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How I Overcame Closet Shame

In lieu of this month’s regularly scheduled Q&A Wednesday, I decided to answer the most often asked question I’ve gotten.

Can we please see your closet?

To be totally honest, I’ve been avoiding this question for months.  Why?  Because I had MAJOR closet shame.

Seriously, it was my most hated room in the house.  My closet was stacked up to the ceiling with things that didn’t belong in there.  Even though I switched out my clothing on a quarterly basis and kept it mostly organized, everything else was just a hot mess.

I had no organization to my jewelry, we had towels and linens stacked on the shelves and my embroidery machine and supplies occupied at least half of it.

Until one Saturday morning last month when my sweet husband decided enough was enough.  He got up early and took everything out so we could both start with a clean slate.  I only wish he had told me his plans so I could’ve gotten some before pictures.  You can’t fully appreciate what a transformation has taken place without them, so you’ll have to trust me on this.

And while I don’t have one of those closets you’ve seen from other fashion bloggers (not even close!), mine is SO much better now.  Everything has a place and that feels really good.  Plus we added a few decorative touches that make me smile every single time I go in there.

Without further ado, here is the reveal of my newly organized closet!

Let’s start with the jewelry shelf first.  Craig put up some pretty new wallpaper in this area and we bought a few display pieces for organizing my necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  My favorite piece is the pretty cork board where I now hang some of my favorite necklaces.





We found these acrylic necklace and bracelet holders and organizers at Homegoods.


The cork pin board is also a Homegoods find.





This acrylic organizer is for nail polish bottles, but it worked out just perfectly for my earrings.


My shoes occupy a three tiered shoe rack beneath the jewelry shelf.


I like to fold heavy sweaters instead of hanging them.  This organizer is perfect for storing them.


My shirts are hung according to sleeve length and style.  I’m now working on replacing all of these ugly white plastic hangers with some velvet covered ones.


Jeans are organized according to wash color.  Pants and skirts are in the back.


I bought a multi-tiered pants hanger for my scarves.  It allows me to fold them over each rung and easily see all of them.


Boots are on the shelf above my clothes and are organized by height.


Purses occupy the highest shelf since I don’t need to access them as often.


That’s it!  Again, it’s not as fancy or glamorous as most closet tours I’ve seen but it works for me and my life and that’s all that really matters.

It’s Your Turn:  Share your closet organizing tips with us in the comments!


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  1. I love the closet tour! I need to put my boots up high. That’s a great idea. Mine are all on the floor except for 3 that fit on one shelf of my shoe shelves. And I use all those jewelry organizers, but they are on my dresser. I don’t have room in my closet for those. I wish I did, though. It would be nice to get them out of the way. Have a lovely holiday!!!

  2. I actually think your closet looks awesome! You should see mine. It’s complete chaos! lol! I like to pretend that it makes sense but it just doesn’t. lol! I really need to do what you did, and pull everything out and start over

  3. So jealous of your closet…totally love it!! All the jewels, shoes and clothes…I’m just gonna come over and take a looksie!! 🙂 It’s funny your wear Tease…It’s on my Christmas list!! Love that scent. Have a great day…hope you are getting stronger everyday in your recovery!!

  4. The wallpaper looks awesome and makes it such a happy little place!!! The back of my closet is set up almost exactly like yours (I took the bottom rod out too), but I put a small chest back there. And I have all my scarves hanging from the top rod that is still there! I think I’m going to show it in January for Closet Confessions….if I can get it cleaned up by then! 🙂

  5. Oh I love seeing people’s closets for great ideas! Love your jewelry shelf. I need to get mine more organized. When we moved, I purposely asked for one more room than we needed and I made the smallest bedroom my closet room. Obviously not an easy solution for most but it is so nice to have my own space!

