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SAHM Casual Wardrobe Capsule Builder

When you have a really awesome gift for someone, one where you just really think you outdid yourself, do you struggle to wait to give it to them?

I do.  It’s so stinkin’ hard!  Especially when it’s a really big surprise, like the Bruno Mars concert tickets I got for Craig and the girls for Christmas.

Well, I didn’t have to wait because he completely inadvertently spoiled that surprise.

The day after I bought the tickets, he called me and said “would you kill me if I bought tickets to something for next fall? Because I’m about to pull the trigger.”

I swallowed hard and said “can you tell me what the tickets are for?”

“Bruno Mars”

NOOOOO.  So I had to tell him.  No choice.  Surprise ruined.

Anyway, I was able to keep it a secret from the girls until Christmas day which was really hard because Craig and I kept talking about it and would catch ourselves almost saying something in front of them.

Long story short.  I have a hard time keeping cool gifts until the time comes.

That’s why today I’m giving away the shopping list for the SAHM Casual Capsule Wardrobe that wasn’t supposed to be released until Friday.  🙂

Let me tell you a little more about this capsule and shopping list.  Late last year I set a goal to do something that many of you have been asking about for a long, long time – create a list of the “starter” basics you need to build your casual wardrobe.

This has seriously been the most requested capsule ever.  I’ve named this one the SAHM Casual Wardrobe Basics Builder because these pieces and outfits work best for stay at home and work from home moms.

BUT, it’s also great for women who work outside the home who are trying to build a good base of pieces and outfits of casual items for evenings and weekends.

This list is a good base because many of the pieces are reused throughout the year in the seasonal GYPO style challenge – so you get the maximum use out of your investment.  View these pieces as your building blocks and the GYPO Seasonal Style Challenge as the pieces to add to stay on trend.  This shopping list is “non-seasonal” meaning you can wear most of the pieces year-round with the right layers added and removed.  It also doesn’t contain overly trendy items on purpose so that you can get lots of wear out of these classics.

Creating this list felt like a long overdue labor of love.  It includes the pieces I reach for the most in my own closet so I have a special connection to it.


To celebrate (finally) getting this put together, I’m giving away the shopping list for this new challenge today! To download the shopping list, click here or any of the images below.  Hope you enjoy this early gift!


SAHM outfit shopping list

SAHM Capsule Wardrobe

SAHM shopping list capsule

This shopping list contains links to shop for these pieces online.  As always, I recommend shopping your closet first, then printing out the list and filling in the blanks at your favorite stores.


I’ve also included a bonus outfit idea created from pieces on this list to get you started.  You’ll get instructions for accessing the free outfit in your inbox after downloading the shopping list here.

There are also 20 days of casual outfit ideas created from this list available for purchase for $29.  You can purchase them here.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! These are definitely all fabulous basic pieces that can create so many outfits! I definitely need a chambray dress to add!

  2. I love this list! What do I also love? I see key pieces here I already own thanks to the other great past Style Challenges/posts!

  3. Really excited about diving into this as I’ve signed up for yearly subscription for GYPO challenges too. Glad to start with some basics. (The rest of the outfits are included for us, right? I thought I read that somewhere.)
    Here’s to some needed shopping! 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for this great freebie! The printed scarf that you feature, do you know if it’s still available?

  5. With a very casual dress code at work, the SAHM capsule is perfect for this working mom too! A question on the Chambray shirt… could you share the link to the one you’ve featured? I have a beloved chambray shirt but the elbows are wearing thin and I think I’ll need a new one sooner rather than later. Thanks!

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