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Five Essential Scarves for Fall


If you’ve been following GYPO for long, then you surely know that I’m a little bit obsessed with scarves.  Which is kind of unfortunate considering that I live in a state where we don’t get enough cool weather to wear them as often as I’d like.  But you can bet if it’s spring, fall or winter and under 70 degrees, my outfit is likely to include one.

This fall, I’ll be wearing a lot of my old stand by’s plus adding in a few more, just for good measure.  Here are five scarf trends for fall 2014 that you can bet are here to stay.

1.  Leopard

Shift Dress Green Leopard Close

2.  Polka Dots

Black and Beige Outfit Close

 3.  Tribal Prints

Tribal Scarf Cobalt Sweater Close


Striped Top Scarf Close

4.  Fall Florals

J Jill Close

5.  Plaid


Bonus:  Fur striped-sweater-skinny-jeans-fur-scarf

Shopping Options

1.  Leopard

Leopard Scarf

Leopard Scarf 2.  Polka Dots

Polka Dot

Polka Dot Scarf

3.  Tribal Prints

Tribal Print

Tribal Print


Tribal Scarf 4.  Fall Floral

Floral Scarf

Floral Scarf

5.  Plaid

Plaid Scarf

Plaid Scarf

Plaid Scarf

Bonus:  Fur



It’s Your Turn:  Which one of these scarf trends is your favorite?  How will you be wearing it this fall?

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  1. I love them all, but great minds think alike because I just ordered a polka dot combined with floral from Chatlotte Russe…along with two more plaid scarves for the challenge! 😉 I think leopard is my all-time favorite, though, since it goes with any outfit.

  2. I love the scarfs on others but not myself..just can’t handle anything around my neck. Am I weird?,. Love your site and for the first time in my 58years I am following the fall trends. Lovin them all..just not sure how to handle the scarfs.

    1. Hi Martha! You’re not weird at all. We have quite a few women that do the style challenges who feel the same way. Some of them find alternate ways of wearing them so that they’re not around their necks. So happy you’re enjoying fall trends!

  3. I agree and would add STRIPES to your list. I love scarves and am anxious for temps to cool down in Mississippi so that I can actually wear them. You look lovely in every picture 🙂

  4. I need to add an aztec and a fall floral scarf to my wardrobe! Thanks! I am a bit of a scarf addict too. I just feel warmer when I wear one and they add such fun to an outfit! Susan

  5. Love the fall floral scarves, hadn’t thought of them outside of spring but in the right color they are perfect. Also, scarves a pregnant lady’s best friend. No size and they always fit. I’m loving mine right now!

  6. You inspire me. I have never worn scarves before…definitely challenged here. The past almost 30 years I went from career woman to stay at home mom to soccer/dance mom to gardener. Time for this seasoned lady to learn! I do have a question. My parents took a trip around the world many years ago and brought me a hand painted scarf from somewhere in Asia. I’ve never worn it and have no idea how I could. It’s almost square…30 inches by 31 inches. Don’t know how to post a picture here so I will post on the fall challenge page. Help if you can.

  7. Hey Alison, love this post!!! Just wondering about the Aztec scarf that you are wearing in the first picture where you are wearing your adorable glasses. The scarf is awesome! Is it currently available?

  8. Under 70? I’m all about scarves under 80…haha. Else I would never get to wear them! I love the leopard scarf, and I need to find a plaid one that isn’t one of those big blanket type ones. I’ve bought two plaid scarves and both of them are more suited for weather where it snows…but they were too cute to pass up.

  9. Leopard is my fav, but the plaid you have pictured is absolutely to lust for! ha! I have my eye on one particular one from Talbot’s that has a mustardy-gold floral called the Flowery Bouquet Scarf, but I can’t part with $69… 🙁 but it’s to die for…still looking for a lightweight (pretty, not run of the mill) plaid that is nice for FL. I am making a scarf to blend with my Fall Challenge choices, but it’s a bit warm because its flannel. But pulls everything together! Having fun with the Challenge, Alison…thanks so much!

    1. I have a hard time with scarves over $50, I have to fix the search before I can start looking so I don’t fall in love with a scarf that’s out of the budget! But once in awhile, I just can’t help it!! Can’t wait to see the pictures of you with your scarf on the group!

  10. What gorgeous scarves and love the way you tie them as well. I am a huge fan of scarves. They add instant interest to the outfits and so cozy too 🙂 I have the grey black Michael Stars scarf that you showed in picture 3 (Tribal prints) Isn’t it so great with so many colors/outfits? Great post as always! XOXO, Elif

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