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Polarizing Palazzo Pants and How to Wear Them, if You Dare

My #1 blog rule has always been only to feature items that I wear, use and love in my own life.

Just call me a rule breaker today because I’m posting about something that I don’t wear.

One of the most hotly debated topics among GYPO readers has been palazzo pants.  There has been no piece of clothing more polarizing – you either love them or hate them.  There’s no middle ground in the great palazzo pants debate.

I’ve fallen into the camp of not giving them a chance but I also pride myself on getting out of my comfort zone.

So, for the purposes of today’s post, I challenged myself to dig up ways that I could actually see myself wearing them.  Here are five of my favorite ways to style palazzo pants.

1.  Palazzo pants with a slouchy top and flats.

how-to-wear-palazzo-pants-1 These pants are a nice alternative to boyfriend jeans.  You still get the slouchy factor but the pattern adds more interest to the outfit than denim would.

2.  Palazzo pants with a t-shirt and statement necklace.

how-to-wear-palazzo-pants-2 Add a statement necklace to make palazzo pants into a super comfy date night appropriate look.

3.  Palazzo pants with a tank, blazer and heels.

how-to-wear-palazzo-pants-3 Palazzo pants for the office?  Why not when you can make them look this cute and professional.  Just top with a tank, blazer and matching accessories.  Add heels to make legs look a mile long.

4.  Palazzo pants with a denim shirt. How-to-wear-jogger-pants

In all fairness, these pants taper at the ankle so they aren’t a true palazzo pant, but they make a great alternative to skinny jeans.  The black and white graphic pattern is perfectly paired with a chambray button down, neutral sandals and a bright tote.

5.  Palazzo pants with a tank and sandals.

how-to-wear-palazzo-pants-5 If I bring myself to wear them this summer, I can definitely see them paired up like this.  A simple white tank, coordinating accessories and sandals – now that’s my style!

Fit Advice:  For a longer silhouette, chose a pair with a vertical pattern as opposed to horizontal.  Pair them with heels to make legs appear longer.  If your pair is really flowy or wide, wear them with a more fitted top to balance out the proportions.

It’s Your Turn:  Which side do you fall on in the great palazzo debate?  What’s your favorite way to style them?


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  • I really like all of these styling options. I have not yet added a pair of these pants to my closet. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re always the first to write in the comments. I love it!

  • I just got a pair of chambray palazzo pants and I’m so in love with how comfy and chic they are, thanks for sharing all of these ideas on how to style this type of pant! As always thanks for hosting too Alison:)

    • Chambray palazzo pants is perfect! I can’t wait to see it posted on your blog Marta.

  • Yeah, I don’t think palazzo pants are in my future. I look better in more fitted bottoms. But they’re cute on other people!

    • I know how you feel Jo-Lynne!

  • I just bought a pair of palazzo pants and will be styling them on my blog soon! I love them! I never thought to wear them with chambray! That looks great! I am styling your black tank/white denim idea on my blog today! Thanks for always inspiring me! Susan

    • I can’t wait to see it on your blog Susan! Pop on over to let me know when it’s up 😉

  • I LOVE the palazzo pant! If you could find a nice pair in a soft fabric you can wear them for anything; dress them up or dress them down. I did a post on how to wear them in March ( and posted them with a chambray top like most people did in your post. ANYWAYS…I would LOVE if you stopped by Mid Week Muse and linked-up with me today!

    • I’m going to check out your post Morgan!

  • I wore palazzo pants my senior year in high school…but I’m about to jump on the train again! I’ve tried on several pair that I like at LOFT!

    • Do you have pics of that Sheaffer? 😉

  • I love me some palazzos!!! I got my first pair during last years summer challenge, and totally plan on rockin’ them again this summer!!! 🙂 Love all these looks!!!

  • Great inspiration! I find palazzo pants so comfortable and chic! They are always my first option when looking for comfort.
    We Shop in Heels

  • Palazzo pants are way too comfortable for me to pass up. I would definitely wear them if I can find the right print. Love the different styles you shared here.

