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I Feel Pretty | On Mother’s Day

Do you know the #1 thing that moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day?  According to this article, it’s pretty simple.  We just want a day off!

Can I get an amen?

I couldn’t agree more.  Don’t bother with gifts, I just want an entire day to relax with my whole family without any household chores weighing me down.

Oh and I also want to spend time together as a family.  As the kids get older and we are all pulled in different directions, we don’t get nearly enough family time.  So, listen up family, here’s how I want my Mother’s Day to go down.  🙂

My Perfect Mother’s Day

  • Sleep in until 8:00 a.m.
  • Have coffee on the patio with my hubby.
  • Get dressed in a cute, comfy outfit.
  • Go to church.
  • Have a nice brunch on the patio of my favorite Mexican restaurant with ALL THREE kids present
  • Take the dog for a walk or go on a family bike ride.
  • Grill out that evening and have dinner on the patio (clearly I like patios!)
  • Relax the rest of the evening and NOT worry about laundry, lunches or backpacks for the week ahead!

Ahh, perfection!

I want my outfit for Mother’s Day to be as easy as the day I have planned so it will be this combo of a comfortable maxi dress, denim jacket and sandals.  This is one of my favorite easy outfit formulas.  The mint and navy Aztec print maxi from Cavender’s is perfect for topping with a denim jacket and pairing with metallic sandals.



maxi-dress-sandals [Jacket:  Same/Dress:  c/o Cavender’s/Sandals:  Same]


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  1. The perfect Mother’s Day would include plenty of sunshine and 80 degree weather. Here in the Midwest we are getting neither of those! Then I’d go with my 2 daughters and hubby to a nearby state park for some hiking, biking and relaxation. Ahhh….

  2. The perfect Mother’s Day would be sunshine and everyone working in the garden to get ready for summer fun!

  3. I would love to have a Mother’s Day where I don’t even have to think about cooking or cleaning!

  4. Love maxis and jean jackets! I just ran a 10 mile race last Sunday that I have been training for forever… Sundays were my long run training day. I am just looking forward to not having to run! And of course relaxing with the family as maybe eating breakfast out at our fave place. Happy Mother’s Day!


  5. Girl. I’m right there witcha. All I want is a day off. I will probably get it. My hubby’s good like that. Sounds like yours is too. Here’s hoping we both get a glorious Mother’s Day! 🙂 And that maxi dress… dying! Crossing my fingers, hoping to win. 🙂

  6. Sounds like the perfect Mothers Day! I may copy your list and give it to my husband and daughter. Now only if it would be warm enough to sit on our patio…

    Enjoy your Mother’s Day!


  7. My perfect Mother’s Day? No cooking, no cleaning, hanging out with my family, and maybe a little nap.

  8. Breakfast out with my family and then reading the rest of the day! Not happening, but it is fun to think about 🙂

  9. Perfect Mother’s day= one more conversation with my mom who is in heaven and oh how I miss her and wish my kids could have known her!

  10. My day would be pretty much like yours, except my kids won’t eat Mexican:) Oh well, I think we can remedy that;) A day spent with my family and no household chores would be lovely. Happy Mother’s Day, Alison!

  11. Ahhhh……Church, lunch at our fave Italian restaurant and a good book!!! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  12. I would love to sleep until 8:30? Go to church, bagels with my family, long walk if it is nice or else a family movie day. Grill for supper… With hubby and kids in charge 🙂

  13. I couldn’t agree more-a relaxing day off with more family time is the perfect gift!! Your outfit choice goes so well for a day like that and a classic jean jacket with a maxi is always a winning combo! You look so lovely in yours. Thanks for hosting this link party its my first time joining!
    Marta xo

  14. That’s so funny I said some of the exact samethings that you mentioned that would make my Mothers Day great. I think all us mothers pretty much think alike.

  15. I love spending time with my children and grandchildren all year long. I feel Mothers Day is a day for my daughter and daughter-in-law to have their special day. That gives me time to sit and reflect on the past year with my loved ones and look forward to the years ahead. I would like to wish mothers everywhere a very special day.

  16. What a pretty dress! Nice blog,I’m linking up today and following you on blog loving.

  17. I am with you on the perfect Mother’s day – just a day of relaxing with the family, no cooking, cleaning, laundry or worry about college planning! 🙂

  18. Your ideal Mother’s Day sounds perfect! I’d love a meal not cooked or cleaned up by me! 🙂 Great maxi dress and I love those sandals!

