2020 Fall Trends I’m Loving (And They May Already Be in Your Closet!)

Much like summer, we’re going into fall with unknown expectations for what the season will bring. While this is my favorite time of year, it’s going to be unlike any fall I’ve ever experienced and I’m pretty sure the same goes for all our Pretties out there. This is the time of year where I lovingly light my fall scented candle, today it’s Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from Bath and Body Works, pretend it’s not 105 degrees and search out all the fun fall trends to share with you. And although I’m not a big shopper (honestly, I really don’t like to shop) I AM always a big fan of getting pieces at a great price, enter the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (NAS). This is one of the only sales where you can get the pieces you’re looking for BEFORE going into the season instead of at the end of the season and today it’s open for everyone to shop! I said this in my post last week about shopping for closet staples and I’ll say again here, shopping a sale doesn’t mean you have to buy everything. Remember, it’s not a good deal if you don’t need it! Instead, this sale is an opportunity to fill in any gaps you may have, upgrade pieces to a better quality item or even add a few fun trends to keep your closet staples fresh.

Now on to the fall trends. With so much going on in the world, new fall trends have kind of taken a back seat and what I’m seeing are a lot of trends that have carried over from last year or they are things we’ve already seen before, maybe even over the summer. Bonus is that we may already have a lot of these items in our closets and if not, now is the time we can add them if we want. I picked out the trends I am loving for the fall from prints to colors and cuts, then pulled some great pieces from the NAS.

As you may already know, I’m a pretty big fan of leopard print. I think it’s an easy way to amp up any look and even though I consider it a closet staple, it’s making a huge appearance in everything this fall from totes to shirts and shoes to pants. Add a cute pair of leopard boots to an all-black ensemble for a complete, polish look or go bold with a great leopard print dress. The best part, even though this trend is really big right now, you’ll still be able to wear these pieces again in the coming years.

Camo is another great print that is also very versatile because it’s a neutral! I’ve seen this print used a lot in the spring but I’m excited to see it used a lot this fall. Pair up some skinny camo pants with a cozy black sweater and some metallic shoes or perhaps try some black joggers with camo slip ons and a gray top. The possibilities are endless so if you have some camo in your closet, don’t pack it away just yet!

I wasn’t sure how long snake print was going to stick around but the staying power is fierce for this print. I love snake print especially going into the fall and winter months with it’s cool black and gray color tones. It’s perfect as an accent piece or even as the centerpiece of your outfit. Plus it’s a neutral so it goes with everything making it very versatile.

We saw this color last year and while some loved it others weren’t too sure about it. It’s a great, cozy color for fall with shades ranging from soft gold to mustard and even a buttery yellow. If this is a color you don’t feel is flattering on you, you can still try this trend, just don’t wear it around your face. Try pairing a gray top with a pair of dark wash jeans and some goldenrod shoes or even a yellow handbag.

Another color I’m seeing a ton of this year is rust. This rich color is an orange, red, brown mix and the result is the perfect color for fall. It reminds me of the beautiful fall leaves and I can’t decide if I want to wrap myself up in a cozy rust cardigan or maybe a soft scarf or perhaps a great pair of rust boots.

I originally bought a moto jacket as a trend piece but quickly realized how much I loved having it in my arsenal. It’s a great layer that adds tons of interest even to the simple outfit formula of white tee + jeans. If you’re not sure if this is a trend you’re going to love or enjoy for multiple seasons, there are jackets available at a lower price point, but if this is something you’ve been looking to invest in, now just may be the time. Don’t forget too, moto jackets come in an array of colors and styles. For longevity I suggest opting for a neutral color however if a bright red is speaking to you, go for it! I have a few different color moto jackets but decided to trade up my black one for an investment piece and I’m so happy I did. It still looks great and I know it will last for many, many years!

Many of you are curious about what styles and silhouettes of jeans will be sticking around for the fall and I’m happy to report that anything goes! If you like high rise, boot cut, or skinny jeans they’ll all be sticking around. Feel free to rock the styles you have in your closet or if you’re in the mood to try something new, I’ve put a few different options for you below.

Your turn! What fall trends are you most excited about? What pieces do you already have in your closet?

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