  • Chris

    I. Just. Can’t.

    The pictures of the pants dragging on the ground… really? I feel the same way about maxi dresses… if they are that long, spend a few bucks and get them hemmed to the top of your feet!

    • I understand completely!

  • Bebe

    Yay! So happy you made a blog post about them! I LOVE these pants! They are my yoga equivalent as are the joggers!

    • You got that right Bebe. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone for these palazzo pants.

  • Girl, You ARE wearing them!! “WE” are making you at least try them!! LOL! I feel your pain though–i was NOT a person who wore things like this, then one random day I tried on a pair at Nordstrom for fun and it was all over!!! Promise me you will at least try a few pairs and snap some pics!! 🙂 I love all the ways you posted and never thought about chambray!!! Thanks for the post!!!

    • Casey, i’ll be sharing my shopping adventure for the perfect palazzo pants. 🙂

  • Amy Ann

    I personally love the slim version of these pants! Great post.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thanks Amy Ann! 🙂 Will you be posting any photos soon? 😉

  • Saxon

    They’re growing on me. Especially the tapered ones (thought they were joggers). I have 2 pair in my Old Navy cart as I write, trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger. I’m thinking maybe the black and white patterned pair might work for me. We’ll see. 😉

    • Which one did you decide on Saxon? 😉

  • I recently bought a pair of palazzo pants and love them. They will be a summer staple.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

    • Can’t wait to see it on your blog Alice! I bet they look gorgeous on you!

  • I want to love them but every time I try a pair I just feel silly!!! I do love the shorts version though…these are great looks!

    • Thanks Harmony. Maybe try shopping for the perfect palazzo pants print. 😉

  • Rebecca

    Nope. Not for me. I know my body silhouette and it’s not slender…otherwise palazzo pants on me look like I shopped at “Tent and Awning”! Ha ha!

    • Rebecca, I bet you still look beautiful!

  • Melissa

    I love Palazzo pants! They are so very comfortable. I have two pair that I can dress up or down. Both pairs have been really long on me so I just “hemmed” them by cutting them with scissors. The fabric is such that they don’t fray or unravel. Love that!

    • I’m going to the store this weekend to find some great prints. WIsh me luck. 😉

  • You have no idea how much I love palazzos – I would live in it if I could!


    • Stylish, trendy, and comfortable!

  • Susanne N.

    I love them! I wear the really long ones with tall wedges, a more fitted top & a long necklace. The shorter ones I wear with a tank & flip flops or flat sandals. They’re so comfortable to travel in…wore them on a long flight to greece last summer and will be wearing them again this summer! Love the suggestions on how to style them.

  • I quite like palazzo pants and almost always wear them with wedges or platforms.


    • Great style choices Suzanne!

  • I haven’t tried palazzo pants yet, and I don’t know if I will. They look cute on everyone else though!

    • Maybe worth the try at the store? 😉

  • Andrea Nine

    I do wish more people had the love I do for these pants!!! So comfy yet versatile just like you showed!!! Love your style so much!!

    • Thank you SO much Andrea. You are so sweet.

  • I love that first look! And palazzo pants look like they would definitely work in Hawaii weather – nice and loose but when you need something different for that semi-causal afternoon or evening out!

    • That’s right! Loose is great especially in Hawaii weather.

  • Kim

    No I will never jump on the palazzo pants train! I do not like wide pants at all and they remind me too much of pajama bottoms. I’m sure they are comfy, but just not feeling it. I actually have not seen women wearing these where I live, but teens do.

    • That’s good to know Kim. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. 🙂

  • Leigh

    I don’t think this trend is for me. My office is very professional (like wear a suit in black, gray, navy or tan with hosiery professional) so this would definitely not work there. I just don’t see myself wearing them on the weekends either. I wear a tank, shorts and flip flops on the weekends (or a swim suit and cover up with flip flops). I haven’t seen any women wearing them when I’m out shopping or running errands. Nashville is a pretty stylish city for the most part. Maybe I don’t go to the right places. 🙂

    • Shorts, tank top and flip flops sounds perfect to me Leigh!

