when cooking and washing dishes. So if you will be still working in the kitchen for the big day once you are dressed if may not be as practical as the gray.

  • Becky Zimmerman

    Both are cute, but they are not complimentary to my shape. You have a petite figure which is sought after by many. The strapless ideas are great. I am afraid my to would not have enough support. Not complaining! I am petite 5 2″ but cannot wear petite clothes. Altering is an expensive nightmare.

  • I don’t think either outfit would work for me for thanksgiving, although they are both lovely and I like them both. The sleeves in the first outfit would get in the way of cooking and clean up, and even eating. And I could just see myself tugging the off-the-shoulder top up constantly, and probably getting food on it with my messy hands. 🙂 That’s just reality for me!

  • Great outfits! The second is my favorite.

  • I love both of these outfits..especially that bell sleeve sweater! You look so fabulous in both!


  • You look sensational Allison! i love both looks. The ruffled top looks much better on you than the website, i love the sleeves. The second look is a beautiful color scheme on you, I may have to check out those pants!
    Your traditions sound lovely !
    Have a great day!
    jess xx

  • Katrina Rose

    What gorgeous looks! My fav is the off-shoulder sweater. It looks so comfy and so classy!

  • Lisa Richardson

    Well one thing is for sure, you can’t wrong with either outfit. I didn’t realize the blue pants were cords until I was reading. Those are really pretty. Love both looks!

  • Love both of these outfits. That slouchy sweater, so dang cute. Off to go check it out 🙂 Oh and I need to replace my leopard flats from when I initially bought them from your very first style challenge! It’s about time!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Ooh cute outfits. Personally, I’d be all about the first one. That black top is adorable and comfy looking (I need comfy!) and I really want to get some corduroy pants.


  • You look amazing in both! I love the necklaces as a colorful pop! I don’t have a favorite, but like different aspects of each look!

  • Your Thanksgiving sounds so lovely and I love both of your outfit ideas – especially that waffle-knit grey sweater!

    xo Jules

  • Nailil Ivaldi

    I love the details on these sweaters, especially the ruffle details and the off shoulder.

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for coming to the Top of the World Style linkup party. You look really pretty in both outfit. The green necklace is so stunning!

  • Both outfits are fabulous! I love the agate pendants and zip up booties!

    Emma xxx

  • such great outfits!!! PErfect for thanksgiving!