A Classic Fall Outfit Formula and a Kitten

You know how I always say that animal print goes with everything? Well today’s outfit proves that in more ways than one! But first, a funny story about how these photos came to be.

Over the weekend my husband Craig and I were out scouting locations for a blog photo shoot when we spied an amazing set of green doors on the front of a church. One teensy, little problem – they were behind a construction fence! Craig is always up for breaking the rules so his immediate reaction was “ALRIGHT! Let’s do this!” To which I, the consummate rule follower responded  “Heck no. I’m not trying to get arrested today”.

My heart sunk as we drove away. I couldn’t stop thinking about those gorgeous green doors! They are truly the stuff blogger dreams are made of. So I did something totally uncharacteristic and told him to turn around and go back. The plan in my mind was to drive around the side to see if there was a “safe entrance”.

Sure enough there was a safe entrance (sort of) and we were able to get in front of the set of doors without breaking any laws (sort of). But here’s where the story gets better, shortly after we started shooting, I heard some faint mews coming from nearby. I kneeled down and this happened.

Craig brilliantly kept clicking away while this precious little guy made up with me. Needless to say we couldn’t leave this sweet baby behind at a construction site near a busy street. So I scooped him up and we drove to Petsmart to talk to their cat rescue people. They told us to take him to the shelter. He also got scanned for a chip but didn’t have one (they agreed he was likely a stray) but they took down our information to contact us if anyone was looking for him. In the meantime, I texted his picture to our daughter Aubrey who immediately responded “I WANT HIM!” I told her to check with her roommates first to make sure they were on board.

Happy ending – little Ollie went to bed that night with a full belly and a home with girls who love him very much!

And here’s further proof that animal print makes everything better! Especially when you pair up a kitten with your outfit. 🙂

Now onto today’s outfit. This one is an all-time fave, not just because of the kitten but because it’s chock full of classic pieces that I can’t get enough of this fall! A camel blazer, gingham button down, skinny denim and leopard mules make up this autumn outfit formula. Oh and all of these pieces are on the shopping list for the Fall 2018 GYPO Style Challenge and this is one of the outfits we’ll be styling! If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to HERE.

Blazer + Button Down + Denim + Leopard Shoes



It’s Your Turn: Try this outfit formula using pieces in your closet and tag me @_getyourprettyon on Instagram. If the blazer feels too dressy, sub a cardigan or moto jacket. You can also pair it with leopard heels to take it up a notch!