  19. Mexican for sure!!! My perfect Mother’s Day might also include an outdoor morning run, depending on how I feel and the weather. And a luscious terribly indulgent dessert.

  20. Alison, I so agree about having the day OFF on Mother’s Day. The way you described your day sounded perfect. My perfect Mother’s day would e to wake up around 9.30-10.00 AM, drink my morning coffee with cookies with my husband and Vivian outside by the cafe in our building, then go for a walk with them by the lake and maybe even do a picnic.

    Your maxi dress and sandals are STUNNING. And you can never go wrong pairing a Maxi with a Denim Jacket. I so want to win this amazing giveaway. It will make both a great Belated Birthday Gift and Mother’s Day Gift. =)

    My pleasure linking up as always. I got Florals on the mind, today.

  21. My perfect Mother’s Day would be pretty much like yours with sunshine and a trip to the nursery added in there. I just love plants and working in the garden.

    Your dress and denim jacket are perfect!

  22. My perfect Mother’s Day would include sleeping in, a nap and a relaxing day in the yard, walk and bike ride with my kids and husband. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  23. I just would love to see all my children this mother’s day. 🙁 This will be the first year I will not. The day you described sounds lovely!!

  24. Sounds like a great plan centered on God & family! Take a break…… deserve it!

  25. My perfect Mother’s Day would be lunch with my hubby, daughter and my mom and dad. And that is exactly what is gonna happen! 🙂 God bless!

  26. Since the hubby will be away on business…I’d really just love the kids (4, 6 mos. – 8 years) to behave for the day and for us to be able to eat a pancake breakfast out (daddy makes pancakes Sunday) take some walks by the beach and have a fun pizza bbq in the evening…all which will likely be more work for me, but with cooperation could be fun. Of course when the husband returns, I want a do over spa day alone!

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  28. My perfect Mother’s Day would include my entire family being healthy, and my husband being off from work. Good food and a new pretty wouldn’t hurt either.

  29. My ideal Mother’s Day sounds a lot like yours, but I would like to also be able to sneak away for an hour to take a yoga class at my favorite studio, while my hubby is getting the girls dressed and ready!

  30. Coffee in bed, breakfast on the patio, maybe an afternoon out at the lake (if the weather’s nice) and a nice early dinner with my hubby, my adult daughter, and my sweet MIL.

    I love that maxi dress!

  31. For me, the perfect Mother’s Day would mean sleeping in and just not being rushed to do anything! My family is go-go-go all the time, and I would LOVE to have a day where we could just relax and have no plans!!

  32. The perfect day would be breakfast made by my girls & hubby. And just spending the day with them, maybe a hike at our local waterfalls

  33. What I want most for this mother’s day is to not have to make dinner or to clean up, no dishes, sweeping the floor, nothing!!!! Wishing you a fabulous mother’s day Alison.


  34. I would love a wake up after 7 am, followed by a day with the family with no cooking or cleaning. By the way, I love your maxi and jacket! I love your blog.

  35. My perfect day would be to have my husband and son home with me and my daughter. If that happened it wouldn’t matter what we did, it would just be bliss to be a family.

  36. Can I just say “ditto” to your Mother’s Day dream itinerary? I love being on my patio or a patio anywhere for that matter. And all the rest of your ideal day sounds perfect to me. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day are kind of awkward holidays at my house because we are empty-nesters and I am not the mother of my husband’s children nor is he the father of my children. I would like to think of something we can make a tradition that just recognizes that my husband and I are both loving parents.

  37. My ideal Mothers Day would be to sleep in till 8 AM, get up shower while the coffee is brewing, dress in something that makes me feel pretty, have coffee while lounging in my chair on the deck, reading the paper. Have a day free of kids arguing with each other and doing not much of anything!!!! now that would be the perfect day.

  38. My perfect Mother’s Day would be a relaxing day with no “to do” lists! And if the kids could get along for the whole day, well that would just be a bonus!

  39. My perfect mothers day would be spent with my husband and girls. Only one of them will be able to make it home this weekend though :(. I’m sure it will still be a great and relaxing day!

  40. Your Mother’s Day sounds amazing! Mine would be similar, but with a hair and nails appointment (maybe even a massage) thrown in!

