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Best Sunglasses Under $25

What’s your sunglasses personality?  Do you invest in high end classic eye wear or do you tend toward inexpensive seasonal trends?  Mine is a mixed bag.  I have two pairs of investment sunglasses – a classic wayfarer and pair of aviators, but also add in a few inexpensive and fun pairs to try out the latest trends.  It’s the best of both worlds!

The ones on this list are all under $25 (some WAY under) and totally on trend for summer 2014.

sunglasses 2014

1.  This classic wayfarer in tortoise will always be in style.

2.  Mirrored aviators are summer 2014’s hottest trend in eye wear.  At this price you won’t care if they’re out of style by next season!

3.  A snakeprint aviator adds a little cool sophistication to any outfit.  This pretty neutral color will go with everything.

4.  These fun and funky retro white lenses have a cool vibe.

5.  Feel like a movie star in this pair of over-sized square shades.

6.  Make a statement in these half wire rimmed retro tortoise shell sunnies.

7.  Fun colorblock frames give your summer outfits a boost.

8.  These pastel sunglasses will elevate your style and coolness factor.

It’s Your Turn:  Are you a trendy eye wear girl or do you stick to classic shades?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I love aviators but they always seem to get caught in my hair – not sure why(: So I am going with the color blocked pair! Love! Happy weekend! Susan

    1. Me too, Susan! And if my hair is pulled back it always messes up my ponytail/bun, which is super annoying. 🙂

      I have two pair – my expensive Ray Bans and my cheapo American Outfitter wayfarers which is what I take on vacation, etc.

  2. Really like those mirrored ones! And LOVE the price! These are all really great picks. I am like you, I have a pair of investment sunglasses, then buy a couple trendy ones that are less expensive.

  3. I’m a dork who has to wear prescription sunglasses. So I have one pair of investment glasses. Would love to be able to rock some fun frames.

  4. I don’t think I’m very trendy with sunglasses. It’s more about how they fit me. Next on my list is an Aviator pair, I love the look!

  5. Thanks so much for a great post! Do you know if any of these sunglasses are super lightweight? I have been unable to find a pair that doesn’t give me a headache from tight fit and rubbing.

  6. I have tried trendy looks in the past, but I also come back to the aviator. Love #2! And I love the cheapies so I can have a pair in every purse or car. Plus, if I lose them or they break I don’t mind as much 🙂

  7. I go pretty cheap with my sunglasses because I always tend to sit on them or lose them. 😉 Plus, I do like to keep up with the current trends, so I’m always buying new sunglasses. I do have one pair of nice Oakleys that I use for running, but those aren’t worn on a daily basis.

  8. #8 is my fave. I stick with the cheapies because I have a huge tendency to either break them or lose my sunglasses in the ocean. It happens every year without fail. I’d love a pair of aviators but I just don’t think they look good on me. Although, I did try a pair of Dior’s – fell in love, just not with the price tag.

  9. Thanks for sharing these – all cute! I desperately need a new pair – the ones I love are a bit scratched up. Apparently Seattle buys the most sunglasses – we need them so rarely, they’re always getting lost 🙂 Just a fun fact for your Memorial Day Weekend! Have a great day.

  10. Great selections! I actually don’t own that many sunglasses, but the ones I do have are all different styles. Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  11. Love the moviestar shades! 🙂 I used to buy high-end sunglasses but would always end up losing or breaking them, so under $25 is definitely where I aim these days!

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