Alison’s Friday Favorites

First off, thanks for your outpouring of love and encouragement after last week’s Friday Favorites post.  The comments were very touching and needless to say my Friday Favorites won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.  You are truly THE BEST!

Now back to our regularly scheduled Friday Favorites – my weekly list of what’s making my life prettier, easier or happier.

Favorite #1 – Top Three Self Tanners

I like to think of myself as somewhat of a self tanner afficionado.  Ever since I figured out that real tans are not necessarily good for your skin (let’s just say I have lot of college tanning bed sins to atone for!) I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect faux glow.

Now I’m not exactly an expert but I’ve tried probably 20 or more self tanners through the years and have settled on three favorites – a budget friendly option, a mid-range option and a luxury brand.

1.  Budget Friendly – Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Lotion

In the budget friendly drugstore category, Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Lotion has been my go-to for many years.

Pros:  Budget friendly and builds gradually, looks natural and provides moisture.

Cons:  Takes a while (days) to develop fully.

Best For:  Moisturizing gradual color.

2.  Mid-Range – Rodan & Fields Foaming Sunless Tan

Rodan and Fields Sunless Tan

My pick in the mid-range price is Rodan & Fields Foaming Sunless Tan.  While my daughter’s cheer teammates are getting spray tans, she’s putting this on the morning of a competition and it looks great in just a few hours!  It’s very natural looking too and doesn’t get orange-y or splotchy like some tanners.

Pros:  Works super fast, looks natural.

Cons:  Saturated color so you have to be careful applying it around knees and tops of feet.

Best For:  Quick color

3.  Luxury – Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan

This is something I never would’ve bought for myself but my mother got some from QVC that she gave to me and now I’m hooked.  Vita Liberata 2-3 Week Tan Mousse is hands down the best self tanner I’ve ever used! When we went to Mexico for spring break last month, I wore SPF 50 the entire time and came back without a tan.  So I just used this stuff for two days and had a golden glow that fooled all of my friends!  Plus it lasts 15 days  or longer and fades gradually without any blotchiness. It also comes with a tanning mitt so you can apply it evenly without staining your hands.  One more thing, the bottle lasts a very long time, a little goes a long way!

Pros:  Very natural looking and fool proof.  Lasts a long time and blends perfectly!

Cons:  Pricey (but worth it)

Best For:  Special events when you would normally get a spray tan, like weddings.

Favorite #2 – Colorful Sandals for Spring/Summer

I’m all about easy ways to update your wardrobe each season without breaking the bank.  One of my must-have’s this spring/summer is a pair of colorful sandals.  They pull together even the simplest outfits as evidenced by my SAHMonday outfit post this week! If you’re looking for a pair to add to your collection, you can get my pair here or check out these other three great options 1/2/3.


Favorite #3 – Keeping it Real

After a weekend packed full of kid activities, I spent my Monday getting groceries, putting away laundry and catching up on e-mail and life.  Needless to say, workout clothes, no makeup and a ponytail were as good as it got that day!  I posted this pic in my private Facebook group for the Spring 2017 GYPO Style Challenge as a reminder that we all need to cut ourselves some slack sometimes.

Oh and that thing I’m pointing to on my forehead?  That was the formation of my magical unicorn horn zit that popped out this week.  Just keeping it real.  🙂


Favorite #4 – Cheer Competitions and Horse Shows!

Speaking of our completely-packed-kid-activity-filled weekend, we had both a two-day cheer competition and a horse show. Craig and I thought we were going to have to “divide and conquer” but the timing worked out where we could go to both events, which meant we were running around from sun up to sun down both days.  But it was totally worth it!

First off, Aubrey’s gym Wylie Elite had an amazing weekend at their last regular competition of the season. Her team got off to a rough start on Saturday with an almost insurmountable gap in their score between them and the first place team.  But they came back on Sunday to win first place!  To top it off, they ended up getting a paid bid to Summit which is a championship competition with gyms from all around the world held at Disney in Orlando next month.  She goes to a small gym and all five of their teams got paid bids this year for the first time ever, which is a really big deal!


We went from cheer to a horse show where Ava competed on her new horse this weekend. We’ve had this mare on trial for the past month but finally pulled the trigger over the weekend to make it official.  They have a lot of work to do together but it will be fun to watch as they progress.  Her name is Razzle Dazzle and she’s a sweet and spunky five year old Hanoverian mare with tons of personality.  One of Ava’s trainers said that Razzle is Ava in horse form, I couldn’t agree more!


Favorite #5 – Scarf Styling Video

Today I’ll be doing a Facebook Live with some scarf styling tips.  Since launching the GYPO Collection last week, the most asked question I’ve gotten is how to tie and style them.  I personally learn much better by watching a demo so hopefully this video will be helpful to you too!

Tune in to the GYPO Facebook page at 2 pm CT today to watch me demo these six different ways to style scarves.


It’s Your Turn:  What are you loving this Friday?

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