  41. Love these pictures of you and the outfit. At what time do you take your pictures? It always has a great glow to it.

    Giveaway: Enter to win an Izak tote bag at


  42. A day off would be amazing! Would love a break for the day, what you described sounds ideal.

  43. Your day sounds perfect! I would opt for Brunch out with my family, a long walk with just my hubby and a nap! Happy Mother’s Day to you. 🙂

  44. First, it’ll be my 1st mother’s day since losing my mom in August, so I’ll go to the cemetary and reflect on how blessed I am that I was raised by such a wonderful lady who LOVED being a mom and taught me so much about unconditional love. 2nd, it’s my 1st mother’s day where both my own sons are gone. 1 in Joplin, MO & my other lives in TX now, so I’ll be alone. I will go to church and I will speak with them on the phone I’m sure, hopefully skype if I can figure how to use it! I just will spend a quiet day doing whatever I feel like. I’ll go browsing at my favorite stores and then to Barnes & Nobles cafe to flip through magazines and books and maybe get a mani/pedi! I’ll call my friends who don’t have their moms around anymore and friends who don’t have children yet. It’s a celebration of motherhood. That’s how I’m looking at it. I’m celebrating all the moms I know by thinking of them and praying for them. I just hope it’s a beautiful day!

  45. My ideal Mother’s Day would include beautiful sunny weather and lots of time outside in it!

  46. Your day sounds lovely. I would love a day by the pool.. alas we don’t have a pool. I will settle for a no laundry day!

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  48. Great outfit, love maxi dresses and my new found love of jean jackets thanks to you! My perfect Mother’s Day is just spending some quality time with my family and my parents and siblings. Wish my brother lived closer!

  49. Sleep in, church, sushi lunch, nap (hubs puts little one down for nap and tidies house while I rest), work out and maybe pick up a new candle while I’m out, come home to find son and hubs prepping dinner and the smell of the grill. Could you forward this to him? Thanks!:)

  50. My one thing to include in a perfect mother’s day would be for someone else to take care of the “mom, mom, mom, mom”s every five minutes with the million little things or fights my little ones get into!

  51. to simply R E L A X – to sit by our pool with good food and drink and no stressing over upcoming week’s events and lists of to-do’s

  52. I am looking forward to a relaxing day, with breakfast in bed, church and time with family(mom and sister included)

  53. My perfect Mother’s Day would include a call from my son who is currently deployed in the USMC.

  54. My special day would include my children getting along. This would make my heart smile 🙂

  55. time to relax and maybe a pedicure! Ok, and a Michael Kors watch wouldn’t hurt! 😉

  56. The one thing my perfect Mothers Day would include would be a pedicure! I cannot do without pretty toes during the hot summer months 😀

  57. For mothers day I love personal notes from my kids and…. all that you mentioned above!

  58. One more Mothers Day with my dear sweet Mama who passed away 6 months ago. I would make it fabulous for her!

  59. Mimosas sound like the perfect Mothers Day treat to me! And a shopping trip to Cavender’s : )

  60. A perfect Mother’s Day would be able to spend the day with daugher – lunch, shopping, coffee or just spending time at home talking and catching up.

  61. That sounds like the perfect Mother’s Day to me! And, that is the perfect Mother’s Day outfit! Alas, I will be working all day and won’t be able to wear it. I’m taking my mom to lunch on Monday. I think I’ll wear it then. 🙂

  62. My Perfect Mother’s Day would include being ON TIME for church with my family, lunch out at a girlie restaurant (event though I’m the only girl), a Sunday afternoon nap, NOT cooking dinner, and playing games and laughing with my sons and husband. Oh, and I sure would LOVE if my newly married daughter who now lives a two day drive away could wiggle her nose and be here too! Sure am missing her and trying to adjust to my “new normal” family.

  63. My perfect day would be lunch prepared by my family and cleaned up by them as well , so I don’t have to deal with a crowded restaurant

  64. My perfect Mother’s day sounds a lot like yours….sleep in, enjoy tea on the porch with hubby, go to church, enjoy lunch with family during which I can drink a Sangria, relax all afternoon, then eat a lovely meal prepared by hubby, and finally not have to bath children or pack lunches for the next day 🙂

  65. Being the mom of 3 littles, the youngest is 9 months old, I want 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

  66. I’d love for my kiddos and hubby to bring me powdered donuts and coffee in bed. Then have a lovely day doing nothing.

