Spring Style Me Challenge Outfit Nine

Spring Outfit 9 

Denim Jacket + Bright Tank + White Jeans + Scarf + Wedges

Nothing says spring like white jeans and great wedges!  Lose the scarf and replace it with your favorite necklace if it’s getting too warm in your part of the world.  The tank can also be replaced with your favorite tee if you want to remove the jacket.

Pretty Style Tip of the Day: This outfit calls for a pretty mint or coral manicure and pedicure.  Take some time this week to do your own nails or pamper yourself with a trip to the salon to get them done.

  • Getting my hair done tomorrow and this outfit is perfect!

  • Debbie Burrow

    Yay!!!! I love this! I feel like I get a leg workout when I wear wedges! Sneaky exercise! HeeHee!

  • Cindy

    Love this one! Hate I’ll be wearing scrubs tomorrow 🙁

  • Ann

    UGH…my white jeans STILL have not come in yet….that’s what I get for coming to the show late….I’ll try pulling some of my new colored jeans out and see what happens!