  • I absolutely LOVE palazzo pants! I picked up my first pair in Greece last summer for sixteen euros & have been kicking myself ever since then that I did not get like five pairs because they look so chic & are so easy to wear. For a few weeks I have been looking for another pair & my Mom asked me to stop into the Dress Barn with her this weekend & by chance I found a pair that I loved, fit me, & had an amazing price. I can’t wait to style my pants all summer long & use some of your suggestions!

    Crumbs & Curls

    • Yay! I’m so glad! I can’t wait to see it up on your blog!

  • I fall in the, I am so short it just looks ridiculous camp. All those ladies make it look so effortless to wear them…I wish!

    • With some high heels? 😉 😉

  • Amy

    I’m not sure I could pull this look off. With a large bust and shorter legs, I feel like I’m ready for the circus in palazzo pants. But, they sure do look comfortable.

    • Amy, I know this look isn’t for everyone and I definitely would like everyone to feel comfortable. 🙂

  • When I first saw the jogger/jammie pants, I thought “No way!!!” But, when I was out shopping with my 7 year old at Kohls, I thought, “Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try them on!” They fit perfectly for my short figure — loose but not baggy and tapered at the ankle. I asked my daughter, “Are these jammies or joggers?” They looked a little like jammies and they definitely felt like them. So, then we looked for a top that would make it look like a daytime outfit. My daughter was very patient with me and I think she even had a little fun helping. I finally tried on a flowy white tank. “With some jewelry and heels, I can totally pull this off!” (She is still quoting me on this line.) Later that week, I wore the outfit as I greeted about 100 women for MOMS group. Not one other person was wearing joggers or palazzo pants, but I received plenty of compliments. I hope they knew that I was trying a trend and not wearing my jammies 🙂

    • Great job Dawn! Getting compliments on your outfit is a positive thing. I bet they would LOVE to get their hands on a jogger or palazzo after seeing your style.

  • Lucretia

    Just bought a pair at Nordstrom. They are a soft lilac-grey, flowing crepe and remind me of the 40,s style. I am so excited, as they are sooo different from my skinny jeans. I really need a break from that look and this is great for the warmer weather.
    Thanks for the pics and your open mind.

    • Sounds like a beautiful palazzo pant Lucretia!

  • Susie

    Hi! I joined the 2015 Summer challenge – can’t wait. Also did the 2014 Basics with Alison and Cindy and loved it! I don’t have Palazzo pants now, but I do plan to get them. I think I will LOVE them! I am tall, 5′ 10″ with an ‘after-having-3 kids’ body!! I have always loved bell bottoms, looser pants, etc. and I think these will look comfortable but nice (not frumpy) on me. I hope they are in the 2015 Summer Challenge, but will still get some if not (because I saw them in the bonus 2014 Summer Challenge!!!). Thanks for all you do for those of us that are clothing style challenged like me, Alison!!!

    • Thank you so much Susie. You are too sweet! Can’t wait for the Summer Challenge to start!

  • Jen

    For someone who got into the wrong line when God was handing out beautiful legs (I joke, but only half-heartedly), I love the maxi dress/palazzo pant trend. It gives me stylish, yet light and comfortable ways to enjoy the summer without feeling dumpy. I don’t wear shorts and skirts above a certain length make me too self conscious. So I do appreciate ways to style them, even if they aren’t your thing. Thanks!

  • Cindy

    I love the palazzo pant look. I rocked it years ago and plan to again. I’ll be glad when the skinny pant/short, scarf uniform fades. It’s cute but everyday???

    • So true. It’s nice to mix up the style!

  • Hi Alison! My first visit here, where have I been? You look beautiful!

    I LOVE PALAZZO PANTS!! So much prettier than jogging pants and just as comfortable, if not MORE! I have three pairs and just did a post about them.

    Thank you for hosting!
    ♥ carmen

  • I finally got my first pair of these!~ Such a fun print.