Ask Alison: How to Do a Seasonal Closet Cleaning

Does walking into your closet give you anxiety?  If so, then today’s video is just for you.

One of the ways that I keep my closet pared down to only what I wear and love is by doing a quarterly closet cleanse.  I’ve detailed it before in this post but in today’s Ask Alison, I’ve also made a video to document my exact process.

If the idea of doing this overwhelms you, then check out these easy to implement steps.

Alison – I want to do a wardrobe audit/full closet cleaning.  Can you please tell me the steps you take when cleaning out your closet each season?  How do you decide what stays and what goes?

Want to see what my closet looks like?  Check it out in this post, How I Overcame Closet Shame.

It’s Your Turn:  What are your best closet cleaning tips and tricks?  Share them in the comments.