  67. My perfect Mother’s Day would be getting some pretty spring flowers and spending the day with family!

  68. A perfect Mother’s Day this year would be to get a new job after being unemployed for one year! Other than that..hanging out with my little man will make my day complete:)

  69. Every single day since May 1981 has been Mother’s Day for me. That was the day my oldest son was born and equally special is October 1984 when son #2 was born. From that day on, through ear infections, sleep over’s, the teen years and now with my sons grown and enjoying successful lives, I have always felt like the most special mom in the world. There is nothing more I could ever want. This and every day is the best Mother’s Day or ever.

  70. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! I’m hoping to do the same – relaxing with my family – nothing better

  71. I love your plan, Alison! I would want my husband to cook all day for me. In an ideal world, I would then watch football in my favorite chair all afternoon while my older kids wash my car!! LOL!

  72. I just want to spend the day with my kids with no fighting just hanging out and being “us” together. Brunch with no waiting then maybe just walk around the Strip District and some good dessert and coffee. Things are just things, time is precious!

  73. For Mother’s Day…..Hugs from my two children! They have the best hugs ever!

  74. My perfect mother’s day would be just spending quality time with my family and enjoying a nice meal together.

  75. My perfect Mother’s Day would include a meal with my family without arguing! Haha! With three teenagers there are always disagreements going on. Mother’s Day would be the perfect time-out and a great day for everyone to get along!

  76. Sleeping in and watching cartoons with all my boys and then spending a lovely day outside on the lake.. #perfectmothersday

  77. My perfect Mother’s Day would be to go on a hike with my hubs and kiddos. We really enjoy the outdoors. Maybe a little geocaching.

  78. what would mothers day be without spending the day with my mother doing all the things she wants

  79. I would love to go horse back riding with my husband. He’s not a horse person so it would mean the world to me if we went together and shared that time with me. Then in the evening to have dinner with the family (one that I don’t have to cook or clean up afterwards). 🙂

  80. My perfect Mother’s Day is starting out on a Saturday night with a good ole red dirt concert and Sunday spent with my boys just adventuring and exploring new things, would mind a little horseback riding thrown into the mix. End the day grilling some delicious steaks would be the best! My boys being good all day but I know that’s too much to ask for lol

  81. My perfect Mother’s Day would be a day with my wonderful husband and all three of my babies. Between my husband and I working different shifts and kids being in school….we just need a day together, time to enjoy each other without the hussel and bussel of life!!

  82. I would LOVE this for my adorable, beautiful wife! For me a great Mother’s Day is seeing my mother, mother-in-law and making sure my wife gets waited on hand and foot. She is my Rock and deserves a great relaxing day, on Mother’s Day and anytime she needs it! She is my soul mate!

  83. One thing that would just make my Mother’s day is a new wardrobe of course! I just have a baby and now a lot of my clothes are to big on me and I hate it. I don’t wanna wear stretchy pants anymore!!

  84. My perfect day would include sleeping in, no household chores, a generous helping of chai tea and wearing a really cute outfit knowing that the day is all about me and my comfort! Ha!

  85. One thing to make my Mother’s Day perfect… new boots for doing cattle chores from Cavenders!

  86. My perfect mothers day would include waking up with coffee and breakfast and followed by a day to myself!

  87. My perfect Mother’s Day would be spending the day with sweet babies and also with my mom, (I haven’t seen my mom since 2008). A Mexican restaurant would be a must followed by hanging out at the lake.

  88. Gorgeous maxi, love the print and the color! I’m not a momma yet, but I hope my mom has the perfect day (and I hope she likes what I’m giving her!) 🙂

  89. The one thing I would love this Mother’s Day is to ride horses with my family.

  90. A day off sounds great. My kids are at the age where I have to do everything for them. I was trying to hold a fussy baby yesterday and do some computer stuff. That didn’t work out too well! Hope you have a great relaxing Sunday!


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  91. My perfect Mother’s Day would be a day with my girls and grandson as am living alone and a day to feel good about myself. Thank you so much for the chance, beautiful clothes!! 🙂

  92. My perfect day would be to spend it with my grown daughter that seems to be too busy to see her Mom very much! 🙁

  93. A trip to the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers for my Mom. God rest her soul.

  94. Spending Time with my mom and my family! Just hanging out an relaxing! Would Love this!

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