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I Feel Pretty | Young at Heart

I really appreciated all of your comments about age appropriate fashion on last week’s mother/daughter style post. Apparently there are a lot of us that struggle with finding the right balance between looking trendy and feeling comfortable walking out the door wearing a trend.  Especially those of us with teens who don’t want to embarrass ourselves or them!

Thanks to Sheaffer’s awesome idea (and many of you agreed, because let’s face it, she’s brilliant!), I’ve decided to make this a regular monthly feature.  Once a month, my 15 year-old daughter Aubrey and I will be showing you two age-appropriate ways that we’re styling the same piece of clothing.  One way for a teen and one way for a mom that’s, well, let’s just say young at heart.  🙂

Since it’s February, the month of love, we decided to style this graphic sweater.

[Sweater:  c/o Persunmall]


When I first saw this piece, I honestly didn’t think I could pull it off and am still not 100% sure if I did. It was fun to create an outfit around it, it’s just not something I would probably reach for to wear in my everyday life.

We both picked leopard prints to pair it with, which I found interesting.  Like mother, like daughter!

Love Sweater Collage Full On Aubrey:

Aubrey went with a cozy, casual look with leopard print leggings, a long layering tank and her Ugg’s.  This outfit is SO her!

Aubrey Love Sweater Full [Sweater:  c/o Persunmall/Leggings:  c/o Persunmall/Boots:  UGG/Tank:  Forever 21/Bracelet:  c/o Ettika]

On Alison:

The sweater is a little on the short side so I started off with a long layering tank too.  The blush jeans worked really well with the rest of the neutrals and kind of give it more of a Valentine’s Day feel.  I felt like it needed something more so the leopard scarf was added as a finishing touch.

Love Sweater Alison Full [Sweater:  c/o Persunmall/Jeans:  Loft (on clearance!)/Scarf:  Similar/Tank:  Mossimo/Boots:  Similar/Bracelet:  c/o Ettika]

Love Sweater Collage Half

Aubrey Love Sweater Half

Alison Love Sweater Half Yes, I’m still crazy about my blush jeans I bought last fall.  I’ve worn them all winter and will continue to through the spring.  If you are still considering a pair, they’re 60% off on final sale.

[Moto Ankle Zip Jean]

I love them paired up with my taupe suede boots.  This pair is very similar to mine and on sale for 30% off.  The taupe/gray color goes with everything.

[Seychelles Taupe Suede Boot]

Since we’re styling other members of the family on the blog now, here’s a little kitty couture.

Kitty in a Sweater Yes, she hated every second of this!  🙂


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  1. I love this new feature because at 28 I realized that while I’m young I am close to my 30s than to my teenage years and no matter how young I look I need to dress in a more mature way. I died at this pic of your kitty, so funny.

  2. I’m so glad you wore that sweater because when I saw it on your daughter last week, I thought to myself that it was totally something I’d wear! =) You styled it beautifully!

  3. It is a kitty cat in a sweater – I can’t take the cuteness.

    You totally pulled off the Love sweater, but I knew you could. And Aubrey is absolutely adorable in her outfit, I look forward to shopping and sharing a closet with Alexa. Let’s be honest, she has better clothes than me now – at six!

  4. I’m so glad to hear your are making this a regular series because I think it’s such a fun, unique idea! (Who else is doing a mother-daughter series? Yeah, no one!) So cute that you both chose to add some leopard to your looks, and no offense to either you or your daughter but your cat kind of steals the show on this one. 🙂 Too cute. -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  5. Love this. I’m a young 55. My daughter is 30. I’m just not ready to dress in polyester so I try to keep my look younger. But……..I sometimes worry I might be pushing the envelope. Thanks for doing this!

  6. I love how both of you paired the sweater with leopard! I can definitely relate to feeling a little intimidated and not wanting to look like a teenager. Kayla and I have very similar tastes in fashion, but some of her stuff is still a little too youthful for my taste. The upside is having double the choices by sharing some of the clothes!

  7. Your cat is the CUTEST!!!

    That sweater is lovely. I think the tone on tone with just a hint of sheen makes it very wearable.


  8. Great concept to style it with your teen. I recently posted about dressing age appropriate as well and am glad to see someone else feeling the same. It is a struggle to stay fashionable and trendy without looking fresh out of college.

  9. I don’t have kids, but I love this series! Age appropriateness is really important and definitely something to think about! I work at a University and I try really hard not to look like a student so usually that means I dress a little older than my age. I guess it all depends on situation. Love the way you BOTH styled it and I think it’s awesome that you both chose leopard!

  10. YAY! So happy it’s going to be a regular feature! It’s SO FUN to me to see how you girls are styling things with your own little flare! LOVE IT!

  11. I love the blush jeans. I’ve seen you style it a few times and every time, I feel the need to go out and get some. It’s definitely a great piece, especially with Spring coming up!

  12. Both you and your daughter look fabulous! I love how each of you styled this piece to fit your own personal “look”. I am looking forward to seeing more of these kind of posts. 🙂

    xo Always, Abby

  13. I love these posts! My girls are all moved out so I have no one to run my outfits by anymore, although if I am really questioning I can always send them a picture. 🙂 These posts will give me inspiration to try out some trends in a more “adult” way. I really enjoy your blog!

  14. Alison, I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. I love everything you include, especially today’s post because my oldest daughter is a teenager also. I do have to laugh at your super stylish barn clothes…it has been SO cold here that I wear my snow stuff to the barn. 🙂 Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am loving your blog lately! You are an inspiration to me!

  15. What a gorgeous sweater. Love both of your takes on it and that you wore similar mocha boots and touches of Leopard. I, too am wearing a Leopard Scarf today – great minds think alike.

    I am linking up real late due to me being sick all day but I’d really like to know your thoughts on my outfit. Thanks so much.

  16. This is so lovely! You both look so wonderful and it’s great that you’re going to include your daughter in your blog, maybe she will become a blogger herself. The backgrounds compliments both the outfits too with the soft tones. Beautiful!

    Corinne x

  17. I love love love the idea for this monthly series. I’m 29 and feel super young at heart, personally, which soooometimes leaves me wondering if I’m wearing something that’s too “young” for me. Especially when so many bloggers that I follow are 5-10 years younger than I am… I feel like I’m having an identity crisis! 😉 I love the way you each styled your outfits!

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  19. Love this look on both of you – the leopard is so fun! I gotta say, I’m looking forward to the days when my girls are big enough to share their closets with me after watching the two of you. 🙂

  20. Gorgeous girls and your cat looks fabulous! LOL! I bet that was easy. My daughter dressed our MALE cat in a t-shirt that said “Best Sister Ever” Struck me funny and he really enjoyed it.ha!

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