March 15, 2013 - Easy Outfits, Style

Payday Pretty | Floral Frenzy

TGIF and TGI Payday Pretty!

It’s the day of the week where we get to take a little out of the weekly budget and do something pretty for ourselves.  And what could be prettier than flowers?

In this post a few weeks back, I confessed to owning just a single piece of floral clothing.  This shirt.

You all were quick to set me straight and tell me it’s time to get on the floral bandwagon (or would that be a float?).

Either way, you’re right.

Floral fashion is definitely having a moment this spring which means there’s no better time for me to stop and smell (or buy) the roses, right?  So, I did some virtual shopping this week to find some affordable floral inspiration.

Here are some fresh floral pieces that I’d love to add to my spring wardrobe.

1. Call of the Wildflower iPhone Case/2.  Mural Floral Sweatshirt/3.  Head, Shoulders, Keys and Toes Scarf/4.  Wit & Wisdom Floral Denim (On Sale!)/5.  Oh No Floral Heels (On Sale!)/6.  Let Down Your Garden Peplum

It’s Your Turn:  What’s your favorite way to wear florals?  Do you have any floral fashion on your spring shopping list?

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  • Love your floral shirt! You look so cute in it! I only own 1 floral shirt, as well…but I really love that peplum one!

  • You know I love that floral peplum!

  • I like florals, but I really don’t own a lot either. The floral peplum is adorable. I should probably jump on the floral float too 🙂 Heather

  • I love all those pieces! I especially love the iphone case. It is so pretty…love it!

  • I am a sucker for Hilo Hattie’s sundresses in Hawaiian floral prints – I bought quite a few the first time we lived in Hawaii and I will probably be buying more when we get back! I’m really loving those floral heels, though – what a fun way to dress up an outfit! 😀

  • Don’t feel like you’ve missed the “float”- I don’t have a lot of florals either. I’ve been searching for some cute floral skinnies but it’s hard to find just the right print that’s not too loud. I need to start looking for something else, like a cute top. That peplum top is awesome!

  • I have the floral scarf I styled for the Mini Messy project but that’s it. Still planning for some floral shorts though. I just love them!

    • Alison

      Yes! The floral shorts are a must have. I totally forgot that I have a pair of those. So basically my post is a big fat lie because I have two floral items. Uh oh! My husband calls them my “ugly curtain” shorts. 🙂

  • You look pretty & feminine in floral Alison! I was never much into flowers but Alexandra (my fashion muse…lol) convinced me to get those flower denim skinny jeans last month & I actually like them. I do like a big modern bold flower print though that I made into a dress & I will wear on the blog when the weather here warms up! It is still freezing here! Have a wonderful weekend too.

  • I am loving all of the floral shoes I am seeing for spring
    I need to go make a purchase very soon

  • What a great round up! That floral sweatshirt is adorable!

  • It is still snowing here and I am desperately waiting for spring to get my floral prints out.
    The peplum top is so cute and I also love the heels, they will look great with jeans.

    Lady of Style

  • Love the florals you picked, esp the little peplum top! I just bought two floral dresses from Lands End Canvas, haven’t tried them yet. Thanks for sharing your finds with Visible Monday : >

  • If that’s your one floral, I have to say, it’s a great one…I’d steal it in a heartbeat. I have quite a few floral dresses (two of them I got in high school in the 90’s…which are apparently making a comeback this year!), even more floral skirts, and one floral knit top. No shorts, though. I’m not quite sure about that one…

  • These florals are reminding me of Adrienne Vittadini of the early 90’s. Whoops..I just let my age shine through! Something so refreshing about the florals, though.

  • If ever there was a woman born to wear florals, it’s you. Good news is that it’s everywhere so you’ll have easy shopping. But the bad news is that you’ll find yourself with too many floral pieces but needing, NEEDING to buy more! Slippery slope, my friend.

  • Love the floral pieces, so cute and colorful. They remind you that spring is coming.

  • Alison, I’m really loving the florals this season. I don’t have very many in my closet at the moment but that will soon change. It’s a happy print and one can never have too much “happy,” right? 🙂

  • Floral and peplum! You can’t go wrong. I have a blouse from The Limited (on sale) that I can’t wait to wear. I just need the weather to warm up a bit!