20 Simple Summer Outfit Formulas

By Alison Lumbatis

I have good news and bad news for you today.  Which do you want first?

Good! That’s what I thought. The good news is that summer is only half way over, which means we still have plenty of sun and fun ahead!

The bad news is that there’s still plenty of summer left which means you might already be getting tired of your summer clothes. Let’s shake things up!

Today I’m sharing 20 of my favorite simple summer outfit formulas with you. These are the tried and true formulas that I go to over and over again to keep from getting bored with my summer clothes. I’m obsessed with outfit formulas! They make getting dressed the easiest thing you’ll do all day. Just take the basic formula and shop your closet to find the pieces. Pair them up and voila! Instant outfit.

We’ve had a lot of new pretties around here lately so I figured it was time for me to share a little more about the GYPO story. First off, I’m not a trained stylist or writer. I’m just a mom who woke up one day sick of wearing yoga pants all the time. I wanted to look cute and put together for my daily life but wasn’t sure where to start. Get Your Pretty On began as a place to share my style journey and what I was learning along the way. Since then, it’s evolved into a space where we can all get our pretty on together.

My love of outfit formulas has also been the springboard for my online personal style program Style Challenges by GYPO. Every season I help women just like you build a capsule wardrobe of on trend pieces and classic basics that work for your everyday life. You get a shopping list of trends and basics and a different outfit formula sent to your inbox every day. You get to set the budget and shop where you want, no boxes or subscriptions – and it works for every size, shape, and budget!

The 20 summer outfit formulas in today’s post are taken straight from the Style Challenges Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe.

20 Simple Summer Outfit Formulas

Note: Because I shop my closet a lot, some of the pieces below may no longer be available. I’ve linked up similar items where possible.

1. Kimono + Bright Tee + White Shorts + Neutral Wedges

2. White Top + Bright Shorts + Gold Sandals

3. Gray Tee + Olive Shorts + Bright Sandals

4. White Top + Palazzo Pants + Neutral Wedges

5. Black Tee + Printed Shorts + Gold Sandals

6. Graphic Tee + Bright Shorts + Gold Sneakers

7. White Top + Printed Shorts + Bright Sandals

8. Bright Tee + Olive Shorts + Gold Sandals

9. Peplum Tank + Printed Shorts + Neutral Wedges

10. Chambray Shirt + Black Tank Dress + Gold Sandals

11. Kimono + Bright Tee + Denim Shorts + Gold Sandals

12. Gray Tee + White Shorts + Bright Sandals

13. White Top + Olive Shorts + Gold Sneakers

14. Chambray Shirt + Graphic Tee + Printed Shorts + Gold Sneakers

15. Black Tee + Olive Shorts + Black Sandals

16. Gray Tee + Denim Shorts + Gold Sneakers

17. Black Dress + Neutral Wedges + Floppy Hat

18. Printed Tank + Bright Shorts + Neutral Wedges

19. Chambray Shirt + White Tank + Palazzo Pants + Gold Sandals

20. Graphic Tee + Denim Shorts + Bright Sandals

It’s Your Turn: What are some of your favorite outfit formulas for summer? Tell us in the comments!

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