May 20, 2013 - Easy Outfits, Style

Weekend Wear | The Long and Short of It

Hey pretties!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We transitioned from spring to summer really quickly with highs in the 90’s.

This is what I wore on Saturday for a little shopping followed by some Mexican food on a patio.  Actually we took these pics between shopping and dinner, just before we saw our son and his date off to junior prom.  He’s growing up too fast!

Plaid Button Down Shorts Full

There’s something so easy about a button-down, shorts and sandals.  Throw on a hat and there you have it.

A perfectly easy weekend outfit.

Plaid Button Down Shorts 3

Plaid Button Down Shorts Close


Oh and by the way, you NEED a white purse.  Trust me on this.  I bought this one last week and it hasn’t left my arm since.  It’s the perfect summer bag, roomy, yet lightweight.  And it goes with everything.

Plaid Button Down White Purse

[Satchel:  Steve Madden]

I couldn’t find my exact bag online but here’s a very similar one.

Steve Madden White Satchel [Steve Madden White Satchel]

The cutout detail on this Jessica Simpson satchel is so cute.

Jessica Simpson Purse [Jessica Simpson Perforated Satchel]

This chic white bag from Aldo is a steal!

ALDO Purse

[Aldo Satchel]

It’s Your Turn:   What’s your weekend uniform?  Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I totally thought of Shay when I saw this. A long sleeve button down with short shorts is her signature look! You look great!

  2. What a great weekend look! I love the plaid top and your hat especially. I am not much of a shorts person because they are either too short or too long, but your shorts are a great length. Super cute 🙂 Heather

  3. We aren’t even into spring temperatures yet… 9C and pouring rain with an even worse forecast (what ever that means!). Therefore I am really jealous about your summer outfit. … dreaming of it!
    And you are so right, I need a white purse!! Yours is gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder 😉

    Lady of Style

  4. You look awesome! I love that button down – but I’m a sucker for all things button down and plaid or madras or just plain patterned! Great satchel recommendations, too – I’m on the hunt for one big enough to fit all my stuff and my camera stuff that still looks like a cute bag and not a duffel bag 🙂

  5. Happy Monday, Alison!
    Your son going to a Prom… actually, you look like you should be going to a prom! I know I’ve said this before, but you are the most youthful looking mom I know!

  6. Love your outfit. I bought a hat a few weeks ago and was just to self conscious to wear it. Last Monday, I boarded a plane to New Mexico to spend time with my daughter who is expecting a baby any day. I rocked that hat on the trip down and nearly every day since .(These people don’t know me, right? I can be anybody I want! lol) It is so WINDY here in Hobbs! The hat helps contain my hair and protects from the sun. (Temps in the upper 90s.) I’ve been wanting a madras plaid shirt. While we’re waiting for our “little miss” to make her appearance, maybe we can get a little shopping in. 😉

  7. LOVE that look! I’ve paired my plaid button downs with shorts before and I just feel so much more put together than when wearing a tank top with shorts. But when it’s super hot like it has been, I almost have no choice! Your white purse is gorgeous, too!

  8. Hi Alison,

    You look great in those shorts! Shorts are hard for me since my bottom half is bigger than my top. I always struggle with how long/short they should be. I never think my legs look good in them. Any tips on shorts?

    1. Hi Jenny! I have the same issue, so I feel your pain. Old Navy has some really good choices. They offer three different lengths and I usually have success with their shorts. Gap does the same thing. The shorts I’m wearing today are from Forever 21. They are a little shorter than what I would normally wear but the wider leg makes me feel more comfortable in them.

  9. Alison before we come to your cute go to weekend uniform, junior son? you are in your end 20’s right? so when did you raise a junior? hehehehe. At the weekend I usually go for a laid back look like sth your wear here. A plaid checked button down is such a versatile piece that can dressed up and down and really like your casual yet stylish ensemble.
    Have a great monday dear 🙂


  10. Alison, you look adorable. I’d be looking all limp haired and sweaty in 90 degree weather, not that I would complain if we had it, LOL. Anyways, you look fresh, and cool, and very smartly put together. And short shorts! Wow, you have awesome legs.

    Sue xo

  11. Pretty summer outfit. I clicked on your link from Along Abbey Road’s summer link up. I was drawn by the green plaid. And you do not look old enough to have a son in junior high.

  12. Loving your weekend look. My weekend look is boyfriend jeans, t-shirt and a cardigan for now. I’m hoping to transition to more Summer clothes. Stop by my blog and enter my stella & dot giveaway.


  13. Hey, Alison the Adorable.
    If that’s your uniform, most of the guys in the world will definitely want to join your army! So completely summer- perfect.
    I linked to a fairly recent post of yours in the intro to my Visible Monday post. You’ll just have to pop over and see it … but once again, you inspire!

  14. A button-up and shorts are my summer go-tos as well! Love the color scheme of your outfit! I found your blog via #YOLOMONDAYS and can’t wait to follow along! Have a great week!

  15. You look so cute…that fedora is the perfect addition to your look!! I have the same one but haven’t found the right ensemble for it yet.

  16. Awwwwww! You are adorable, like a little Rachael Bilson. This is a perfect summer look and I love the hat and the white bag! Gah! Found you on the link up. Very nice indeed.

  17. You always have the cutest looks! The colors in that shirt are sooo cute! White shorts//denim are a closet staple for spring//summer for me!
    If only my head weren’t so big, I may be able to fit into a cute hat like that!

  18. I love the purse! So pretty. And this totally is the perfect weekend outfit, especially with the cute hat 🙂 Sounds like a fun weekend! I could go for shopping and Mexican food anytime!
    Thanks for linking up 🙂

  19. the fedora is ALWAYS on my head come June and much easier than doing my hair and CHIC to boot….you look adorable. Love the easy feel of the outfits.
    I think I need to add a few pairs of shorts to my summer wardrobe….thinking Bermudas might be the way to go…
    Hope you had a great weekend.

  20. love this look
    long sleeve button up with shorts, a favorite look of mine
    gotta get my white bag out of the closet and put it to use

  21. I absolutely fell in love with that bag. Could you by any chance share where you bought it with me?

      1. Oh okay I’ve been obsessing ever since I saw it yesterday. I’ve looked almost everywhere for it and can’t find it. My sister messes with me about not wearing purses and “dressing like a boy” all of the time. haha. So the one time I try to be a girl and get a purse it ends up being a failed attempt. Well anyways you look great! Thanks for sharing.

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