  6. My closet is a hot mess at the moment as well. I’ve been meaning to organize it but I never seem to be able to get to it. Love the way you organized yours. Thanks for the tips! Love the nail polish holder for earrings idea and the cork board idea. I’ve seen that before, but I love the frame you used for it. It made it functional and decorative at the same time. Have a great rest of the week! ~Cynthia

  7. Oh Alison! I love it all! How sweet of your husband to make that pretty space for you. I would love walking in there every day!!
    Loved this whole post. I just started (late in life) loving necklaces and watches and needed ideas on how to store them. Thanks so much and have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Oh, girl! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! PLEASE tell me you’re selling your closet cleanout items on Poshmark! I’ve been shopping other people’s closets for 2 months and have made almost 40 purchases, LOL. (some New With Tags NWT)! I would LOVE to shop in YOUR virtual closet!

  9. Thanks for posting your gorgeous closet you have inspired me to go reorganize mine! Your closet shame probably doesn’t even come close to mine! 🙂

  10. Your closet is simply adorable! I know some think I am crazy but this past year I gave my husband the walk-in closet and took over the small closet in our room. In all fairness this needed to happened as he has all of his military gear to store as well. Currently the upper shelves need some serious reorganization as it I just don’t know what is in there any longer. For my little closet I painted the wall a pretty aqua and we installed the closest organizer that had been in our son’s room. I love the idea of the cork board to hang necklaces. I do believe we will stop in to Home Goods this Friday to see about getting something similar. Have a lovely week and thank you for sharing your closet with us.

  11. I am so glad you shared your closet, Alison! It looks very pretty and I love all the cute organizers. I am in the process of creating a closet/dressing room and have become stalled. Seeing this has inspired me to get back at it again!

  12. Thanks for sharing your pretty closet tour with us-so pretty! I loved seeing and hearing about your methods of how and why you organized the way you did for each category of items. I’ll have to incorporate your ideas into my closet! If anyone out there needs a recommendation for closet systems we love Ikea Pax at our house. I used the stand alone units in our master walk-in closet, our basement storage room and to add a second closet in my daughters shared bedroom. They are reasonably priced at Ikea although sometimes you can buy them off of Craigslist for a discount typically if you live near a city with an Ikea store.

  13. After reading this, I threw my kids in the car and headed over to Target for some closet organization! I am pretty sure that my closet won’t be as beautiful as yours, but I can definitely do something to improve it’s situation.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. My closet is very similar to yours. I’m surprised! The turning point for me was when I removed everything that wasn’t part of my wardrobe from the closet. I also invested in a slew of slim foam covered hangers, which made everything more visible and prevented shirts from falling off the hangers when I reached in. It certainly helps to see what I have when I look in – clothes, shoes, and accessories. My favorite closet feature if a simple hook I hung over the front of my closet door to hang my outfit for the next day.

  15. Your closet makeover is very pretty! Love what you did with your jewelry, and I really like the scarf storage idea. Thanks for giving us a peek!

  16. I just recently re-organized and REALLY cleaned out my closet, put up shelves for shoes and re-arranged. It REALLY makes a big difference. I love to get dressed and can do it a lot faster, pulling something together that I know will look cute. I am now on the hunt for a furry white rug for the floor

  17. You hang your jeans . . . that is a light bulb for me! I also hang my shirts by sleeve length and thought I was weird until now, so thank you! Also, your feet must be tiny since your shoes fit so nicely on the shelves. Do you also rotate your jewelry or do you keep all of it accessible all year long?

  18. I absolutely love the wallpaper (what a fun touch!) and jewelry area … so pretty! My closet is well organized but really tiny, so I tend to lose track of/not be able to reach things. Looking forward to a bigger space one day:)

  19. Absolutely beautiful! That wallpaper really makes it special. And those acrylic pieces make your jewelry pop. It is easy to get closet envy when you look at Pinterest and celebrity homes, but I would love to spend time in yours, so pretty! I recently took over a hall closet and converted it into an accessory closet using vintage, thrift store, & discount store items. It may not be super spectacular but it sure makes me smile just as I am sure yours does.


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