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  • Great idea Alison! I signed up and plan to share a post on Wednesday!! I cant wait to get some new outfit ideas! Susan

  • Mugsy 42

    This sounds like fun. Just keep in mind that some of us live in the still frozen North. I was hoping to switch my closet over during Spring Break, but I just couldn’t.

    Going to Nordstroms today to look for white jeans. Wish me luck. Still bummed that I can’t find a cute top like your one from Wallis, but I keep looking.

  • Excited! Looking forward to this so much!

  • Kim

    Alison, I just signed up and I can’t tell you how excited I am to participate in this Style Me program!!! I know you will create the perfect Mom on the go outfits! Knowing our spring is going to get warmer( Houston), I am really looking forward to spring styles for our almost summer temperatures that usually start coming near the end of April and certainly in May. Thanks a bunch!!!