Alison’s Friday Favorites

TGIF and time for another round of Friday Favorites!  But before we jump into this week’s favorites, we have some important business to take care of.

I have a very exciting project in the works for you that I absolutely cannot wait to share. This spring I’ll be launching a line of 100% silk scarves made in the US.  There is so much love and intention woven into every inch of this line – but more on that to come 🙂

I want this line to be designed for and with YOU.  With that in mind, I’m asking you to vote for your favorite prints. The top three prints will be turned into scarves available for purchase this spring.

Here are the five patterns to choose from.  Please pop over to my Facebook page to cast your vote!

Favorite #1 – Hidden Figures

My daughter Aubrey and I had a mother/daughter date night last Saturday.  We went out for Mexican food and then watched Hidden Figures.  I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it yet.  Aubrey is a total wiz at math (she gets that from her dad, trust me!) which has always made her feel different – in a good way.  She starts college next year so we’ve been talking a lot lately about careers and using your strengths and passions.  I took her to see this movie in the hopes of inspiring her to follow her dream for a career in math but instead it was about so much more.

We both left very inspired by the example of these three brave women who never stopped fighting for their rights as women and as minorities.  Parts of history were hard to watch, which makes it that much more significant.  Go see it, it’s great for kids too.


Favorite #2 – Eye Makeup Palette

You asked for it and my daily eye makeup tutorial is up on Facebook.  Thanks for continuing to push me out of my comfort zone to do these little videos on Facebook Live!  The eye palette used in this video is the Tarte Styled by Hrush Eye and Cheek Palette.  I love the fresh spring colors in it!

Here’s the video, in case you missed it.

Favorite #3 – Lash Extensions

One of my Christmas presents to myself this year was a membership to a lash extension studio.  I’ve been going for a few months now and wow, how did I live without them?  I get mine done at Amazing Lash Studio, they are a chain with locations in several states.  If you have skimpy lashes like me, you might want to give them a try.


Favorite #4 – Gray Jeggings

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t wear these gray jeggings three times in the past week (don’t worry, I washed them…once).  🙂 Maybe it’s because they’re the jean equivalent to stretchy pants.  Or maybe because I love the color and the released hem on them. They’re perfect with flats or ankle boots!


[Gray Jegggings]

Favorite #5 – Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea

Since turning 40 a few years ago, I’ve had my share of nights with insomnia.  My doctor can’t seem to figure out why but I’ve tried just about everything to get some sleep – magnesium, sleep aids, melatonin, you name it.  A few weeks ago I read a good review for Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea so I decided to give it a try.  It definitely gives a feeling of relaxation, more so than a lot of other things that I’ve tried.  Now I have a cup every night before bed and while I still wake up in the middle of the night, I do fall asleep much easier.

yogi kava tea

 It’s Your Turn:  What are you loving this Friday?

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