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Spring Trend Collaboration | Pastels

Spring Fashion Collab Today is the day that I’m collaborating with this fabulous group of fashion bloggers to bring you our favorite spring trends.  Be sure to pop over to check out spring looks from Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife, Kilee from One Little Momma, Cyndi from Walking in Grace and Beauty and Allison from Two Thirty-Five Designs.

But before that, let’s talk about spring trends for a minute.   There are SO many trends that I’m loving this spring, it was really hard to choose just one to style.  Some of my favorites that were around last year, like graphic patterns and floral prints, are back again.  A few new ones have made the list too, like crop tops and sheer fabrics.  I’ll leave the styling of those to someone else who hasn’t had three kids.  You’re welcome.  🙂

I chose pastels for two reasons.  1.  They were something I wasn’t too keen to warm up to initially last year, but ended up falling head over heels for.  2.  Pastels are a trend that anyone can pull off.

Why the hesitation with pastels?  Well, I’m more of a bold, saturated color type of person.  It’s obvious in both my decorating and my closet.  The subtlety of pastels had never appealed much to me.

Then I bought my first pair of pink jeans and realized that pastels are really just a more fun version of neutrals.  They’re so versatile!  You can ground them with darker colors or pair them up with neutrals for a fresh look.  And so my love affair with pastels began…

Today I’m styling two different pairs of pastel colored jeans that I bought last year –  a minty pair and a peachy pair.  This first mint outfit is a throwback from last spring.  It was one of my favorite outfits then and will be again this season.

Mint Jeans, Navy Cardigan, Printed Wedges

Mint Jeans, Navy Cardigan, Wedges

Mint Jeans, White Tee

Mint Jeans, Printed Wedges

Mint Jeans, Navy Cardigan, White Tee [Jeans:  Kut from the Kloth/Sweater:  Old Navy/T-shirt:  Gap/Belt:  Merona/Wedges:  Similar]

For my peach jeans look, I paired them with a striped top, statement necklace and leopard heels.




wink-and-winn-purse I designed this purse myself with Wink and Winn.  More to come on that in another blog post!

peach-jeans-trench-close [Trench Coat:  Karma/Top:  Merona/Jeans:  Gap/Heels:  Similar/Necklace:  c/o Total Betty Society/Purse:  c/o Wink & Winn/Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban]

Don’t forget to stop by and check out the looks from  Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife, Kilee from One Little Momma, Cyndi from Walking in Grace and Beauty and Allison from Two Thirty-Five Designs.

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  1. Perfection! I love it. I just bought mint and blush jeans… too funny! I knew you had blush but forgot about the mint. I was a bit nervous about styling them. Love how you put the bolder colors near your face. Can’t wait for mine to arrive so I can start playing with outfits!

  2. I am loving pastels right now! I ordered those pink pants from Nordstrom that Sheaffer showed a few weeks ago but they sadly don’t fit quite right. So, the search continues. So glad you are back this week. Missed your posts and daily outfits 🙂

  3. You’re not alone in your initial resistance followed by acceptance … followed closely by obsession, in my case. I’ve just bought the first pair of pretty mint pumps I’ve found, and am looking for a blushy shirt on the pale pink side of neutral. That’s what I’m taken with, I think; the interesting, slightly muted pastels in subtle shades of tertiary colors. Not just primaries mixed with white. They read a little more modern than just baby-pink-and-blue.
    You look fabulous, as always, and I appreciate the combinations you’ve shown us. Nice that they can work with brights as well! Killer with the classic trench and Breton stripe! As always, a fun visit to a lovely lady.
    I’ll pop over now to see your gorgeous blog buddies!

  4. You are so cute! Now I think I need a pair of pastel jeans..never had a pair before!
    Thanks for the fun post.

  5. ok, you rocked the minty jeans outfit, you look stunning!
    I also could not stop looking at how cute your patio cushions looked LOL
    as I sit here typing with a cold frost and -28 weather forcast for tomorrow.. brrr!!!

  6. I’ve never been a fan of pastels either. I would have to wear that color on my bottom half. I don’t think I looked good with pastels around my face. Thanks for the inspiration!
    {I’m Cyndi’s sister.} Love your blog!

  7. I am a big fan of pastels if they are the right tone for my skin
    I have to be careful with my pale skin
    On the hunt for a pair of perfect pink jeans right now

  8. You are looking gorgeous. I agree Pastels are great for Spring. I especially love the second outfit. I swoon over the trench-coat and necklace. This was a great collab. =)

  9. Love the bag you designed! Can’t wait for that post. I too love the colored pants, they just make things interesting, don’t they?! I’m also loving the new spring D’Orsey shoes. Both heels and flats. Can’t wait to find my perfect pair. Thanks – Tammy.

    Http:// wildruffle .com

  10. I agree with you that pastels can really give you a lot of room to play with when it comes to styling. I have a pink pair of pants from the Gap that I have worn for years because I can style them in so many different ways. I love both of your looks and am so looking foward to wedge season again!

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